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Sister-duo started pooja essentials biz, targets ₹2Cr revenue by '25

Samskara Home, launched in 2022 by sister-duo, Raina Singhwi and Anjana Singhwi, is a Tamil Nadu startup specialising in offering handcrafted Pooja and gifting essentials.

By Bilal Khan
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Raina Singhwi And Anjana Singhwi: Co-founders At Samskara Home

Raina Singhwi & Anjana Singhwi: Co-founders At Samskara Home

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In the vibrant tapestry of India's cultural landscape, festivals serve as the colourful threads that weave communities together in joyful celebration. With its rich diversity, India boasts around 10 different religions, each with its own unique set of festivals. 

Festivals hold significant importance in Indian culture, with various rituals and traditions requiring a wide array of products.

However, navigating India's religious and spiritual market can sometimes be challenging, with scattered offerings and inconsistent quality. 

According to a recent study, the Indian religious and spiritual market reached an impressive $58.56 billion in 2023, with further growth projected at a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period from 2024 to 2032. 

In this dynamic market, Samskara Home has carved out its niche, catering to the diverse needs of different religious communities.

With a focus on inclusivity and respect for India's secular fabric, Samskara Home not only celebrates traditional festivals like Diwali and Navratri but also embraces festivities from diverse religious traditions, including Christmas, Eid, and more. 

Their commitment to honouring and elevating the essence of each festival reflects their dedication to fostering unity and harmony within India's rich cultural tapestry.

Pooja essential

Founders' Early Life: 

After graduating from PSG College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore with a degree in Business Management, Raina Singhwi pursued MSc. International Business from Manchester Business School. 

Now 38 years old, Raina gained valuable experience during her two-year tenure at Google Hyderabad before joining her family business. Initially involved in the compliance department, she later transitioned to managing the candle unit, overseeing orders, procurement, and supply chain operations. 

In addition to her role in the family business, Raina is also the proud owner of a kids' lifestyle brand called Jibble & Cuzzi (www.jibbleandcuzzi.com). 

The co-founder, Anjana Singhwi, now 32, pursued her passion for graphic and communication design at Parsons School of Design in New York and the University of the Arts London (London College of Communication) With an impressive internship experience with Daymond John, Shark at  Shark Tank US, and several other design agencies.  Anjana ventured into entrepreneurship and established her brand experience design studio- Chipper Creative.  

Exploring diverse creative avenues, Anjana has delved into everything from graphic design to crafting custom sneakers through her brand Sneak No More.

Samskara Home

Birth of Samskara Home:

Back in 1982, the Singhwi family established their business in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, under the name Ramesh Flowers Private Limited. Initially specialising in dry flowers, the company swiftly became a trailblazer in India's market and emerged as the nation's leading exporter, reaching over 22 countries across Europe and the US.

Over time, Ramesh Flowers diversified its operations into candle manufacturing, solidifying its position as one of India's largest candle producers and supplying to renowned brands globally.   

Reflecting on her journey, while interacting with Startup Pedia, Raina Singhwi reminisces, "I devoted 13 years to the family business.” 

However, in 2019, the family made the strategic decision to sell Ramesh Flowers, which had achieved remarkable revenue, to the Gala Group, a prominent German company.

Speaking to Startup Pedia, the Tamil Nadu entrepreneur reveals, "We brainstormed various business concepts, including Samskara Home, alongside four other brands. We even explored a food venture named Innoveer Food Concepts, specialising in dehydrated spices." 

Raina adds, "We were eager to explore new horizons and discovered untapped potential in the Indian market, particularly within the disorganised religious and spiritual essentials sector."

Driven by this insight, the Singhwi sisters embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a significant investment. The company is currently bootstrapped, founding Samskara Home with a vision to provide organised and high-quality products to the market. 

Establishing their manufacturing unit in Tuticorin, they began from scratch with just two employees. The brand has been dedicating extensive efforts to crafting its identity, tirelessly innovating to introduce sustainable and groundbreaking products. 

Their most recent launch of preserved foliage marks a significant milestone, positioning the brand as a trailblazer in India's market, pioneering a new standard of eco-conscious offerings and being the first in India for this category.

After months of meticulous planning and dedication, Samskara Home was officially launched in August 2022.

"It wasn't an overnight success," Raina admits during the exclusive conversation with Startup Pedia. "It took us around three months to start receiving orders." 

Yet, fueled by their passion and determination, the Singhwi sisters persevered, laying the foundation for Samskara Home to thrive and make a meaningful impact in the religious and spiritual essentials market.

Samskara Home

Growth of Samskara Home:

In just a year and a half, Samskara Home has blossomed into a thriving venture, offering an extensive range of over 400 products that have garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from loyal customers. With a customer base of 3,000 and counting, the Tamil Nadu-based startup's commitment to diversity and quality is unwavering as it continuously expands its product lineup.

Currently, Samskara Home's offerings are available on leading platforms such as AmalaEarth, Dusaan, Ferns and Petals, Swiggy mini, and Amazon, with plans for expansion onto Reliance, JioMart, Flipkart, and Amazon US shortly. The Pooja Essentials brand is also forging partnerships with retail giants in India, delving into OEM collaborations and venturing into the lucrative corporate gifting segment.

Beyond its core offerings in religious and spiritual essentials, Samskara Home also curates a stunning collection of home decor items, including vases, paintings, candles, earthen lamps, metal, and glassware, among others. Our cellulose incense, a flagship product, has even earned intellectual property rights, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence.

The product range caters to a wide spectrum of needs, from lights, incense, and essential oils to chakra candles, dry garlands, and earthen lamps, all presented in beautifully hand-illustrated gift boxes. Embracing sustainability, we've ventured into the realm of preserved foliage, offering eco-friendly alternatives to enhance living spaces.

"As we set our sights higher, aiming to achieve sales between Rs 1 crore and Rs 2 crore by the end of this fiscal year," said one of the co-founders of Samskara Home. They are intensifying their digital marketing efforts. 

At Samskara Home, they're more than just a business; they function as a closely-knit family of 17 passionate individuals, with the remarkable contribution of 15 women propelling their success forward. 

From their humble beginnings at Expo Mart in Greater Noida to their expanding presence in global markets, their journey is guided by a collective vision to impart spiritual enlightenment and aesthetic beauty to homes across the world.

Samskara Home


The Way Ahead:

Samskara Home sets its sights on an ambitious goal: to expand the product offerings to nearly 900 SKUs by the close of 2025. To propel the pooja essentials brand even further. It plans to participate in the prestigious HGH Mumbai trade fair this year, seizing the opportunity to showcase the brand to a wider audience.

Driven by a spirit of innovation and growth, Raina and Anjana Singhwi are steering Samskara Home towards new horizons, as mentioned above,  plans to launch the Mrs. Foliage range which is a wide range of real preserved plants that will last a lifetime if well maintained.

In closing, Raina Singhwi emphasises "our commitment to being a self-reliant brand that proudly manufactures in India. With our unwavering dedication to creativity and continuous improvement, we are poised to add even more value to the lives of our customers." 

Note: All details about Ramesh Flowers Pvt Ltd have been taken from the public domain and news articles. 


When was Samskara Home launched, and who are the founders?
Samskara Home was launched in 2022 by two sisters, Raina Singhwi and Anjana Singhwi.
What does Samskara Home specialise in?
Samskara Home specialises in faith essentials, offering a blend of heritage and modernity through meticulously handcrafted Pooja, Home, and gifting essentials.
Where can I purchase products from Samskara Home?
Samskara Home products are currently available on the brand’s official website www.samskarahome.com and also other Ecommerce platforms such as AmalaEarth, Ferns and Petals, and Amazon, with plans for expansion onto Reliance, JioMart, Flipkart, and Amazon US shortly.
What are Samskara Home's goals for sales growth?
Samskara Home aims to achieve sales between Rs 1 crore and Rs 2 crore by the end of the fiscal year 2024-25, with plans to intensify its digital marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.