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With just Rs 10 lakhs, this brother-sister duo started an eco-friendly footwear brand that uses sugarcane as its base material & has been a hit globally – plan to make it a million-dollar venture

Discover how Reroute, founded by Parth & Karishma Dalal, pioneers sustainable footwear, using eco-friendly materials, innovative technologies

By Neha Yadav
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With just Rs 10 lakhs, this brother-sister duo started an eco-friendly footwear brand that uses sugarcane as its base material & has been a hit globally – plan to make it a million-dollar venture

Transforming the Footwear Industry

Reroute is a material science company that has taken the Sustainable Footwear industry by storm. 

Founded in October 2020 by siblings Parth Dalal and Karishma Dalal, Reroute combines cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and social good to offer premium lifestyle products that redefine the way we approach fashion. 

With a deep-rooted belief in creating a greener tomorrow, Reroute strives to make a positive social impact while setting new standards for environmentally conscious footwear.

The footwear industry has long been associated with excessive carbon emissions and a linear production model. However, as sustainability becomes a pressing concern, Reroute emerges as a leader in this evolving landscape. 

With its focus on eco-friendly materials and circularity, Reroute is driving the transformation toward a more sustainable and responsible footwear industry.

Parth Dalal, hailing from Atlanta, USA and with a Master's Degree from Long Island University, leads the operational side of Reroute, while his sister Karishma Dalal oversees the company's functioning from India. 

Parth and Karishma share a passion for sustainability and a desire to create a greener future. Parth brings a wealth of experience in operations, while Karishma's background in business management and marketing complements their combined expertise. Their shared vision and complementary skills laid the foundation for Reroute's success.

Reroute's Sustainable Approach: Materials and Innovation

Reroute's products are characterized by their soft, flexible uppers, available in a variety of retro colors. These sneakers offer exceptional comfort with cushiony insoles that provide arch support, ensuring a pleasurable walking experience. 

The company's outsoles are made from Sugarcane, a durable and flexible material that not only performs well but also has a positive environmental impact. Reroute's shoes are also fully machine washable, designed for long-lasting enjoyment. 

Additionally, Reroute utilizes carbon-negative materials, such as Sugarcane EVA – which has been introduced in India for the first time ever – which captures and removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, combating climate change. They also repurpose single-use plastic bottles into proprietary thread, creating lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking shoes.

Reroute's journey began with Parth and Karishma's shared vision of creating a greener tomorrow through sustainable footwear. They faced numerous challenges in the early stages, including acquiring their first 100 customers and gaining industry recognition. 

To build its brand, Reroute focused on storytelling and highlighting the environmental benefits of its products. They leveraged digital marketing strategies, collaborations with influencers, and engage with their target audience through social media platforms. 

Reroute strategically expanding its product range, investing in research and development to introduce new sustainable materials. 

They also established strategic partnerships with suppliers who shared their commitment to sustainability, ensuring the highest quality products. Overcoming challenges related to production scale-up, distribution, and customer acquisition, Reroute steadily gained momentum and attracted a growing customer base.

They prioritize conscious material choices, innovative technologies, and a commitment to circularity. By incorporating renewable and recyclable materials, Reroute aims to minimize waste and reduce its carbon footprint while offering high-quality footwear.

Reroute is not just about creating stylish footwear, but also about redirecting our impact on the planet. With conscious material choices and innovative technologies, we aim to leave a positive footprint for a greener tomorrow”, says Parth Dalal, Founder of Reroute, in a conversation with Startup Pedia.

By appealing to eco-conscious consumers willing to invest in sustainable fashion, Reroute has established a strong revenue stream.


Reroute's Journey and Future Vision

Reroute started with an initial investment of Rs 10 lakhs which went on material and extensive research and development.

While their turnover was initially a couple of lakhs, Reroute's projected revenue for 2026 is an impressive multi-million dollar. 

Reroute has primarily relied on bootstrapping and reinvesting profits to fund its operations and growth.

While the sustainable footwear market is still emerging, Reroute faces competition from other brands that have embraced sustainability as a core principle. 

However, Reroute differentiates itself through its use of carbon-negative materials, commitment to circularity, and focus on durability. By offering premium products that align with consumers' values, Reroute continues to carve a niche for itself in this growing market.

Reroute's mission is to create a greener tomorrow by offering sustainable and stylish footwear options.

Looking ahead, Reroute envisions becoming a fully circular and carbon-neutral brand. They plan to expand their product range, incorporating new sustainable materials and technologies. 

By choosing Reroute, consumers are not only making a fashion statement but also actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


1. What is Reroute and when was it founded?

Reroute is a material science company that revolutionizes the footwear industry. It was founded in October 2020 by siblings Parth Dalal and Karishma Dalal.

2. What sets Reroute apart from traditional footwear brands?

Reroute stands out by integrating cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and social good into its premium lifestyle products. It redefines fashion with a deep commitment to creating a greener tomorrow.

3. Who are the founders of Reroute and what are their roles?

Parth Dalal and Karishma Dalal, siblings with a passion for sustainability, founded Reroute. Parth leads operations while Karishma oversees business management and marketing.

4. What materials are used in Reroute's footwear?

Reroute prioritizes eco-friendly materials such as Sugarcane for outsoles and Sugarcane EVA, a carbon-negative material. It also repurposes single-use plastic bottles into breathable threads for its shoes.

5. What are Reroute's projected revenues for the future?

Despite starting with an initial investment, Reroute's projected revenue for 2026 is expected to be multi-million dollars, reflecting its success in the sustainable fashion market.

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