Meet these IIT Delhi grads who are building robots that can perform tasks on demand

Peer Robotics, a Gurugram and New Haven-based startup, was founded in 2019. 

Meet Tanya Raghuvanshi and Rishabh Agarwal from IIT Delhi, who noticed the limitations of most industrial robots on the market and decided to create something that was more intuitive and adaptable. They wanted to develop robots that could be taught new tasks easily, without requiring complex programming or extensive mapping applications.

Tanya Raghuvanshi and Rishabh Agarwal  are driven by a vision of a future where robots can perform multiple tasks and adapt to changing circumstances. This inspired them to create a new type of robot that is more versatile and collaborative than traditional industrial robots.

With their collaborative and adaptable nature, the robots developed by Peer Robotics are transforming the industrial robot industry. These robots, which operate at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human-centric tech, have the unique ability to learn new tasks in real-time with force feedback. 

Peer Robotics successfully raises $2.3 million in seed funding - The Robot Report
Peer Robotics premium products

In contrast to traditional robots, which are programmed to execute specific tasks, Peer Robotics’ robots can dynamically adapt to changing situations, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Their flagship products, trolley and bin movements, automate the transportation of raw materials and components over long distances from warehouses to assembly lines. Additionally, they are capable of delivering specific bins to predetermined locations within assembly units, streamlining the entire manufacturing process.

The vision

The company’s vision is to enable businesses to automate complex tasks and reduce human error while also creating more job opportunities. Their robots are designed to work alongside humans, assisting them with tasks that are too difficult, too dangerous, or too time-consuming.

Peer Robotics is on the cutting edge of the robotics industry, and their innovative approach is a game-changer for the manufacturing industry. Their robots offer a level of flexibility and adaptability that has never been seen before, and they are poised to change the way that businesses approach automation.

Funding and investment

According to Forbes India, the startup has raised $2.32 million in funding from investors like Kalaari Capital and Axilor Ventures and plans to expand deliveries and production in 2023. Raghuvanshi intends to focus on research and development, creating new ideas and features for their collaborative robots.

Their’ innovative approach to industrial robotics has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry, enabling businesses to automate complex and time-consuming tasks efficiently. With their focus on collaboration and versatility, Peer Robotics is leading the charge towards a future where robots can adapt to changing demands and work alongside humans seamlessly.

Plans ahead

Comapny is currently working on expanding its reach and delivery capabilities to cater to more businesses. They are also focused on increasing their production capabilities so that they can manufacture their robots on a larger scale.

In conclusion, Peer Robotics is a startup that is redefining the industrial robot industry. Their focus on collaboration and versatility is what sets them apart from traditional robots, and their innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. 

With its plans for expansion and focus on research and development, Peer Robotics is poised to become a major player in the world of robotics.


1. What is Peer Robotics?

It is a startup based in Gurugram and New Haven, founded in 2019 by Tanya Raghuvanshi and Rishabh Agarwal from IIT Delhi. The company is dedicated to creating collaborative and adaptable robots for the industrial sector.

2. What are the products of Peer Robotics?

The flagship products of Peer Robotics include robots designed for trolley and bin movements. These robots automate the transportation of raw materials and components over long distances, streamlining the manufacturing process by delivering specific bins to predetermined locations within assembly units.

3. How much funding is raised by Peer Robotics?

According to Forbes India, Peer Robotics has raised $2.32 million in funding from investors like Kalaari Capital and Axilor Ventures. This investment is expected to facilitate the expansion of deliveries and production in 2023.

4. Who is the founder of Peer Robotics?

The founders of Peer Robotics are Tanya Raghuvanshi and Rishabh Agarwal. They are both graduates of IIT Delhi and established the startup in 2019 with a vision to overcome the limitations of traditional industrial robots. Tanya Raghuvanshi and Rishabh Agarwal noticed the need for more intuitive and adaptable robots, leading them to create collaborative robotic solutions that can easily learn new tasks without complex programming.

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