Some Do’s and Don’ts For Your Startup

Do's & Don'ts of Customer Engagement Analytics from CCW

You had an idea, implemented it, raised funding, but now what? Whenever you launch a company the priority comes to marketing your startup. You don’t have any customers as your existence it’s not yet acknowledged by everyone. Around 90% of the startups fail to pass this hurdle and shut their operations.

You have a great innovative vision, extraordinary leadership qualities, and a good team. All these RT ingredients to establish a startup. To make it a business you have to have the drive focus and access to funds to jump-start and feed the business.

Unfortunately, as a startup, it is quite obvious that wastage of money may occur more frequently than investing it. For these reasons to identify the route to attract and timely inject funds, one needs to implement strategic plans and methods.

We all know that the first impression it’s the last impression. Your business should have a planning hand in form of an executive summary. Some investors would like to understand you and your business before even thinking about investing in it. At that time this business plan will do the magic. It should outline your vision and business track well explain your idea to the stakeholders.

Now that you have an executive summary and business plan don’t forget to add and welcome all the frequent questions and feedback which you received from the experts and investors who are already in the market.

Also, funding is a crucial part of the business, and based on this theory following are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you seek funding opportunities:

  1. Do remain customer-focused, always make customers your priority. Get feedback and analyze the behavioural shifts to understand what you can do to improve your working, user experience, and business status.
  2. Don’t be afraid of failure, as an entrepreneur the biggest challenge is to take up the risk and live through it. Often startups fail their strategies in the real world which makes them either settle for the less or make changes frequently. You need to keep in mind that are right fruit takes time, so when your idea needs some fixations and not a total change.
  3. Do keep transparency, demonstrate the problems you are solving in context to the real world with your clients or customers. Turn the table around of hurdles But keep on trying, testing, and innovating.
  4. Don’t start a business because you dreamed it, it is all about reality. Yes, dreams do come true but gather the knowledge which is needed for the real world. Understand the type and number of investors you need for your business. 
  5. Do invite the partners, join people who are little become your arms. Focus on the experience present in the market. Be careful to see if the source of funding can help you achieve your goals or not.
  6. Don’t start a startup for money, this is just a result and not the foundation. we all know that business help some on to the amount where we can live the life of our dreams. just keep in mind that startup goals should never be money, its ultimate goal should remain to establish a face in the market which in the future will yield the stacks of money you never imagined.
  7. Do you remember the laws, so that you have the guidance legally? Your idea may be wonderful kind but ever thought that why any other person never went for it! Well better to cross-check if it is legally acceptable and in accordance with all the rules and regulations where you want to start the services.
  8. Don’t look for a shortcut, give time and remain calm. Aggression should be seen through your business and not in your behaviour. Always remember that there are no shortcuts toward success. One or the other way you will face competition and at that time those baby steps which you have taken will lead you to the golden park of success over your competitors.

All in all, entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride there’s sometimes you will be on high, and sometimes you will be on news, so prepare yourself for all the big challenges which may come on the way. There are many stories where people leave halfway and start looking for other greener fields for quick success. Just keep in mind nothing remains the same, if you want those green pastures along your way then so do the seeds of hard work by yourself. Hope these tips help you in your journey, Till then

Stay safe and Keep thriving