Pet care startup Goofy Tails raises USD 5 Lakh seed funding

D2C pet care startup Goofy Tails raised a funding of USD 5 Lakh(around Rs 4.11 crore) led by BeyondSeed, a Singapore-based investor group, and The Chennai Angels, with participation from other overseas angel investors. 

According to the press announcement, the company intends to use the money for R&D, portfolio extension of its healthy pet foods and accessories, customer acquisition, team expansion, and strengthening its nationwide warehouse presence.

Goofy tails provide premium pet products and supply them with an online presence and retail outlets. They aim to keep pets healthy and happy. 

This startup has a unique ideology-they vaccinate one stray animal for each product sold on their website. 

They intend to produce food products and supplies-healthy, nutritious, and comfortable for dogs, cats and other pets.

 Karan Gupta, Kartik Gupta, Kunal Gupta, and Ashish Kaushal co-founded the startup and started its operations in 2019. Goofy tails are headquartered in New Delhi and plan to enter other South Asian and European markets by the middle of next year.

This firm is a one-stop outlet for a range of pet accessories, from cats and dogs to small animals. Its product comprises healthy food, interactive toys, accessories and grooming products.

Since their starting, their growth has been 200% across all their categories and accessories. They have even served over 1 Lakh customers across Amazon, their website, and other channels.

Karan Gupta, the co-founder of the company – who has been a pet coach and nutritionist for over a decade, said, “Unbalanced home food and kibble are one of the prime causes of obesity, diabetes, and poor gut health in our pets. Goofy Tails aims to solve this problem with a complete and proprietary range of preservative-free food and treats.