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Shashank Trivedi: We are ready to push the marketing game to the next level for overseas clients

By Siddhart Agarwal
New Update
Shashank Trivedi: We are ready to push the marketing game to the next level for overseas clients

After running many successful marketing campaigns for Indian clients, Shashank Trivedi, Founder of Online Apes Media is now ready to level up the marketing game for overseas clients as well.

Located less than 10 miles from the Capital of India, Delhi, Online Apes Media pays homage to the pursuit and commitment of deep and interactive marketing solutions.

Shashank said that "we have already started working for many US & UK based clients and looking forward to getting some more business from the same.

Currently, we are working with application-based model, where we promote only applications outside India. Our personal focus this year is to actually pay attention to our weaknesses as marketers. We are not going to see our strengths for a minute and we will really meditate on what we should do that we were not doing as marketers. This approach may be unique in this era when everyone has their own LinkedIn brand, but if we can foster a sort of self-awareness of our personal brands, I think there will be a breakthrough hit on a small digital platform for our overseas clients."

For overseas clients, Online Apes Media is doing customer-centric marketing approaches, for example, personalized messages, personalized products, user-generated content, and more to ensure the consumer is getting exactly what they are looking for. Shashank told us that the customer-centric approach needs to go beyond just the marketing and that what we are doing at Online Apes Media.

Online Apes Media is a full-scale digital marketing agency that bridges the gap between technology and creativity by creating captivating brand stories and exceptional digital experiences for end-users. We are a group of passionate young individuals who understand the world of web and mobile technology as their home.

Online Apes Media is an agency inclined to execute strategic marketing strategies to help our clients build a meaningful online community around their brand as well as achieve a high ROI through our marketing solutions combined with creative Design and Development across Social Media platforms, ensuring a high impact online presence from day one.

Shashank Trivedi is the CEO and Founder of Online Apes Media and helps many renowned brands in their marketing strategies.