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Couple sells S*X Chocolate that claims to enhance performance in bed

Tamil Nadu-based serial entrepreneur couple Praween Kr and Sindhu founded The Cocolove in 2023, which sells S*X Chocolate that claim to enhance performance in bed.

By Bilal Khan
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The Cocolove co-founders - Praween Kr and Sindhu

The Cocolove co-founders - Praween Kr and Sindhu

Tamil Nadu-based serial entrepreneur couple Praween Kr and Sindhu founded The Cocolove in 2023, which sells chocolates for libido boosting. 

Sexual awareness is becoming one of the most talked about topics in India. However, People are still consuming shilajit and ashwagandha discreetly to avoid letting even their partners know about it. The 31-year-old Tamil Nadu-based Praween Kr realised this while researching new business ideas.  

During his R&D, Praween found that dark chocolates fall under one of those aphrodisiac snacks that stimulate sexual desire because it has chemicals like phenylethylamine and serotonin, which produce effects including aphrodisiac and improved mood. 

These revelations helped Praween to come up with a unique business idea. "While dark chocolate has libido-boosting elements, it is also consumed and gifted openly. I wanted to develop a line of libido-boosting products that can be used as gifts amongst partners. Because there was a market gap in the intimate gifting industry. Hence, I chose chocolate as the main ingredient for my new brand," said NIFT graduate Praween while talking to Startup Pedia.   

In late December 2023, with love and passion, the sexually enhancing chocolate brand The Cocolove came into existence in Tamil Nadu. 

The Cocolove Logo The Cocolove Logo

With an investment of about Rs 10 lakh, sexual enhancement chocolate brand The Cocolove was launched in 2023 with four flavours- Crunchel: Symphony Of Quinoa Pops And Cashews, Enchanta: Seductively Balanced With Cranberries And Almonds, Fruition: Harmonious Blend Of Hazelnuts And Raisins And Velveto: Pure Indulgence In Its Simplest Form. All these sexually enhancing chocolates are priced between Rs. 699 to Rs. 899. 

Manufacturing of The Cocolove chocolates:

The initial six months before the launch of The Cocolove libido boosting chocolates brand was all about trial and test with ingredients. 

At the onset, when chocolate was mixed with shilajit and ashwagandha to increase the libido-boosting elements in The Chocolove chocolate, it tasted bitter, and the smell was terrible.  

The co-founders of The Cocolove brand, Praween Kr and Sindhu, wanted their brands' sexually enhancing chocolates to be tastier and more stimulative. That is why they added berries and dry fruits in the ingredients, along with ashwagandha and shilajit, which proved to be the perfect recipe for the chocolates. 

Apart from ashwagandha, shilajit, berries and dry fruits, The Cocolove chocolates have Saffron and Vitamin E. "Usual chocolates available in the market have only 6-8 percent of cocoa in them. The rest are milk and sugar. Whereas, our brand has 45 percent cocoa in our sexually enhancing chocolates," said Praween.  


The Cocolove chocolate bars are made from beans to bars. The brand roasts and grinds cocoa beans and then makes chocolate bars. This process helps the brand maintain the natural properties of the chocolates.        

Talking about where all The Cocolove chocolate ingredients are sourced, Praween said that while cocoa beans are ethically sourced from Idukki in Kerala, the rest are sourced from trusted partners across India, especially the North. 

The manufacturing of the chocolates is outsourced to a third-party manufacturer. The brand also plans to set up an in-house manufacturing plant soon. 

Marketing of The Cocolove: 

Initially, to figure out the demand for The Cocolove sexually enhancing chocolates, Praween ran advertisements on Google AdWords and Facebook in late 2023. The response was stimulating. 

"We used to spend around Rs. 3000 per day on the advertisements. The ROI (Return On Investment) was more than five times. We would receive Rs. 15000-18000 orders per day," told Praween. 

When Praween gauged the demand, he began the production of his brand's sexually enhancing chocolates and fully launched on the eve of the new year 2024. Since then, The Cocolove has been receiving sales organically. 

Since Google and Facebook ads have restrictions when advertising sexual-related content, the co-founder of The Cocolove leverages influencer marketing by collaborating with social media influencers. 

DesireX Crunchel :Symphony of quinoa pops and cashews | Aphrodisiac Chocolates | Libido-Boosting for Men & Women DesireX Crunchel :Symphony of quinoa pops and cashews | Aphrodisiac Chocolates | Libido-Boosting for Men & Women

"It's been only a month since we launched our products, and we have already generated Rs 15 lakh in revenue. We have been receiving sales from metro cities so far," told Praween. The Cocolove's sexually enhancing chocolates are sold only through the official website. 

The brand, one of its kind in India, was expecting major demand amongst the young generation. However, the sales ratio tells something else. Praween said that sales are coming from the older generation. Especially those who are married for 3-4 years. Moreover, 60% of sales are coming from females.  

The Cocolove targets Rs. 2-3 crore revenue in the next financial year 2024-25. They are in the process of expanding the business through retail presence as well as tie-ups with other brands under the same genre. Currently, the brand has marketing and product development employees headquartered in Tamil Nadu. 

The brand is planning to penetrate the international market soon. 

The serial entrepreneurs: 

Praween Kr and Sindhu founder of The Cocolove Praween Kr and Sindhu founder of The Cocolove

Praween and Sindhu met in college at NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Chennai, and fell in love with each other. Since then, they have been in a relationship. In 2020, the duo got married. 

They founded their first startup when they were at NIFT College at the age of just 21. In 2014, they turned their college project into a T-shirt brand called Young Trendz. It started selling t-shirts through marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Now, Young Trendz has a wide range of products across men's, women's, casual, and innerwear. 

"Since I don't belong to a business family, my parents were somewhat resistant when I wanted to pursue business instead of opting for college placement. However, I made them believe in me for business by doing good in the t-shirt business," told Praween. His father was in the military, and his mother was a housewife. 

Praween and Sindhu's second successful business is BlankTshirt, which was founded in 2022. It is a B2B marketplace for brands selling t-shirts. The business provides manufacturing and shipment services to other brands. 

Brands selling t-shirts can register on the platform and list their products. BlankTshirt manufactures and ships t-shirts as and when orders are received. Currently, it has 18 brands onboarded. This business is generating Rs. 2-3 crore revenue annually. 

"Young Trendz, BlankTshirt and The Cocolove are the three brands that are running successfully. However, my wife and I have started 2-3 more brands in between. However, those were not successful. However, those were the learning experiences for us. We will be launching more brands in future because we love to experiment with new business ideas," said Praween. 

The co-founders of The Cocolove have a vision to make the brand a premier luxury gifting destination for couples seeking intimate gifts. "Our goal is to become an essential item on every bedside table. We aim to redefine romance and make every moment special," concluded Praween. 


1. What is The Cocolove brand? 

The Cocolove is a libido-boosting chocolate brand based in Tamil Nadu, India.   

2. What are the ingredients in The Cocolove brand chocolates? 

Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Vitamin E, berries, dry fruits and saffron are the ingredients of The Cocolove brand chocolates. The chocolates are made from premium 45% cocoa. 

3. How does The Cocolove brand chocolate enhance intimacy? 

These chocolates promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance blood circulation. All of these contribute to boosting one's libido. 

4. Who can have libido-boosting chocolates? 

All men and women can have these sexually enhancing chocolates. However, one should consult a doctor if they are allergic to chocolates, dry fruits or anything included in The Cocolove libido-boosting chocolates. 

5. Who are the co-founders of The Cocolove brand? 

Praween Kr and Sindhu are the co-founders of The Cocolove brand the libido boosting chocolates.

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