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Spend time watching more and finding less. Get curated content recommendations and grab your Next 'Must Watch' with ease. This is the story of #FeedFlakes.

By Asif Alam
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Spend time watching more and finding less. Get curated content recommendations and grab your Next 'Must Watch' with ease. This is the story of #FeedFlakes.
Feed Flakes


An average user spends 23 minutes to search and decide what to watch on the internet and that too with zero guarantees of finding the right piece of content. As of today, there are 1000 OTT services globally. Therefore, the volume of content has increased, so has the complexity of deciding what to
watch. Unfortunately, nobody talks about great content to watch. People are compelled to watch what they are marketed and thus, movies like 'Radhe' get great attention & viewership due to humungous advertisement budgets but are a pain to watch.


The founder is a huge Movie Buff and had wasted 45 minutes browsing through Netflix, Prime Video & Hotstar to find a piece of content that would make him feel that his 'time was well spent but ended up finding nothing. Therefore, he decided to create FeedFlakes - Find Your Next 'Must Watch'. He has 11 years of experience in business analytics, product development and consulting in multiple domains like Healthcare, Telecom, Banking, Fraud, Finance & Aviation. He has also worked with big brands like Indigo
Airlines, City Bank, Vodafone, HSBC Bank, BeachBody and others.


FeedFlakes has developed an intelligent AI algorithm that probes the internet - explicitly movie review websites and reads over 10000 + customer reviews to suggest 4 Movies/Web series/Documentaries from across the globe in mixed genres daily.


Feed Flakes is a new age start-up working on the theory of ‘Content is King’ and thus, solving this problem by a simple yet unique solution. This is the need of the hour. They are helping our generation to make informed choices and adding a feel-good factor whenever someone decides to watch anything. They do this via their Instagram page 'Feed. Flakes' that only suggests astonishing quality content to watch, irrespective of country, genre and state. They have recommended content in languages ranging from Turkish, Korean, Iranian, Telugu, Kannada and Assamese. These content pieces have ratings equivalent to the likes of Games of Thrones or Bahubali. In essence, it is a content recommendation engine that advises selected content to watch. Not so famous, yet high rated movies and web series around the world #OnlyNiche


The most exciting part about ‘FF’ is that it doesn’t recommend famous/trending content 2% to 3% of Top Content) & neither recommends the bottom 70% of the content. It only recommends 27% of the content that is underrated and not heavily viewed but is a 'Must Watch'. Every content suggested by them has a consistent liking rate of 85%. Feed Flakes believes that every piece of suggested content should generate an intense feeling among the viewers resulting in building a strong ideology of trust &
relationship. They guarantee that their recommendations would be loved by all their users. They realise that a user can easily unfollow them and thus, have a moral responsibility to provide the best content.


As of today, you can find Feed Flakes on Instagram, Facebook & their Website. In the span of just 20 days, they have garnered 1600 Instagram Followers via word of mouth. They plan to acquire 1 Million + subscribers by the start of 2022 and are operating with a team of 3 skilled personnel. Also, for nonactive Instagram users, there is an option to subscribe to the Email Newsletter which would contain all the intel about the 'Must Watch' movies/web series & documentaries.