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Meet this Techpreneur who is looking forward to helping startups and founders in the Indian startup ecosystem. He founded a startup in Germany, got a successful exit and has now set up a firm to invest in Indian startups.

By Asif Alam
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Meet this Techpreneur who is looking forward to helping startups and founders in the Indian startup ecosystem. He founded a startup in Germany, got a successful exit and has now set up a firm to invest in Indian startups.


Suprith Reddy hails from Bangalore where his father teaches in an engineering college. From the initial days, Suprith had a sheer interest in coding. He went on to study engineering at Visves-varaya Technical University. He also happened to work around a 3D printing project during his university days. He was fortunate enough to land a job at Infosys as a System Engineer. His stint at Infosys revolved around creating prototypes. However, he always had the zeal to start his own company.


Suprith had been working with Infosys for over 24 months and was the youngest in the R&D unit. His professional path seemed to be appropriate and sorted from an outsiders point of view. However, the zeal of experiencing the entrepreneurial journey was like a rising fire in his belly. A difficult decision at inception but a much-needed one that would change his life forever was about to knock on his door. He eventually quit Infosys, packed his bag and decided to go on a voyage to pursue his masters in Germany. Also, in 2015 the Indian startup ecosystem was on the cusp of maturity and thus, the funding scene was not vibrant. Suprith had distinct business ideas and realised that India was not the appropriate market then.


Germany might seem like an easy country to survive in and of course, it is if you are German. But, coming to Germany from a foreign land with dreams in your eyes and aspiration in your head it becomes exhausting at times. However, Suprith was fortunate enough to crack a part-time job at Google but had turned down the same to work as a software architect in a startup. He assisted the startup in building apps and incremented their revenue stream to a staggering million + dollars. This shows that as an entrepreneur what motivated Suprith was not money but rather, the rationale to solve real-world problems.


It is said that entrepreneurship is not a one-time thing but, a lifestyle that one must inculcate. The true nature of an entrepreneur is defined by the internal persuasion to spot and seek opportunities. While working as a startup software architect he readily attended varied pitching sessions and comprehended an opportunity about a VC who was looking forward to investing in startups. He went on to connect with the VC and further positively synergised. The turning point came when Suprith was introduced to another entrepreneur by the VC. Both of them understood a peculiar problem statement and decided to become co-founders. It is rare in life when you meet like-minded people and decide to build something together. The stakes are high but the chance is definitely worth it. They went to build OPHIGO.


With the help of the VC and now a like-minded co-founder, OPHIGO was born. They built the product in Frankfurt Germany. In its essence, OPHIGO helps an individual find an office space that would suit the requirements of the individual by providing them access to Floor-3D plans and exposés to touch base with a personal consultant. Their service relies on innovative technology to make office search transparent and easy. For this purpose, they combine their innovative real estate platform with personal service and thus, provides an individual with a permanent contact person who will take care of everything from the beginning of the search to the move into the new office. With OPHIGO Suprith and his cofounder raised millions in funding and scaled the venture rapidly.


In August 2021 OPHIGO got acquired by Aareon Group. OPHIGO is in the midst of the merging phase with the acquirer. This instigated a sense of confidence in Suprith and established him as a successful entrepreneur in the startup ecosystem. Suprith can now choose to steer the boat in any direction but, as he has seen the hardships of the entrepreneurial journey he wants to help founders and other startups. He will now be working as a Director of Technology in Ampolon Ventures (A CVC of Aareon group) in Germany for the immediate future and on the side, he has set up a firm to partner and Angel Invest into exciting startups and help them create and scale new intriguing businesses. Suprith is the most appropriate example of a TechPreneur who has a rich bag of experience that he is willing to share.


The definition of an entrepreneur is synonymous with the zeal to building solutions that would create an impact in the world that we live in. Apart from Angel investing, Suprith is also validating new ideas for his next startup. His current product validations include identity & data management using blockchain, peer to peer education app and an autonomous EV for delivery.

If you want to connect with Suprith and seek out investment opportunities you can reach out to him by writing an email with your respective pitch deck and details to [email protected]