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Sheetal Cool Products: The journey From selling Paan to making Ice cream

By Siddhart Agarwal
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Founder of Sheetal Ice Cream

The gods were not quiet while the family of Bhuva was searching for a way to reach their ends. The demolition by the municipal authorities of their small paan shop in Amreli district of Gujarat nearly 22 years ago forced the family to search for an alternative, and on the occasion of Janmashtmi, a nearby local fair helped them try their luck selling ice creams. What started as a temporary stall selling ice creams from other corporations' brands has now developed to become a listed small and medium enterprise. 


Sheetal Cool Products Limited was founded by Late Shree Jagdishbhai Bhuva in 1978 at Amreli, in the state of Gujarat along with his three brothers Mr. Dinesh, Mr. Bhupat, and Mr. Sanjay by opening a small Pan & Cold drinks cabin. From a small Pan and Cold Drinks cabin in the year 1987 to getting ranked as the top 90th among the 150 fastest-growing companies of India in 2020 (by Economic Times), Sheetal Cool Products Limited (SCPL) has created an undying legacy for itself.

Founders of Sheetal Ice Cream

Laying foundation stone

The Bhuva family stood strong through the adversities of time. Hopes never had even the slightest of flickering even amid the hardest and most unbearable conditions of life. The endeavoring adventure dawned in 1987. It was an initiation to the historical journey of Sheetal Cool Products Limited, just in the form of a pan seller along with ice cream and cold drinks in the locality of Amreli, an unnoticed city of Gujarat. Getting back in its full swing, the family recognized huge scope not only in ice cream but also in some other complementary activities. It wasn't difficult to set up a dairy as we could get plenty of milk from the surrounding villages”. Gradually they endeavored in manufacturing various products used daily by a common man. 


1998 witnessed the incorporation of Shree Sheetal Industries. Shree Sheetal Industries gets converted into Sheetal Cool Products Private Limited in 2012. Sheetal Cool Products Limited was listed in BSE - SME platform to SHARE its joy with more. The company put its imprint in IPO and hailed as Sheetal Cool Products Public Limited in 2017. Meanwhile, the company began to manufacture namkeen products, bakery products, frozen foods sweets, etc.

 Sheetal Cool Products Limited underwent a massive renaissance in technology and infrastructure in 2019. State-of-the-art machinery that doubled production was installed and a co-operate office was constructed. In 2020, Sheetal Cool Products Limited has been certified by ISOQAR as one of the only two companies in India which manufactures more than 6 food categories with BRCG - FSMA (U. S. FDA MODULE) under a single plant. 

Logo - Sheetal Ice Cream

Catering society

The company currently manufactures more than eight food categories under a single plant and is counted as one of the only two companies of such category in India. Today, SCPL is a well-recognized brand in four major states - Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. 

Moreover, the company also exports to Singapore, Indonesia, UK, the US, Switzerland, and Australia. With a strong family of 33+ Super Stockists, 500+ Distributors, and 35000+ Retails Dealers, SCPL has come a long way and aspires to spread its wings over all the major states of India and even across the world. Manufacturing Various brands of Ice Creams (Sheetal and J'adore), Namkeen, Milk, Milk Products, Bakery Products, Vegetables, Frozen Foods and Sweets, Sheetal Cool Products Limited has imprinted its signature on the food industry of India. 

Working mechanism

The major component in setting up the price of the product is cost management. The company tries to manage the cost by producing its complementary goods. It can provide hygienic products with fine quality to the customers at a reasonable price and a better margin to the super stockists and distributors due to the successful cost management. 

Growing Energy Consumption is a mega challenge that the world faces. Making a drastic decrease in electricity bills through the power hunt helps the company to have control over cost management. Sheetal Cool Products Limited has set up Solar Panels and windmills for trapping energy from natural resources to make effective use of energy. 1.5 and 1.25 MW windmills are established in Kutch (Gujarat) and 1.26MW Solar Panels are set up at Amreli (Gujarat) to compensate for the energy consumption of the company. SCPL is on its way to make 90 percent of energy consumption from green sources. 

A role model for mankind

Sheetal Cool Products Limited has an organ named DJBS Foundation which is in touch with The Red Cross Organization, conducting various social welfare activities like blood donation camps, making the availability of Oxygen Cylinders, Mini Ventilator and mobile mortuary for the needy; Wall for Immunity, Donation for other social welfare activities, etc. The victory of the company is the victory of everyone in it regardless of position. Interestingly, the company, which started with 30 employees now has over 1,000 staffers, with women accounting for almost 80%.  "Social exploitation of women was so prominent in society. The company thought of upgrading their status by rendering job opportunities that would help them stand on their legs. Their sincerity and honesty are good assets for the company too."

Growth and success

The growth in a little over two decades can be gauged from the fact that the company reported revenues of nearly ₹207 crores in the financial year 2017-18, with a profit of over ₹4 crores. The company now stands as an icon of glorious simple life achievements. Dinesh Bhai Bhuva, Bhupatbhai Bhuva, Sanjaybhai Bhuva and the younger generation of the Bhuva family guided by Dakubhai Bhuva keeps the company victoriously move on with its flag blooming high in the yonder sky. Thus A small cabin of Pan and Cold Drinks initiated by Jagadish Bhai D. Bhuva has now bloomed into Sheetal Cool Products Limited, one of the fastest-growing companies of Asia - Pacific". A benchmark for the whole of mankind.