Starting with just Rs 99, how these young founders built a Rs 200 Cr company in just 5 years and made it to Forbes 30U30

Are you a student from a Tier II or III cities in India looking to land your dream job? Look no further than PrepInsta, India’s most popular website for placement preparation. Founded in 2018 by Aashay Mishra, Atulya Kaushik, and Manish Agarwal, this EdTech startup is revolutionizing the way students prepare for the job market.

PrepInsta offers end-to-end placement preparation, skill-building courses, coding lessons, and interview training to engineering students. Its goal is to bridge the skill gap in India by providing skill-based learning through its product, PrepInsta Prime. This comprehensive platform helps students become a one-stop destination for various rounds of the placement process conducted by reputed companies.

PrepInsta Technologies operates like an OTT platform, offering over 200 courses covering upskilling subjects such as AWS, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, aptitude, logic, verbal, and personality development. What’s more, PrepInsta charges around ₹6,000 for a yearly subscription, while other players in the education sector that provide similar courses charge lakhs.

PrepInsta students have landed jobs at top product-based companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Adobe, and Google, as well as service-based companies like TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, Hexaware, HCL, and Infosys. In fact, 3100+ students were placed at Amazon, 1500+ at Microsoft, 997 at Adobe, and 89,200 at Accenture, among others.

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Founder of PrepInsta, Atulya Kaushik explains the vision behind the firm and says, “Imagine having the chance to access education without breaking the bank. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we started this venture. We saw the exorbitant prices of online courses and the limited access for students from smaller cities and decided to disrupt the system. We wanted to make quality education available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Thus our solution! Offering the same courses available on the internet at a fraction of the cost, so that every student, no matter where they come from, can afford to learn and grow.”

The founders of PrepInsta have been recognized for their unique approach and services, earning them a spot on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2023.

With 2.25 lakh active subscribers on its platform, PrepInsta has become a profitable and bootstrapped venture, with an initial investment of only Rs. 99. It boasts an EBITDA of 40 percent and is projected to earn revenues of ₹20 crores to ₹25 crores this year, a fourfold growth in the past three years.

PrepInsta aims for a 500% jump in revenue this fiscal. The firm has closed FY22 with over 4.7 crores in gross revenue, according to an official release. The startup claims that it is only one of the few Ed-tech brands that have been making a net profit from the first year of operations that began in 2020.

To keep up with market trends, PrepInsta has recently added new courses to its Prime module, including FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, and Salesforce. With these new offerings, PrepInsta hopes to help students land high-paying jobs and achieve their career goals.

In conclusion, if you’re a student looking to prepare for your dream job, PrepInsta is the place to be. With its comprehensive platform, affordable pricing, and proven track record of success, PrepInsta is the perfect partner for your placement preparation journey. So why wait? Sign up today and get one step closer to landing your dream job!