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Chandigarh Duo's EV Charger Startup To Install 10K Charging Stations

Zevpoint, established in 2019 by Gurvardaan Singh and Akash Jain, is a Chandigarh-based EV charger startup. The company offers a variety of EV chargers and installs charging stations at various locations.

By Bilal Khan
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Zevpoint Founders

Gurvardaan Singh & Akash Jain - Co-founders at Zevpoint

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It all started with a trip to Canada in 2019. Akash Jain, co-founder of Zevpoint, got behind the wheel of a Tesla, offering a glimpse into a future powered by electricity. Back in Chandigarh, India, a different reality awaited. 

“Growing traffic congestion choked the Chandigarh city, while rising pollution levels painted a concerning picture. The doctors also witnessed a troubling rise in young patients with respiratory problems,” Gurvardaan Singh, another co-founder, explains while talking to Startup Pedia. 

Gurvardaan Singh and Akash Jain, Founder and co-founder respectively, settled with the thought that electric vehicles, while not a silver bullet, offered a promising first step. But a crucial piece of the puzzle was missing – the infrastructure to support them. Even developed nations grappled with a lack of charging stations. It was in this gap that Zevpoint found its calling.

Initially, the idea of building their electric vehicles was explored. However, the immense capital required to succeed in the EV industry proved to be a hurdle. The EV charging space, on the other hand, presented a more feasible path. Here was an opportunity to contribute not just to cleaner air, but to a more sustainable future. 

The first few years were marked by the global pandemic, a temporary setback that provided valuable time for observation. As normalcy returned, the EV Charger startup Zevpoint shifted into high gear, leveraging readily available technology to set up charging stations and test the market.

Zevpoint's story is not simply about a business venture; it's a testament to the desire for change. It's a story about clean air, a healthier future, and creating the conditions for electric vehicles to truly thrive.

Chandigarh-based startup Zevpoint is the brainchild of a passionate duo – childhood friends turned family. Akash, a seasoned businessman with experience in food technology and cloud kitchens, brings his entrepreneurial spirit to the table. Gurvardaan Singh, a young engineer with a background in cutting-edge technology, together with his brother-in-law Akash, are determined to revolutionise the EV charging landscape.


Product and Pricing:

Zevpoint offers a comprehensive range of EV chargers to cater to diverse needs. 

While talking to Startup Pedia, Zevpoint co-founder Gurvardaan explains, “Zevpoint is consumer-centric and our chargers prioritise user-friendliness while addressing concerns raised by customers.”

Here's a glimpse into their product line:

Portable Chargers: Ideal for emergencies or on-the-go charging, these come in 3.5 kW variants with or without a display. They even offer adjustable current capacities, allowing you to adapt to different power outlets.

Wall-Mounted Chargers: For faster charging at home, Zevpoint offers 7 kW options with features like adjustable power output and timers, catering to Indian households where managing overall power consumption is crucial.

Higher Capacity Chargers: Catering to luxury car owners, these include 11 kW and 22 kW options for super-fast charging at home.

Internet-Independent Chargers: Perfect for remote locations with limited internet connectivity, these chargers function flawlessly without requiring a web connection.

Mobile App Connectivity: For those seeking additional control, Zevpoint offers 7 kW to 22 kW options that can be managed through a convenient mobile app.

Spider - The All-in-One Charger: This innovative product combines portability and wall-mounting capabilities. It boasts multiple plug options, allowing you to charge at 3 kW, 7 kW, or even 16 kW depending on the available outlet, eliminating the need to carry multiple chargers.

"At Zevpoint, affordability is key. Our chargers start at just ₹18,999 for a 3 kW portable model," shared the co-founder in an interview with Startup Pedia. 


"This is a significant difference from car manufacturers, who typically price basic 7 kW chargers between ₹50,000 and above.", he added.

 Zevpoint offers a wider range of features at a fraction of the cost, making EV charging accessible to more people.


Market and Benefits:

Chandigarh-based startup caters to everyone in the EV world. Individuals can grab portable chargers for on-the-go power, while hotels, offices, and even auto repair shops can install charging stations with flexible purchase, rental, and revenue-sharing options.

“Beyond sales, we at Zevpoint educate consumers about the ease of home, office, and hotel charging, breaking the petrol pump dependency”, adds Gurvardaan while discussing the Zevpoint benefits with Startup Pedia. 

They also credit supportive online EV communities for fostering trust and knowledge sharing within the EV owner community.

Zevpoint, a 1.5-year-old EV charger startup, is generating 7-figure sales monthly despite a limited market. Their focus on R&D and product development positions them for future success.

Their growth is driven by:

Companies: Installing chargers to attract eco-conscious employees and gain points under green building initiatives.

Hotels: Offering charging stations to attract affluent EV customers, a trend supported by hotel booking websites.

Public Places: Malls, shopping centres, and theatres are catering to travellers with charging options for convenient top-ups.


Journey and Growth: Powering Up for a Greener Future

Born in 2019 from a dream of a greener future, Zevpoint, Chandigarh-based EV charger startup sets out to conquer the challenge of EV charging. After years of listening to early adopters (think luxury hotels and tech-savvy drivers), they cracked the code. Partnering with Hyatt and Regenta, Zevpoint became the go-to name for convenient hotel charging.

But their ambition didn't stop there. In late 2022, Zevpoint brought the power home, launching residential charging solutions. They bypassed traditional channels, putting the power directly in customers' hands with chargers available on Amazon and their website.

“The journey wasn't always smooth. The lack of standardised charging ports for two-wheelers threw a curveball. But Zevpoint, fueled by customer feedback, was and is determined to find a solution,” Gurvardaan adds during the interview with Startup Pedia. 

Their mission? To become a key player in the EV charging revolution, one powerful charge at a time.


Zevpoint's Vision for the Next EV Era:

Zevpoint sets ambitious goals for the next few years. The EV charger startup aims to reach 20,000-30,000 customers and install 10,000 EV charging stations within the next three years.

“Our focus is twofold: expanding our product line and entering the two-wheeler market. New products will incorporate features like dynamic load management to address India's power fluctuations,” Gurvardaan explains. 

While acknowledging the longer charging times of EVs compared to traditional vehicles, Zevpoint emphasises the convenience of home and on-the-go charging. They believe behaviour will adapt to EVs, with drivers planning trips around charging stops and utilising apps to locate stations. Zevpoint positions itself as a key player in building the infrastructure needed to support the growing EV market in India.


What is Zevpoint?
Zevpoint is an EV charger startup based in Chandigarh, founded by Gurvardaan Singh and Akash Jain in 2019. The company offers a variety of EV chargers and installs charging stations at various locations.
How is Zevpoint contributing to a greener future?
Zevpoint is helping reduce pollution by providing accessible EV charging infrastructure. They educate consumers on the benefits of home, office, and hotel charging, reducing dependency on petrol stations.
What makes Zevpoint's chargers unique?
Zevpoint's chargers are consumer-centric, prioritizing user-friendliness and affordability. They offer a wide range of features at a fraction of the cost of competitors, making EV charging accessible to more people.
What products does Zevpoint offer?
Portable Chargers: 3.5 kW variants for emergencies or on-the-go charging. Wall-Mounted Chargers: 7 kW options for home use. Higher Capacity Chargers: 11 kW and 22 kW options for luxury cars. Internet-Independent Chargers: Function without web connectivity. Mobile App Connected Chargers: 7 kW and 22 kW options managed through an app. Spider: An all-in-one charger combining portability and wall-mounting capabilities with multiple plug options.
What are the prices of Zevpoint chargers?
Zevpoint chargers start at ₹18,999 for a 3 kW portable charger. This is significantly lower than similar products from car manufacturers, which can cost between ₹30,000 to ₹50,000.