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This brother-sister duo makes grandmother-style home-grown pickles – & are set to touch Rs 25 crore revenue

Niharika and Aditya's story is a heartwarming tale of sibling determination and their unwavering commitment to preserving a dying culinary art

By Neha Yadav
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This brother-sister duo makes grandmother-style home-grown pickles – & are set to touch Rs 25 crore revenue

Reviving Homemade Pickles and Family Traditions

In today's fast-paced world, where convenience often takes an upper hand over tradition, the craving for the taste of homemade pickles – the kind our grandmothers used to make, has remained constant. 

There's something about the tangy, spicy, and flavorful pickles that conjures up warm memories of childhood and family gatherings. 

It was precisely this nostalgia that led Niharika and Aditya Bhargava on a journey to create Little Farm, a brand that has not only brought back the taste of grandma's pickles but also redefined the homemade pickle industry.


From Family Recipes to Entrepreneurship

Niharika and Aditya's story is a heartwarming tale of sibling determination and their unwavering commitment to preserving a dying culinary art. 

When they lost their grandmother, they realized that no one in the family was making those delectable homemade pickles anymore. The siblings couldn't fathom the idea of settling for mass-produced market pickles. 

They yearned for the authentic taste and feel of their grandmother's recipes, lovingly passed down through generations.

So, they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Niharika stepped into the kitchen, determined to recreate the art of pickle-making. She began by connecting with the other aunties in the family, collecting the raw recipes and preserving them. 

They recognized that selling authentic homemade pickles was an art that was slowly fading away as people embraced a more fast-paced lifestyle. Undeterred, Niharika and Aditya started packing their homemade pickles and generously shared them with friends and family. The feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive.

Both Niharika and Aditya are graduates of Delhi University, where they both pursued BCom degrees. 

Their journey took an interesting twist when, by sheer coincidence, both of them ended up studying at Cass Business School in London. 

Niharika focused on Marketing and Innovation while Aditya studied Management. After graduation, Niharika worked with Edelman, one of the world's leading PR agencies, where she honed her skills in public relations, marketing, and product management. 

Meanwhile, Aditya started his career with EY and later pursued Management at Cass Business School, earning a scholarship along the way. He gained valuable experience by heading operations for Jimmy's Cocktails before fully immersing himself in Little Farm.


To test the waters, they participated in a small farmers market, taking 200 jars of their homemade pickles with them. To their delight, every single jar was sold, and this experience allowed them to personally interact with their initial customers and gain valuable real-time feedback. 

With their confidence bolstered, they took the time to perfect their recipes.

Little Farm sources most of its materials from their family farms in Madhya Pradesh. This presented an opportunity to work on their supply chain and manufacturing process to ensure their pickles remained preservative-free, just like the way grandma used to make them. 

Traditionally, pickle-making has been associated with women, and Niharika and Aditya proudly enlisted the support of around 20 women farmers who were eager to be a part of the process.


In 2019, Niharika and Aditya laid the foundation of Little Farm, setting out on a mission to bring the authentic taste of homemade pickles to households across the nation. 

Little Farm's Growth and Market Presence

Today, they primarily sell their products through their website, Amazon, Swiggy, and Blinkit. You can also find their pickles in various boutique Farm Fresh stores in Delhi and Mumbai, and they have ambitious plans to expand their presence in retail and hypermarkets in the coming financial year.

Little Farm achieved its first round of funding in 2022 with 100x VC and actively working towards securing the next round. 

Their growth has been remarkable, with a 500% increase in sales, growth, and revenue compared to the previous year. They are projected to reach a revenue of Rs 25 crore in the coming financial year, a testament to their popularity among consumers.

Little Farm takes pride in serving and sending pickles to over 30,000 households across India every month, and they boast a remarkable 40% customer retention rate. 

As we know, many homegrown pickle brands are in the market with the promise of grandmother's taste and bringing back childhood nostalgia. 

Little Farm is one of them and yet different from them in one aspect – 

Scalability and modern approach.

Their batch sizes can reach up to a whopping 300 kgs, and their products have an extended shelf life of up to 12 months. Automation has played a significant role in streamlining their processes.

In their marketing efforts, Little Farm has adopted a 360-degree approach, reaching customers through various channels. Their storytelling revolves around the product's nostalgic appeal, bringing back cherished memories of grandma's kitchen and the flavors of the past.

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Niharika and Aditya remarked, "Little Farm is not just a brand; it's a tribute to the culinary traditions that shaped our childhood. We're committed to providing the taste of home in every jar of our pickles. And we're thrilled to share this journey with pickle lovers everywhere."


1.Who are the founders of The Little Farm Co.?

The founders of The Little Farm Co. are Niharika and Aditya Bhargava. Their journey began with a shared passion for preserving the traditional art of homemade pickle-making, inspired by their grandmother's recipes.

2. What products are offered by The Little Farm Co.?

The Little Farm Co. specializes in offering a variety of authentic homemade pickles. Their range includes tangy, spicy, and flavorful pickles, reminiscent of the tastes from childhood and family gatherings.

3. Where can I place an order for The Little Farm Co. products?

The products of The Little Farm Co. are available for purchase on their website. Additionally, they can be ordered through online platforms like Amazon, Swiggy, and Blinkit. Furthermore, the pickles can be found in select boutique Farm Fresh stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

4. What is The Little Farm Co.'s revenue?

The revenue projection for The Little Farm Co. in the coming financial year is estimated to reach Rs 25 Crore. Their remarkable growth and popularity among consumers have contributed to a 500% increase in sales and revenue compared to the previous year.