Meet this woman entrepreneur who made it big with her startup in her first two years and now clocks a revenue of 50 lacs

Varsha Arora, founder of Brand Butter

For any relationship to succeed, constant and real communication is obligatory! And as the era has become far more digitised than it would have ever been, this sentence could not make any more sense. Today is such a time where having a mere online presence does not matter, businesses need to stand out from the already crowded media to get noticed, and the only possible way to do so is by Digital Marketing.

So what is Digital Marketing? And how can it help businesses create an online presence and also generate revenue?

Let us understand this better along with the journey of our today’s superwoman – Varsha Arora, founder of the Brand Butter, who started with her Digital Marketing firm against all odds and is striving hard daily to keep glowing and growing in her life.

Marketing as the name suggests is promoting and selling products in the best way possible to the potential customers by proper research and planning; Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is also similar to this, the only flex is that it utilizes online based digital technologies, to connect with the potential customers.

Varsha shares that “Digital Marketing is a much more complex process than just running Ads on Google or Facebook or just posting pictures on Instagram; that gets you nowhere and you end up losing efforts, time and money.”

“It is more about creating and presenting value in the form of content that reaches to the potential users through proper research and strategies. Because in order to get people’s attention which is highly carved up, you need to be unique and add value to their lives, they will only follow you, if they feel valued and that if you have something unique to offer to them.”

Sounds like a struggle for you? Brand Butter has got you covered.

Varsha shared in an interview with Startup Pedia that, “she wanted to simplify the complex process of Online Marketing, and make it easily digestible, and actually doable for all the business owners out there.” 

Let’s know how she was able to do this.

Varsha founded Brand Butter in 2019, with a goal to provide astonishing outputs to their clients through their strategically creative way of approach and commitment.

Brand Butter focuses on building a better relationship between the clients’ and their target audience, by providing a range of services like Graphic Designing, Copywriting, Ad Placement, Web Development, SEO, everything under the umbrella of Digital Marketing.

For any venture or an idea to turn out to be a success proper Planning plays a crucial role, the experts at Brand Butter put their experience and resources in planning the strategies that result in smooth execution of the desired task.

Varsha and team are highly experienced and because of their result driven attitude, Brand Butter gained quite popularity for creating integrated communication strategies that yields results on the targeted platforms for their clients and this is the one reason they are growing rapidly.

Brand Butter’s people’s view on their culture, “Our planning leads the way!”

Brand Butter excels in creating integrated marketing communication strategies that get results on the targeted platforms. They are known to create value for their clients and their customers through their promotional activities resulting in making their brand a huge success.

Varsha, founder of Brand Butter believes that, “As much as advertising can be a creative pursuit, it’s a relationship business too. Creating meaning out of information has always been the core of what we do. Creating and telling stories, creating and nurturing connections, etc. Agencies have always been part of the media revolution, both creatively and by helping carve out profitable business models.”

Brand Butter is a result driven creative marketing agency based in Jaipur, which serves sectors like Hospitality, F&B, Real Estate, QSR, Apparel brands, etc. 

Meet the founder:

Varsha Arora is a postgraduate and has completed her Masters in Computer Application, while her forte was technical, she always was keen on working in the marketing and advertising sector. 

Varsha Arora, founder of Brand Butter

And in 2019, she realised how the Digital Marketing industry was going to be a boom in the nearing future; she was really fascinated with the huge impact that Social Media Marketing would have in the long run for the businesses. 

She decided to launch her own startup as she could not wait to start with her own venture after working with the corporate sector; and finally in 2019 she started her Digital marketing firm – Brand Butter.

With her sheer hard work and determination she was able to reach out to 200+ clients and work with some huge names with her startup.

Within a short span of just two years, Brand Butter was able to Brand Butter clocks a revenue of 50 Lacs annually. Truly Amazing!

As the Digital Marketing Industry is sky- rocketing, Varsha eyes the following sectors like Luxury Hotel Chains, Pharma Ventures, Airlines and Luxury Boutiques to expand her business in the next five years.

A piece of advice, Varsha shares for all the women out there:- “If you are someone with a burning desire to do something, then you should not wait for anything in the world that stops you! Just go, get your dream fulfilled.”

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