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Couple Quits IT Jobs To Launch Ethical Dairy Brand, Made ₹2Cr+ in FY24

GauNeeti Organics was launched in 2017 by Ahmedabad-based Shreekant Malde and his wife Charmy Malde. The brand sells a wide range of ethical dairy products across India.

By Bilal Khan
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GauNeeti Organics Founders & Couple: Shreekant And Charmy Malde

GauNeeti Organics Co-founders & Couple: Shreekant And Charmy Malde

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In the bustling world of corporate life, Ahmedabad-based Shreekant Malde and his wife Charmy Malde felt they wanted something more meaningful. After working for ten years in the IT industry and academia, they realized their jobs were not satisfying despite having decent-paying jobs.

"We felt we had more to give," Shreekant says during an exclusive conversation with Startup Pedia.

Driven by a desire for a healthier lifestyle and a tragic loss, they started a journey from computers to cows, leading to the creation of GauNeeti Organics.


Starting GauNeeti Organics:

The idea for the ethical dairy startup GauNeeti Organics began in 2014 after Shreekant's father passed away from gastrointestinal cancer. This sad event made them rethink their lifestyle, especially their food habits.

"My father's death was a big push for us to live healthier," Shreekant explains Startup Pedia.

The couple started paying more attention to their consumption and realized the importance of natural and organic foods. As nature lovers who enjoyed organic food, they were disappointed by the lack of truly healthy options available.

In 2017, after talking to farmers and dairy producers, they learned how important cows are for organic farming.

"Cow dung and urine are excellent fertilizers for organic farming," Shreekant says while talking to Startup Pedia.

They realized that cows are not just A2 Milk providers but also play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the soil. Knowing that much of the A2 Milk in India was of poor quality, they decided to start dairy farming. They wanted to provide pure, unadulterated A2 Milk to their community.

They began with just four cows, sharing A2 Milk and Bilona Ghee with friends and neighbours. The feedback was very positive, and soon, word spread. Despite having no experience and facing many challenges, their passion kept them going.

"The first 5-6 years were very tough. We used our savings and faced many hardships, but we didn't give up," the co-founder recalls while narrating the journey of GauNeeti Organics to Startup Pedia.

Their commitment to their vision kept them motivated even when the going got tough.


Products and Production:

GauNeeti Organics sells high-quality, organic cow products such as fresh A2 Milk, Makhan, A2 Malai Paneer, various types of Bilona Ghee, and seven other varieties of 100% desi ghee. Moreover, the ethical dairy brand recently launched A2 Ghee Biscuits, Healthy Nutribars, etc.  

The Ahmedabad dairy brand also offers wellness products like pain and lip balms, and eco-friendly items like dhoop and agarbatti made from cow dung. Each product is made with care and attention to detail.

Their process is carefully designed to ensure top quality.

"Our A2 Milk is raw and unprocessed. It is refrigerated right after milking to prevent bacterial growth and maintain the best quality," the co-founder of GauNeeti explains during the conversation with Startup Pedia.

This ensures that the A2 Milk retains its natural taste and nutritional value. They use traditional methods to make Bilona Ghee, where 33 litres of A2 Milk is used to make one litre of Bilona Ghee, ensuring a rich and authentic product. All products are free from additives and preservatives, staying true to their commitment to natural and healthy foods.

To ensure quality, GauNeeti Organics, the ethical dairy brand of Ahmedabad, closely monitors the diet and health of their cows. They grow their green fodder using organic fertilizers and regularly test and vaccinate their cows.

"We never use hormones or injections. Even if a cow doesn't give enough milk, we prioritize their health over profits," the co-founder of GauNeeti says while talking to Startup Pedia.

This commitment to ethical farming practices is a key part of their success.

The dairy brand also focuses on sustainability and environmental conservation.

"We use eco-friendly packaging and minimize waste. Our goal is to create a sustainable business that respects the environment," Shreekant explains.


Challenges growing GauNeeti Organics: 

The journey from a small dairy farm to a successful organic brand was full of challenges. Taking care of the cows, dealing with bad weather, and managing workers were just some of the problems they faced.

"This is a 365-day job. We had to feed the cows, milk them, take care of our workers, and produce milk daily, whether it was Diwali or Eid," Shreekant says.

There were days when they felt overwhelmed, but their passion for their work kept them going. The passing of Shreekant's father was also a significant challenge and a deeply personal motivation for their venture.


Growth of GauNeeti Organics: 

Despite facing numerous challenges, the Ahmedabad-based ethical dairy brand flourished, growing to 100 cows within five years. The brand now sells its products nationwide through its official website, as well as on Amazon. 

Achieving financial stability was initially a challenge for the co-founders of GauNeeti. Initially, they invested around Rs. 25 lakh to buy the first few cows, build the physical, delivery and IT infrastructure and on customer awareness initiatives. Over the past six years, they kept investing on invested approximately Rs. 1 crore into the venture. Their dedication and perseverance have paid off, and today, GauNeeti Organics stands as a financially stable business with a loyal customer base.

"We had to make a lot of sacrifices, but seeing the positive impact our products have on people's lives makes it all worth it," Shreekant says.

The Ahmedabad dairy brand's revenue growth shows its success. From a few lakhs in revenue in the initial years to clocking more than Rs. 2 crore in FY24, the ethical dairy brand has grown exponentially.

"Our growth is because of new products, expanding sales channels, and building a strong online presence," Shreekant explains during the interview with Startup Pedia.

They have also started exporting their top product, A2 Bilona Ghee to Dubai, Australia and are talking to distributors in the US. This expansion into international markets is a testament to the quality of their products and the trust they have built with their customers.


Plan For GauNeeti Organics:

The couple-turned-entrepreneur has big plans for GauNeeti Organics. The co-founders want to reach 20,000 families and employ 300 people while keeping their focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

"Our primary focus isn't on money; instead, we aim to positively impact our customers' lives, care for our employees, and create a positive environmental footprint. These efforts collectively bring us the ultimate satisfaction," he says.

This focus on people over profits sets GauNeeti Organics apart from other brands.

They are also exploring new product lines and expanding their reach to more cities.

"We want to bring our products to as many people as possible," one of the co-founders of GauNeeti Organics says.

They are working on partnerships with other organic farmers and businesses to create a network of sustainable agriculture. This collaborative approach will help them achieve their goal of making a positive impact on the environment and society.


Impact of GauNeeti Organics: 

By bringing their skills and dedication to an ethical dairy brand, Shreekant and his wife have created a successful business and improved the health and well-being of their community.

In a world where corporate jobs often overshadow personal fulfilment, the story of GauNeeti Organics reminds all that true success comes from aligning work with values and passions.

The co-founder of GauNeeti says, "Making a direct difference in someone's life gives a different kind of satisfaction."

Through GauNeeti Organics, Shreekant and his wife are making a lasting impact, one healthy product at a time.

Their journey has not only transformed their lives but also inspired many others to consider alternative career paths.

"We receive messages from people who want to leave their corporate jobs and start something similar. It's heartwarming to see that we can inspire others," Shreekant says.

This ripple effect of their work is creating a broader movement towards sustainable and organic farming.

The co-founders also conduct workshops and training sessions for aspiring farmers.

"We want to share our knowledge and experiences with others. It's important to build a community of like-minded individuals who can support each other," the Ahmedabad entrepreneur explains.

The brand is also involved in social initiatives where it helps its employees financially for the education of their kids. 

"We believe in sharing our success with those in need. It's our way of contributing to society," Shreekant signs off.


What is GauNeeti Organics?
GauNeeti Organics is an ethical dairy brand based in Ahmedabad, founded by Shreekant Malde and his wife in 2017. The brand offers a variety of ethical dairy products, including A2 Milk, Bilona Ghee, Makhan, and wellness items, and focuses on sustainable and ethical farming practices.
What products does GauNeeti Organics offer?
GauNeeti Organics offers a range of products, including fresh A2 Milk, Makhan, Bilona Ghee, wellness products like pain and lip balms, and eco-friendly items like dhoop and agarbatti made from cow dung.
How can I purchase GauNeeti Organics products?
GauNeeti Organics products can be purchased through their official website, as well as on Amazon.
How is GauNeeti Organics impacting the community and environment?
GauNeeti Organics promotes susss waste. They conduct workshops and training sessions for aspiring farmers, support local schools, and provide free A2 Milk to underprivileged children.