The two brothers from Bengaluru started a business selling biodegradable chewing gum, and have already sold 5 lakh pieces of it.

Gud Gum is a Bengaluru-based startup founded in 2022. The startup aims to provide an eco-friendly and healthier alternative to regular chewing gum, which pollutes the environment with plastic. 

Why biodegradable chewing gum, after all?

The world we live in today is grappling with environmental degradation caused by human activities, and the startup scene has seen the rise of many eco-friendly ventures seeking to address this issue.

Most people chew gum to freshen their breath or to relieve stress, but few realize the negative impact it has on the environment. Traditional chewing gum contains PVA, a substance used in making tires and glue. After being discarded, the residue of the gum generates over 105 tonnes of plastic waste annually, which takes hundreds of years to decompose, if at all.

This is where Gud Gum, based in Bengaluru and founded in 2022 by brothers Mayank and Bhuvan Nagori comes in.

Gud Gum – A Solution

Gud Gum - India's 1st plastic-free, all natural chewing gum! – Gud Gum |  Planet-Friendly Chewing Gum

Gud Gum is a solution to the problem of chewing gum waste that pollutes the environment with plastic. The startup aims to provide an eco-friendly and healthier alternative to regular chewing gum. 

Mayank, who used to extensively chew gum during his exams, decided to quit after reading an article that explained how plastic is primarily used in chewing gums. Years later, while pursuing his Master’s degree, he came across a company in the US that made biodegradable chewing gum, which gave him the idea to do something similar in India.

Gud Gum is the result of the Nagori brothers’ desire to make a positive impact on the environment. 

To reduce gum waste, Gud Gum offers plastic-free, fully biodegradable, and all-natural chewing gum made of chicory tree gum base, which is a plant-based sap that disintegrates in a few months or weeks after being spat out, depending on the type of bacteria present in the soil.

The chicory tree gum base is the primary ingredient of Gud Gum, and it is a naturally occurring sap that is harvested from the roots of chicory plants. 

Plastic Free Chewing Gum - Lemon, Pack of 2

Gud Gum’s product is healthy for both the environment and nature, as it uses natural ingredients like stevia, fruit pulps, and natural fruit colours and doesn’t contain artificial colourings or flavours.

Gud Gum’s mission to provide an eco-friendly and healthy alternative to regular chewing gum is an excellent example of how startups can take the initiative to create sustainable products that address environmental issues.

The numbers speak for themselves 

Since its launch, Gud Gum has sold over 5 lakh pieces of gum, saving 700 kg of gum plastic from polluting the earth. 

While the gum’s natural ingredients and plant-based sap make it slightly more expensive, at nearly Rs 6 for a piece compared to regular chewing gum, which costs Rs 1, Mayank explains that the cost is worth it for the positive impact it has on the environment.

Incubated by NSRCEL-IIMB, Gud Gum earned a revenue of Rupees 6 lakh in the month of March, indicating that eco-friendly products are becoming more popular in India. 

The startup’s future plans include expanding and growing in India while continuing to educate consumers about the benefits of using eco-friendly chewing gum.

Gud Gum’s innovative approach to the problem of chewing gum waste shows how simple changes in our daily lives can have a positive impact on the environment. It is inspiring to see startups like Gud Gum make a commitment to creating eco-friendly alternatives that benefit both humans and the planet. 

By making conscious decisions to use products that are environmentally friendly, we can all contribute to making the world a better place.

In conclusion, Gud Gum’s initiative to create an eco-friendly alternative to regular chewing gum highlights the importance of sustainability in today’s world. By offering a healthier and more eco-friendly alternative to regular gum, Gud Gum is contributing to the betterment of the environment and driving the concept of sustainability and environmental protection forward.

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