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This CA turned entrepreneur by established a Mumbai-based growth capital firm - raised over INR 120M for early-stage startups.

Established in 2018, Lakhani Financial Services, founded by Devansh Lakhani, is a firm that has swiftly made its mark in the realm of startup

By Naina Yadav
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This CA turned entrepreneur by established a Mumbai-based growth capital firm - raised over INR 120M for early-stage startups.

Established in 2018, Lakhani Financial Services, founded by Devansh Lakhani, is a firm that has swiftly made its mark in the realm of startup investment and funding. Since its inception, the business advisory and funding firm has become a trusted partner for startups seeking funds and strategic guidance.

The Entrepreneur Behind Lakhani Financial Services 

At the heart of Lakhani Financial Services stands its founder, Devansh Lakhani, a Chartered Accountant. 

Armed with a background in accountancy and a career that ventured into corporate finance and investment banking at a top stock broking company, Lakhani gained invaluable experience in asset management and fundraising. 

This hands-on experience paved the way for the establishment of his own venture in 2018. 

The initial focus of Lakhani Financial Services was on wealth management, which later expanded into offering fundraising advisory services for startups.

Empowering Startups with Expertise

Lakhani Financial Services (LFS) assists early-stage startups in securing funds from a wide network of dynamic and experienced investors and venture capital firms.

Apart from that, LFS provides unparalleled consultation and services to startups seeking investment. 

The firm's comprehensive approach includes assisting startups in crafting business plans that are primed for scaling operations. 

Furthermore, the team provides invaluable business advisory services, risk management advice, and comprehensive evaluations. This ensures that startups fulfil all the criteria that investors seek and are equipped with the necessary tools to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.

Making Growth Capital Accessible 

Bootstrapped from the ground up, Lakhani Financial Services prides itself on its accessibility to startups. 

Entrepreneurs looking to benefit from the firm's expertise can reach out through various avenues, including the official website, where a simple form submission or a Whatsapp button leads to a direct connection with the team.

Additionally, the firm maintains a presence on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram, providing startups with insights and updates.

The journey towards securing funding isn't a mere transaction for Lakhani Financial Services. 

Each startup that approaches the firm is taken through a meticulous process that involves a scheduled call and a deep dive into the business. 

The team gains a thorough understanding of the startup's revenue channels, current stage of development, and other crucial factors. 

Armed with this knowledge, Lakhani Financial Services provides tailored inputs, aligning startups with the mindset of potential investors.

Recently, in order to cater to startups that aren't in a position to afford professional advice, Devansh's Lakhani Financial Services has released a Startups Fundraising Kit. 

Costing just Rupees 1,299 (plus GST), it is a digital product containing professional templates of business plans, terms sheets, share agreements, and monthly income statements. 

Pan India Reach

While rooted in Mumbai, Lakhani Financial Services has cast its net wider, extending its expertise to national and international startups. The firm's influence extends across India, with a team of 15 dedicated professionals at its helm. 

With an ambitious aim to expand its team to 25 members by March 2024, Lakhani Financial Services is gearing up to provide even more startups with the guidance they need to secure investment and drive growth.

Success and Impact 

The impact of Lakhani Financial Services on the startup landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. 

The firm has evaluated over 1200 startups and worked closely with more than 250 of them. 

This close collaboration has resulted in successfully raising funds for more than 12 startups, spanning sectors such as edtech, direct-to-consumer brands, health tech, agritech, and hyperlocal delivery. 

The funds raised for these ventures have exceeded an impressive total of 120 million rupees.

Looking ahead 

Made in India, for the Globe, Lakhani Financial Services envisions a future where it plays a pivotal role in nurturing about 5000 startups to fruition. With a clear goal of assisting at least 10% of the startups it engages with in securing funding, the firm aims to channel its expertise towards catalyzing the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Devansh Lakhani's journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to fostering growth. 


1. What services does Lakhani Financial Services offer for startups?

Lakhani Financial Services specializes in providing comprehensive startup funding services. The firm offers advisory services specifically designed for early-stage startups. Their services encompass business plan creation, expert risk management, and fundraising consultation tailored to meet the unique needs of startups entering the market.

 2. How can startups benefit from Lakhani Financial Services' expertise?

 Startups benefit from Lakhani Financial Services' expertise by gaining access to a diverse network of investors. They receive tailored business advice, undergo comprehensive evaluations, and are guided in aligning their strategies with the mindset of potential investors. This helps startups present themselves more attractively to secure essential funding.

 3. What is included in Lakhani Financial Services' Startups Fundraising Kit?

The Startups Fundraising Kit from Lakhani Financial Services contains essential resources crucial for fundraising. This kit includes professionally crafted business plan templates, terms sheets, share agreements, and detailed income statements. These resources empower startups to create compelling presentations and documents for potential investors.

4. How many startups has Lakhani Financial Services worked with, and how much funding has been raised?

Lakhani Financial Services has evaluated over 1200 startups and closely collaborated with more than 250 among them. This collaboration has resulted in successfully raising funds exceeding 120 million rupees for over 12 ventures across various sectors.

5. What impact does Lakhani Financial Services have on startups?

Lakhani Financial Services significantly aids startups by facilitating strategic funding, providing tailored guidance, and successfully raising substantial capital across diverse sectors. Additionally, the firm actively contributes to nurturing a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, supporting numerous startups towards success.