These four childhood friends started an infrastructure procurement startup in 2021 and built it profitably with Rs 110 Cr turnover in just two years

Started by Anil Vishnoi, Akshay Chaudhary, Dharmesh Bishnoi and Siddharth Rathore in 2021, ANU Tech Infra facilitates the transaction of materials between contractors and vendors.

As of now, no existing player in the market has identified this gap. This gives ANU Tech a first-mover advantage as well as a cost advantage in the field.

The motto of the company is “‘SAVE MONEY, TIME & HEAD-ACHES”.

What is ANU Tech really?

It is an e-commerce company that deals in nationwide procurement and distribution of materials like pipes, Pumps,  Valves,  DG sets, FHTC,  steel, and so on.

Their model stands on an innovative, technology-driven approach combined with professionalism and uprightness.

Anu Tech applies the methods of smart manufacturing by leveraging artificial intelligence. The team anticipate the needs of clients and also exceeds their expectations. The company refuses to settle for anything less than being the best in the field. 

ANU Tech was selected as the top procurement startup in 2022.

Their forward-thinking strategy to spur growth, achieve synergy, and implement positive change is fundamentally based on honesty, which is essentially the foundation of Anu Tech’s philosophy.

The team’s dedication to justice, integrity, and transparency has earned the trust of top infrastructure projects in the country.

What sets the procurement startup apart?

Anu Tech has an advantage over rival companies thanks to its full-stack tech-driven approach, which is supported by SaaS and AI.

Through a mobile application and a website, the company provides a centralised AI-backed online marketplace and aggregation platform for infrastructure purchases and supply.

The Anu Tech platform provides features like Geo Tracking and real-time monitoring to keep the company, the contractor and the vendor informed about all the steps.

They have a mix of technology and tradition that motivates their employees to deliver efficiently to their clients.

The startup has high-profile contractors on board who are currently engaged in finishing top infrastructure projects, as well as small contractors that constantly bear the brunt of costly,  delayed and below-par quality products in the procurement industry.

The entire process has been kept seamless for contractors through quality checks, security checks, and legal checks. In more ways than one, the startup fine-tunes the coordination between procurement and delivery.

The team provides security to stakeholders at every step of the process, thus securing their name as a reliable provider.

The Anu Tech quality stamp ensures the durability and reliability of the products, which serve as the building blocks of a better tomorrow for their company as well as clients and stakeholders.

As of now, the company is operational in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi, with its offices in Jaipur, Delhi, Bhopal and Lucknow.

The company has Manoj Sheoran, Nidhi Khandelwal, Manmohan Jangir, Rajat Mishra and Laxmi Narayan Saini as market leaders leading the Anu Tech teams.

ANU Tech sees consistent growth on a monthly basis. The company has generated Rs 110 Cr turnover since its inception, Rs 45 crores turnover in the last Financial and is on track to achieve a turnover of Rs 120 crores in this Financial year.

In exchange for a fraction of the cost and time, this startup guarantees to manage everything else for its clients, allowing them to concentrate entirely on the implementation of their infra projects.

Big Infrastructure players like NCC, Powermech, Sphiro, Laxmi Civil, etc., have consistently shown their trust in Anu Tech with their procurement needs.

Anu Tech is dedicated to creating a better future by encouraging the development of its workforce through the application of artificial intelligence, cultivating open communication, offering financial assistance, ensuring cheaper pricing, upholding environmental values by promoting sustainable solutions, and offering honest service to the infrastructure sector.

With the inception of Anu Tech, the infrastructure material procurement market of the country has become more organized, robust, tech-enabled, and effective than earlier.