This 27-YO IIT Dhanbad grad quit her job at Infosys to start her own venture, made Rs 40 lakhs in 3 years

Founded in 2020, Markrating Cafe is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Agra that works 100% remotely.

Markrating Cafe was founded by Krati Agarwal. An IIT Dhanbad graduate, she worked for a well-paying software engineer job at Infosys. However, coding didn’t interest her a lot and she found herself wanting to start something of her own.

Seeing the booming demand for online marketing services, Krati decided to venture in the field even though it was one that was completely unexplored for her. She began experimenting and testing waters by posting content online and took various formal courses from Coursera and Udemy.

Starting as a freelancer, she ventured into the world of digital marketing, realizing her dream of transitioning from freelance work to establishing her own agency, Markrating Café, in March 2020.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

The inception of Markrating Café wasn’t without hurdles. 

One of the initial challenges Krati faced was assembling a competent team. The remote nature of the business, necessitated by the pandemic, made team building a daunting task. 

However, Krati’s strategic approach to remote hiring enabled her to connect with like-minded individuals who are now pivotal to Markrating Café’s success.

Scaling the business was another obstacle Krati confronted. 

Leveraging her existing network and actively engaging on LinkedIn, she expanded her clientele. 

Through diligent outreach initiatives, Markrating Café gained significant traction, establishing its presence in the competitive digital marketing arena.

Markrating Cafe – Services and Reach

Markrating Cafe specializes in providing comprehensive social media management (Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) including influencer marketing and targeted advertisements. 

Their clientele extends far and touches sectors that are as varied as they are vital to the global economy. 

In the healthcare sector, the agency has played a pivotal role in enhancing the online presence of medical institutions, healthcare providers, and wellness brands.

In the educational technology (edtech) arena, Makarting Cafe has worked closely with e-learning platforms, schools, and educational startups. Their expertise in reaching out to the right audience through social media channels has helped educational institutions bridge various gaps.

The agency’s footprint in the financial technology (fintech) sector is equally notable. By developing targeted marketing campaigns, they have assisted fintech startups in reaching a wider audience, establishing credibility, and driving user engagement.

Apart from this, Krati’s agency has also worked with clients in the B2B, e-commerce, and agriculture spaces.

In total, the agency has collaborated with over 50 startups globally. 

The SEO Advantage

What sets Makarting Cafe apart is its unwavering commitment to providing 360-degree SEO-focused content solutions. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the backbone of online visibility and prominence. 

The agency’s experts delve deep into the intricacies of SEO, employing cutting-edge techniques to optimize websites, enhance organic search rankings, and drive traffic. 

By aligning content with the latest search engine algorithms, Krati’s digital marketing agency ensures that its clients’ online presence is not only prominent but also impactful.

Growth and Traction

Within three years of its inception, Markrating Cafe has achieved remarkable financial milestones. 

According to an interview with Startuppedia, with a revenue of approximately Rupees 12 lakhs in the fiscal year 2023, Krati’s business acumen and dedication allowed her to earn about Rupees 40 to 50 lakhs since the beginning of the startup.

Founder’s Learnings

Krati Agarwal, over the course of her journey, has major takeaways that she believes will serve as important lessons for budding entrepreneurs:

  1. Marketing is like fresh air to every business. You do need it to survive and thrive. Cutting costs on marketing will not serve anyone.
  2. Hiring and firing is part of what comes with starting a business. People must recognize the importance of not taking these decisions personally and always think about a balance between the company’s needs and the employees’ well-being.
  3. Patience is the key to having a profitable business. Once you see concrete potential in what you’re doing, have the calm demeanor to wait and let things take their course. Giving up is only letting go of what could’ve been.

Krati Agarwal’s Profile

Krati has earned more than 100k followers on LinkedIn and posts regularly. 

She has also earned the reputed badge of Top Social Media Voice.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, Markrating Cafe has ambitious plans for expansion. 

Krati envisions delving into the field of PR (public relations, press release, and personal promotion) to enhance the agency’s scale and influence further. 

Additionally, the agency aims to onboard more diverse brands and focus on bolstering online branding strategies. This strategic vision reflects Krati’s commitment to continuous innovation and excellence.

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