This Chennai woman’s startup turns marine containers into houses without using bricks or cement – for just Rs 3 lakh.

Container Care is a Chennai-based startup that is fulfilling people’s dream of owning a house without having to spend a fortune on the same.

Vaanmathi, a Chennai resident and entrepreneur, has found a unique way to provide affordable housing solutions to people. 

She is the founder of Container Care, a company that uses marine containers to build beautiful homes, site offices, hospital rooms, and even marriage halls. 

Vaanmathi has been working with containers for 31 years now and has gained extensive knowledge about their structural integrity and versatility.

With Container Care, Vaanmathi can build a house with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom for as little as Rs 3 lakh in just 15 days. All of this is done without the use of cement or bricks.

This is a game-changer for many people who dream of owning a home but struggle with high construction costs. Vaanmathi’s innovative approach to building homes has proven to be a success, and she can now construct anything using marine containers.

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The Process

To start the process, Vaanmathi and her team purchase second-hand containers and get to work by repairing and waterproofing them. It is important to evaluate the strength and capacity of the container before beginning any conversion.

Then, the startup formulates a plan and strategy for conversion. 

From visual drawings, looking after vastu requirements to designing the interior and fixing the water and electricity supply, everything is done with a very strategic approach.

What sets Container Care apart from other construction companies is Vaanmathi’s in-depth engagement with clients. She connects with them personally and ensures that their needs are met.

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This personal touch has helped her build a loyal client base and made Container Care a preferred choice for many people in need of affordable housing solutions.

Vaanmathi’s mission is to make the cost of constructing container houses even more affordable in the future so that she can build a home for every person who approaches her. 

Her innovative approach to building homes has not only made housing more affordable but also more sustainable. By using second-hand containers, she is reducing waste and giving a new lease of life to materials that would have otherwise been discarded.

Container Care’s versatility is also a significant advantage. Apart from homes, they can construct site offices, godowns, hospital rooms, and marriage halls. This means that the company is not limited to building residential structures but can also cater to commercial needs.

In conclusion, Vaanmathi’s Container Care is an innovative company that is providing affordable housing solutions to people in need. Her extensive knowledge of marine containers and her personal engagement with clients has made her a preferred choice for many people. 

Her mission to make housing even more affordable and sustainable is commendable and is sure to make a positive impact on society.

As of now, Vaanmathi’s startup charges Rupees 3 lakhs for converting a marine/shipping container into a house.

In the future, Vaanmathi aims to bring down the price of a house so that she is able to fulfil a lot more dreams.