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This couple sold their flat to sell samosas – now have built a multi crore business with 50+ outlets across the country!

%%excerpt%% Shikhar and Nidhi's Samosa Success in the Indian Snack Market

By Neha Yadav
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According to a research report, the Indian snack market was valued at US$12 billion in 2022. With the rising popularity of on-the-go snacking, there was a growing demand for convenient and hygienic options.

Bengaluru-based Samosa Singh identified the immense potential in this market, particularly for samosas, which hold a special place in the hearts of Indian snack enthusiasts. Starting as a couple deeply engaged in their careers, Shikhar and Nidhi experimented and faced an array of challenges while building this venture and now have 50+ outlets across the country and have built a multi crore samosa venture.

In an exclusive interview with Startup Pedia, Nidhi & Shikar shared their inspiring journey. Let us take you through it!

Samosa Singh founders with their product Shikhar and Nidhi – Founders of Samosa Singh

The Journey & Growth

Shikhar and Nidhi, a highly accomplished couple based in Bengaluru, both excelling in the field of biotechnology, held prominent positions—Shikhar as a scientist at Biocon and Nidhi as the Head of Global Sales at a renowned healthcare company.

Despite their successful careers, their shared passion went beyond the confines of laboratories and boardrooms—it led them to explore the diverse world of Samosa joints in Bangalore.

The entrepreneurial spark ignited when they observed a hygiene gap and the absence of an organized market in the Samosa-selling business, along with a shortage of reliable B2B suppliers.

Motivated by the desire to create a consistent and high-quality Samosa 'brand,' capable of satisfying cravings and addressing market needs, Shikhar and Nidhi decided to embark on a new journey.

In 2015, Shikhar left his position as a scientist, and a year later, Nidhi followed suit, leaving her role as Head of Global Sales. The couple launched Samosa Singh in 2016, facing initial challenges, including the need for a larger kitchen, which led them to sell their apartment for 80 lakhs.

Starting with a modest 300-square-foot kitchen and just one cook, the couple, drawing on their robust scientific background, invested 100,000 man-hours in research and development to perfect the crispy yet tender Samosa bite. The initial phase brought financial challenges, with a meager daily income of Rs 500 for the first two months. However, their dedication paid off, as today, their samosas stay crispy and fresh for six hours.

The business quickly gained traction, securing significant orders from leading airlines such as Air India, theaters, and corporate giants. Samosa Singh even expanded into the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) market outside Bengaluru International Airport, showcasing the remarkable journey of a couple who turned their passion for samosas into a successful and scientifically backed entrepreneurial venture.

The pandemic hit them hard, with their business and revenue plummeting to zero overnight. Multiplexes, airlines, and corporate tech parks shutting down contributed to this challenge. However, their resilience and adaptability played a crucial role in overcoming these obstacles. Having their central manufacturing facility proved to be a key factor during these tough times.

Samosa Singh strategically focused on building the brand by emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction. They prioritized maintaining a strong team with low attrition rates and fostering a positive work environment.

With a scalable and profitable business model, Samosa Singh secured funding and experienced significant growth, expanding to over 50 outlets across the country and now globally.

Founders of Samosa singh outside of their outlets Founders of Samosa singh outside of their outlets

Global Expansion

Samosa Singh is now going global! The brand is starting to export its popular samosas, starting with the Middle East and then spreading worldwide. People from all over the country have shown lots of love for their creative and guilt-free samosas, which are fried, tasty, and low in fat.

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Shikhar and Nidhi – Founders of Samosa Singh proudly claim, "We have seen it all! Challenges, failures, and successes. Our passion and belief in our business have driven us to build a multi-million-dollar brand. We are excited to continue revolutionising the Indian snack market and bring our products to customers worldwide."

Samosa Singh boasts a dedicated and skilled team that has been pivotal to the company's success.

The founders started by hiring a cook and conducting R&D to perfect their recipes. As the business grew, they expanded their team by leveraging online portals and personal references. With a focus on building a strong work ethos, the company maintains a low attrition rate and nurtures a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Their team, initially consisting of only two members, has grown exponentially and now comprises nearly 150 plus enthusiastic young individuals.

Team of Samosa Singh Samosa Singh's Team

Samosa Singh's core offering is its delectable range of samosas. What sets them apart is their unique triangular interlocking shape, which reduces oil content and enhances the overall taste. With proprietary technology, Samosa Singh ensures that their samosas remain crispy for an extended period, maintaining the quality and flavor for customers to enjoy.

Additionally, the company offers a variety of other popular Indian snacks, such as kachori, dahi bhalla, and various chaats, along with delightful desserts like gulab jamun, rabdi, and ras malai.

Samosa Singh's business model aims to cater to the unmet demand for hygienic and diverse Indian snacks. By providing a range of samosas and other popular snacks, they offer a one-stop destination for customers seeking high-quality, convenient, and delicious options. The company focuses on product excellence, efficient operations, and strong vendor partnerships to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Samosa Singh's mission is to revolutionize the Indian snack industry by providing hygienic, fresh, and flavorful snacks that evoke a sense of nostalgia and delight customers. Their vision is to become a global leader in Indian street food, offering high-quality products that combine innovation, taste, and freshness.

Additionally, Samosa Singh aims to expand its reach and establish a strong presence across India and beyond. With its successful track record and positive industry reception, the company intends to continue innovating and introducing new offerings in the Indian snack market. Additionally, Samosa Singh plans to leverage the power of social media and digital platforms to enhance its marketing efforts and reach a wider audience.


1.Who are the founders of Samosa singh?

Shikhar veer singh and Nidhi singh, are the founders of Samosa Singh. Formerly in biotechnology careers, I identified a hygiene gap in the samosa market and started Samosa Singh in 2016. They left their successful jobs to build a brand capable of satisfying cravings and addressing market needs.

 2. What is the core product offering of Samosa Singh?

Samosa Singh's core product offering is its delectable range of samosas. These samosas are distinguished by their unique triangular interlocking shape, reducing oil content and enhancing the overall taste. Additionally, the company provides a variety of other popular Indian snacks, including kachori, dahi bhalla, various chaats, and delightful desserts like gulab jamun, rabdi, and ras malai.

3. How many outlets does Samosa Singh have?

Samosa Singh has expanded to over 50 outlets across the country and is now going global. The brand's success is attributed to a dedicated and skilled team that has played a pivotal role in the company's growth.

4. What is the business model of Samosa Singh, and what are its key features?

Samosa Singh's business model revolves around offering high-quality, diverse Indian snacks. It prioritizes product excellence, efficient operations, and strong vendor partnerships. The central manufacturing facility, coupled with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, contributes to the brand's success. The company also emphasizes a resilient team with low attrition rates.

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