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The name ‘bewakoof‘ does seem a small amount strange, don’t you think? Yes, it’s one of the foremost striking aspects of this shopping site. In Hindi, bewakoof means ‘stupid‘ and it’s wont to confer with anyone who does something strange. The founders of bewakoof believe that it’s usually such those that can make a change during this world. they need the heart to try to do the correct thing without caring about what society cares about them. The younger generation of India lives by this same idea, and so bewakoof becomes relatable to you and to me.

Team – Bewakoof

And thus, Prabhkiran Singh is that the Director and Co-founder of – Bewakoof Brands Pvt Ltd, a number one online fashion brand that has carved a distinct segment for itself in only 6 years. He has been actively involved in growing the business since its inception. Under his efficient leadership, has grown by leaps and bounds. He founded in 2012 together with Siddharth Munot. It was in 2010 when Prabhkiran Singh & Siddharth Munot was looking for some name for his or her business & stumble upon the concept of taking to start out with because the month of April was near to start and April Fool’s day was near around. Also, they wanted to make something humorously, witty, and crowd-pleasing by the youth, in order that they thought would be perfectly good, to begin with.

Founder – Prabhkiran Singh

Online shopping sites have prospered with enormous recognition within the last decade. it’s undoubtedly the convenience and ease that draws countless people to use them. Be it clothes, accessories, healthcare, appliances, or groceries; online shopping sites allow you to buy them from the comfort of your own residence. You are doing not must worry about the group and noise at malls, you’ll leaf through many products within minutes, and most of them have some fantastic offers. could be a vibrant apparel brand that caters to contemporary India. The brand has been a merchandise partner for popular entities like Disney, Marvel, DC, Archie, Garfield, SpongeBob, and movie merchandising with YRF, Red Chillies, Eros, etc.

Logo – Bewakoof

Where most Indian e-commerce companies, including the large names, can’t put a finger on their profitability timelines, claims to possess to start the trend and says it’s quadrupling its sales every year. claims to be a profitable e-commerce site, eyeing a turnover of over Rs 10 crore within the current fiscal. According to official sources of the site, it involves doing transactions worth Rs 1.5 crore per month, with t-shirts being their highest selling product. Their ‘Ghanta’ collection of t-shirts for school students with messages like ‘Ghanta Engineering/Ghanta MBA’ etc are their best selling products. A sizeable chunk of its customer base comprises scholars and youth within the age bracket of 16-34 years.

Well, what ends up in its drastic growth? What made this unique venture stand out Among others? The solution is its extremely mesmerizing marketing and promotional approach. The corporate used two major platforms Justdial & Facebook to market & promote their products initially. The effect was clearly seen & in but some months, their Facebook page got engagement of over 75 thousand users. Apart from the social media handlers, the corporate also created some extensive college campaigns where students are presupposed to spread Beewakoofy around the college campus and free Tees provides them from the corporate. Currently, they’ve quite 2.5 million monthly hits on the website, and Shipping started over 90 countries.

A couple of months back, also started selling via WhatsApp, and now they claim to be making 15% of their total sales through the moment messenger. Customers must mention the merchandise name, their name, and address and send a WhatsApp message to 7666655001, the official number for the service. Over 40.1 lacs people are engaged to them as Facebook fans and Over 8700 active followers on Twitter.

Bewakoof has won the hearts of India’s younger population: a cohort between 15 and 35 years. Their fun and quirky approach have attracted young minds, and that they have a rapidly swelling popularity in our country. it’s their distinctive and unique products that help them maintain the loyalty of the shoppers. How often we came up with some idea of doing something or to establish an example in society? But we usually don’t take it seriously. and people who understand their passion and begin performing on their dreams at the proper time, usually achieve success, and this independent venture proofs this notion.