This Bengaluru-based startup helps people build houses without commission, eliminates middlemen from the process – closed FY22-23 with Rs 120 Cr.

Founded in 2016, BuildAHome is a Bengaluru-based startup that helps customers build their dream houses without the hassles of delay and commission that are part and parcel of working with middlemen. It operates with the goal of offering a commission-free way for people in India to build their dream homes. 

The construction market in India is complex and plagued by challenges such as antiquated designs, delivery obstacles, labour shortages, and payment delays. As a result, a significant portion of the industry continues to function in the same unorganized manner – with a host of issues in place throughout the construction process.

Abhijith R Priyan, the CEO of BuildAhome, set out to correct some of these issues in the sector by creating an ecosystem with the right regulation and a systematic approach to home construction. 

Since its inception, the startup has helped 750 houses to reach final completion.

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BuildAhome takes accountability right from the construction of the house by providing advanced payments to creditors, vendors, and laborers, ensuring that each project receives the appropriate funding. 

The firm also gives customers the opportunity to customise packages based on their requirements, which are made available to them in two full-service packages: Rs 1470/sq ft and Rs 2700/sq ft. 

Besides these things, it also has a milestone-based revenue generation for every stage of home construction. There is no commission or percentage cost associated with home construction.

BuildAhome has been able to overcome various challenges, such as getting all the right workforces under one roof and dealing with the right cost of raw materials to provide the lowest prices in the market without lowering its standards on quality. 

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Priyan believes that dream home construction should be an emotional journey that is memorable rather than burdensome, and BuildAhome strives to achieve that.

BuildAhome is prioritising sustainable construction to address the negative impact of the industry on the environment, particularly in terms of carbon emissions and pollution. 

The company has identified green home construction as the next big thing, and it is placing its bets on it. The use of environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient appliances, and innovative design solutions will reduce the overall impact of homes on the environment.

Presently, buildAhome is working on construction projects distributed across 18 South Indian cities.

Since its inception, the company has been profitable. It has been growing at 100% year-on-year, generating over Rs 60 crore in revenue in the last fiscal year. 

In FY 22-23, the startup has already closed over Rs 120 crore.

BuildAhome’s approach to construction has been well-received by customers, and the company has been growing rapidly. By taking complete ownership of the construction process, the company has been able to eliminate the risks and uncertainties that come with working through middlemen. 

BuildAhome is currently investing in new technology to design homes. This includes Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Next on the list for buildAhome is working on green homes in the sustainability realm and using only eco-friendly materials throughout the process.