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Once a victim of loan harassment & deep fake abuse – this Andhra Pradesh man is now helping people overcome cybersecurity issues.

RadhaKrishna Murthy — a 28-year-old individual is the founder of Global Security Council – a firm dealing in helping people navigate cyberse..

By Neha Yadav
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Once a victim of loan harassment & deep fake abuse – this Andhra Pradesh man is now helping people overcome cybersecurity issues.

How many of us have been victims of the endless calls of loan apps that we took in a dire situation? Or how many of us know people victims of deepfake, morphed images? 

Today we tell you the story of someone who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time – but did not let that come in his way despite the many hurdles.

RadhaKrishna Murthy — a 28-year-old individual is the founder of Global Security Council – a firm dealing in helping people navigate cybersecurity challenges.

He hails from Andhra Pradesh, and received his schooling at Nivedita English Medium High School in the rural village of Inkollu. Coming from a deeply orthodox family background, he pursued an engineering degree followed by a PG Diploma in Social Work in Livelihoods and Social Entrepreneurship from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

He drew major inspiration from the late President and scientist APJ Abdul Kalam, whom he encountered during the final days of his engineering at an innovation cell in Hyderabad. Dr. Kalam, addressing the innovations of students, engaged in a brief conversation with him. 

During this exchange, he shared his aspirations to contribute meaningfully to the world. Encouraged by Dr. Kalam, he was motivated to pursue this noble goal.

Upon completing his engineering degree in 2016, he found himself needing more certainty about his path. In search of inspiration, he extensively traveled, meeting numerous startup founders and posing questions to gain insights. 

Eventually, he connected with a mentor who introduced him to the world of content creation. Subsequently, RadhaKrishna Murthy embarked on a professional journey as a writer for freelancing and blogging . This endeavor not only provided him with the means to sustain himself but also allowed him to make ends meet.

He also briefly worked with EC-Council as a Cyber Security Student. 

This continued for a period, but in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. RadhaKrishna Murthy faced challenges returning home due to familial stress and resistance. His family urged him to secure a stable job and settle down, contrasting with his nomadic pursuit of opportunities.

RadhaKrishna Murthy receiving token of appreciation RadhaKrishna Murthy receiving token of appreciation

Adapting to the circumstances, he joined the police force as a COVID volunteer, actively involved in facilitating plasma generation from donors to save lives. Recognizing his expertise in IT and cybersecurity, the Police Commissioner assigned him cyber-related tasks, to which he willingly agreed. 

RadhaKrishna Murthy - As a COVID Volunteer RadhaKrishna Murthy - As a COVID Volunteer

This marked the beginning of his cyber volunteering efforts, wherein he focused on raising awareness about cybersecurity in schools and colleges across Telangana.

This also was a turning point in his life. 

Having recently acquired a new phone, RadhaKrishna Murthy's friend, in a playful act, downloaded some instant loan apps, resulting in an unexpected loan amount being credited. 

Within two days, a mishap led to the loss of the phone, valued at Rs 50,000.

The situation took a disastrous turn for RadhaKrishna Murthy. The loan apps, not affiliated with reputable banks but rather associated with loan mafias, acquired his details and began contacting his connections. They went to the extent of sending abusive messages and morphed, graphically triggering pictures to his contacts.

The toxicity escalated verbally and emotionally, all stemming from a Rs 2000 loan for which the apps were now demanding Rs 11,500. RadhaKrishna Murthy hadn't even  utilized that money; 

Efforts to block the sim proved futile, as the images and abusive texts had already reached his traditional parents, who felt ashamed. 

This overwhelming situation pushed RadhaKrishna Murthy to the brink of a hopeless situation.

Just as he contemplated taking his life, a call from the Commissioner of Police, with whom he collaborated, intervened. Even the Commissioner had received those distressing messages and images and sought to understand the whole story.

RadhaKrishna Murthy confessed his predicament to the Commissioner, who took on the role of a mentor. Encouraging him to turn his tragedy into a force for good, the Commissioner highlighted the prevalent issue of loan harassment and image manipulation faced by numerous individuals daily. He urged RadhaKrishna Murthy to take action and make a difference.

Inspired by the Commissioner's guidance, RadhaKrishna Murthy embraced the broader perspective and sprang into action. He proactively pursued cybersecurity certifications to equip himself for the challenges ahead.

In 2022, he conceptualised and established the Global Security Council, along with Raghu Nagendra Kumar Appana and Sai Kiran Volet – commencing operations with an initial investment of Rs 5 lakhs and maintaining a bootstrapped approach.

Saikiran Voleti (left), RadhaKrishna Murthy (center), Raghu Nagendra Kumar Appana (right) Saikiran Voleti (left), RadhaKrishna Murthy (center), Raghu Nagendra Kumar Appana (right)

The organization is driven by a mission to provide cutting-edge computer security solutions to both businesses and individuals. Their focus is on delivering advanced and effective security measures to safeguard the valuable data of their clients.

The team consists of seasoned computer security experts with extensive industry experience. They stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that their clients benefit from the most up-to-date protection.

The organization strives to offer advanced security solutions for businesses and individuals, safeguarding valuable data. The Global Security Council, under the leadership of a team of experienced cybersecurity experts, provides services such as malware removal, network security, and data encryption. 

A group of young interns has been recruited and guided for the design of a groundbreaking vault. They are actively seeking investors and funds, considering an approach to RBI for support in realizing the innovative vault project focused on enhancing data and financial security.

During tough times, RadhaKrishna Murthy received crucial support from Naresh Lingala, Lakshman, and Kurian of The Ecopreneur & The Creamy Millet team. These team members not only stood by but also served as part-time mentors in the startup industry, providing invaluable guidance. 


In conversation with Startup Pedia, RadhaKrishna Murthy highlights the importance of cybersecurity and says "We should take cybersecurity seriously, we must be the shield that protects not just data but the individuals and businesses behind it. Let our actions resonate louder than the threats, and let our commitment be the force that dismantles the vices of cyber threats."

With a vision to create a secure vault for private data, the founder has already made a significant impact. The Global Security Council has assisted over 50 women in the state facing issues with morphed images and over 20+ individuals dealing with loan harassment cases.

Offering a comprehensive array of computer security services, including malware removal, network security, and data encryption, their solutions are meticulously tailored to address the unique needs of each client.