Started with an investment of just Rs 10k, this Kolkata-based venture is building eco-friendly solutions for everyday use. Touches a revenue of Rs 10 Cr in 3 years.

We all know that plastic is the biggest contributor to the increasing plight of the planet, which has now reached a point of no return. India alone consumes and puts away almost 3.5 million tonnes of plastic. Almost every single habit of ours has plastic linked to it. It could be consuming food and using plastic cutlery or something as naive as brushing our teeth in which our toothbrush is made of plastic elements. We wonder if there is a solution to remove plastic from these micro habits of ours and save the planet.

Enter Kolkata-based Amwoodo Eco Products Private

Founded in 2019 by Agni Mitra, Sourav Dey, and Avijit Rajak, Amwoodo Eco Products Private is touted to be the only corporation in India functioning on a value-based mechanism. 

Founder Agni Mitra left his lucrative job in Germany and went out to understand and amend the plastic problem in India. 

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Founder of Amwoodo Eco Products Private, Agni Mitra says, “I was working in Germany when I noticed that civilians there were successfully able to lessen their carbon footprint by adopting micro habits. In India, that seemed like a far-fetching goal, but then I came across the magic ingredient that would make this possible. That is bamboo. Fortunately, India is also the 2nd largest cultivator of bamboo but has yet not reached its full potential – and we leveraged that!”

Amwoodo partners directly with bamboo farmers to cut costs and assist the farmers by providing them with a decent source of income. This strategy ensured that the price of the toothbrush was nominal and thus reached more and more people. 

And thus, after being founded in 2019, Amwoodo has been operating with the vision of building an eco-friendly and plastic-free planet by introducing various organic and sustainable solutions that can be integrated into the lifestyles of people. 

With a dedicated team that always stays up-to-date on manufacturing techniques and designs, Amwoodo is now a manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter of a huge range of bamboo toothbrushes, neem wood combs, bamboo straw toothbrushes, and other products of oral care. Manufacturing at Amwoodo takes place using premium-grade raw material that is ethically obtained from verified vendors in the market. The products are then offered at reasonable rates within a promised time frame. 

As a socially responsible company, Amwoodo functions with the oath of betterment towards society by helping eradicate the use of plastic in the personal, health care, energy, and corporate sector. Thus, Amwoodo is engaged in the production of goods that are good for the public and the earth in reducing the disastrous impact of plastic. 

Most recently, Amwoodo Eco Products Private launched its new collection of bamboo toothbrushes made from upcycled aluminium beverage cans; the head of the toothbrush is made from bamboo, while the bristles are made from castor bean oil. This combination makes the bamboo toothbrush 100% biodegradable. 

Simultaneously, Amwoodo has also launched various bamboo-made products such as combs, cutlery, razors, bottles, and more. In this way, Amwoodo Eco Products Private is working towards lessening environmental issues by mending the small habits of people that can make a big difference in the larger scale of events.

To better understand the perfection behind Amwoodo, Founder Agni Mitra told Startup Pedia,We have a very strategic quality control unit where we manage our entire product portfolio based on parameters such as design, quality, and finish. Additionally, all our units are equipped with the latest technology and tools necessary to deliver high-quality eco-friendly products that will help avert the impact of plastic in India.”

At present, Amwoodo boasts of having ideated and built more than 850 eco-friendly products and is associated with more than 1000 micro startups and 200+ brands to assist them in improving their carbon footprint. Amwoodo delivers plastic-free solutions to various industries, such as EdTech, oral care, e-waste management, and more.

Amwoodo has delivered its products to lakhs of consumers and also exports them to various countries such as Germany, UAE, and Sweden.

Amwoodo Eco Products Private started with an initial investment of Rs 10,000, and now 3 years later, it is touching a revenue of 10 crores. 

One can visit their website and consume their products to help save the planet.