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Old Friends Reunited & Started Product Dev Biz, Made ₹1.4 Cr Revenue

Bengaluru based TheCodeWork, founded by Ashish Singh and S. Koushik Debroy helps build and scale digital products for businesses and e-commerce enterprises using AI, Digital Twin Solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

By SD Khan
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Ashish Singh and S. Koushik Debroy - Co-founders at TheCodeWork

Ashish Singh and S. Koushik Debroy - Co-founders at TheCodeWork

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S. Koushik Debroy (31 years) belongs to Assam and Ashish Singh (32 years) hails from the land of Rosogullas, West Bengal. They became friends while studying engineering at NITMAS, West Bengal and passed out from the college in 2015. While the friends had a great time together the duo went their separate ways to etch out a career. However, as fate would have it, they met again and decided to start a business together in 2017. Later in 2018 they founded TheCodeWork in 2018 to help businesses with tech innovation. 


Ashish spoke to Startup Pedia and told about their college days and how the two collaborated for TheCodeWork. “We have been creating products since college days. And our thoughts were always aligned.  We were working at different startups when we met in 2017 again. TheCodeWork became the second brand registered under Debsin Technologies Private Limited in Assam.”

The CodeWork Team Working

Apart from the co-founders, they onboarded 2 more employees and began from Koushik’s home in Assam. Today the team size has grown to 20 employees and they have recently shifted into their office in Bengaluru. While Covid did hit them business wise, it only delayed their plans to shift to a physical office, though the finances worked well. 

TheCodeWork has come a long way from reaping a turnover of just Rs 3 lakhs in first year to Rs 1.4 crores in 2023-24. Ashish and Koushik have cemented their friendship over the years and are steadily moving forward on their path of success. 

The Services offered

TheCodeWork is on a steady road to success as it ensures that its services cater to the needs of the clients. Their latest involvement with Digital Twin Technology enables users to design, build, test, optimize, and evaluate what-if scenarios, perform predictive maintenance, and extend the remaining useful life (RUL) of their products—without the need of physical prototypes. While AI development services offered by them have taken over the e-commerce industry by a storm, their ERP dashboards have become a necessity for new age businesses. 

S. Koushik Debroy was in conversation with Startup Pedia and told the journalist, “Today we have evolved into a service based company. We provide innovative solutions as per the requirement of the client. Often when faced with new problems we brainstorm with the team to provide out of the box ideas. We have some clients who have been consistently using our services for more than 3 years now, which shows their trust in us.” 

The CodeWork Founders With Client

Additional services

They offer services like MVP, Web Development, App Development, Cloud Migration, ETL/Dashboard, Integration Services, Microservices, platforms for e-Commerce, DevOp Services. 

Koushik further explained, “We of course have clashes of ideas as both of us have different opinions. Work is always a result of team work and we ensure that our clients get the best results. We are a team of innovative problem solvers, who look into various aspects of business and build solutions to simplify them with tech and optimize the business globally.”

The Future

The CodeWork Team

In the last 5 years things have changed immensely. They started with Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for startups, but now are moving towards Enterprise Solutions. The market has a dependency on Artificial Intelligence. Koushik explained to Startup Pedia how AI can actually influence businesses positively. 

“We find that AI has the potential to upskill jobs. It can automate manual, repetitive work. This leaves ample time for intelligent use of time for humans, where more innovative solutions can be created. We have extensively used Generative AI for extraction of keywords and helped build on it, leveraging AI to its fullest.” 

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