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These 5 school friends founded an online tutoring start-up, serve 14,000 kids across 23 countries and earn Rs 8 Cr in FY23

Interval, the world's fastest-growing individual tuition provider, was founded in 2021 by a group of five individuals, including Ramees Ali...

By Neha Yadav
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These 5 school friends founded an online tutoring start-up, serve 14,000 kids across 23 countries and earn Rs 8 Cr in FY23

Interval, the world's fastest-growing individual tuition provider, was founded in 2021 by a group of five individuals, including Ramees Ali, OK Sanafir, Shibily Ameen, Najim Ilyas, and Aslah Thadathil. The company's founders had a passion for imparting individual tuition to every child and founded Interval in 2018 in a small village in Malappuram, Kerala. 

The concept of one-on-one education for every student, without prejudice towards their abilities or talents, emerged from their conventional education background and the humiliations they experienced during their undergrad days.

Interval has grown from a tiny start-up to become Kerala's leading online tutoring start-up and the world's fastest-growing individual tuition provider – and is a successfully bootstrapped venture. Today, they have expanded their presence both in Kerala and across the globe by providing quality online and home tutoring. The company leverages the knowledge, capacity, and skills of people and organizations to empower, enhance, and enlighten the current generation to create a positive impact in the world and make it a beautiful place for generations to come.

Interval provides the best quality education to students, spread across 150+ cities from 23+ countries, with over 14,000 trained tutors available in their pool. Their online tutoring platform enables one-to-one interactive learning, personalized for each student's needs. 

The company conducts a unique assessment test for each student, developed by their world-class in-house tutors, after researching both pedagogy and psychology. This test evaluates the multifaceted person the student is, and a customized plan is provided only after considering all the personalized needs of the student.

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Founder Ramees Ali elucidates the cornerstone of Interval and says, We focus largely on the development and all-around advancement of students by providing individual care, attention, and personal mentoring for the students learning potential. We believe in guiding individuals who lack basic reading and writing skills and also those who require personal assistance to be more competitive. Our syllabus is designed according to the needs of each student and is crafted after thorough research. We strongly believe in the unanimity of learning, learning that differs one from another.”

Interval's personalized tutoring platform provides year-long and structured tuition classes for Kg-12 students. They also provide various other courses that are effective for entrance exam preparation, SAY exams, etc. Their classes are taken according to the client's requirements with affordable tuition fees. Exclusive sessions are held to clear doubts, ensuring that each of their students is well aware of what they are studying.

Interval's platform encourages students by providing them with easy and personalized individual sessions through online engagement with their qualified trainers. Materials are shared with the students for a better practicing experience. Assignments, homework, and other methods of involvement in studies make their students alert and up to date with their academics. Their interactive approach establishes a good relationship between the student and trainers.

Interval's classes are not just boring academic classes but are engaging and fun activities that ensure motivation is stirred in the right proportion for the students' complete understanding of the concepts. They constantly encourage their students by providing rewards and gifts each time they reach a milestone.

The company aims to make its students achieve their full potential. Considering that their prices are quite affordable and can be customized, a free demo class is provided for the students, so the parents can get a clear picture of how their classes work. They also provide free materials to their students. Interval classes have gained wide popularity recently due to their effective classes and the constant hard work of their team members. They are spread throughout GCC and India.

The success of Interval is attributed to not only their high-quality tutoring services but also their commitment to making education accessible to all. The company has partnered with various non-profit organizations to provide free education to underprivileged children. They also offer scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional academic potential but cannot afford the tuition fees.

Interval's dedication to providing quality education has earned them numerous accolades, including the "Top 23 Startups To Watch Out For in 2023 From Kerala" by the Government of Kerala.

Additionally, Interval employs around 162 employees apart from its tutors – and 93% of them are women, making it a startup creating a lasting social impact by empowering women. 

In FY22-23, their turnover was almost 8 crore which is 160 times more compared to last year’s revenue which was Rs 3 crore. Additionally, the monthly recurring revenue of Interval is almost a crore. Interval is also looking to successfully raise money in its seed round.

Their innovative approach to personalized learning has also been recognized by leading experts in the education industry.

As the demand for personalized education continues to grow, Interval is poised for even greater success. The company is currently in talks with several prominent investors to secure funding for their expansion plans. They are also exploring new partnerships and collaborations to provide even more value to their students.

Interval has emerged as a pioneer in the field of personalized education, offering high-quality one-on-one tutoring to students around the world. With a focus on individual attention and customized learning plans, Interval is transforming how students learn and achieve their academic goals. As the world's fastest-growing individual tuition provider, Interval is well-positioned to continue leading the way in personalized education for years to come.