Meet this entrepreneur who quit his IT job at Amazon to build a startup around hotels and villas – achieved Rs 4 Crore revenue in just 2 years.

Founded by Ramprakash Sendilnathan in 2020, SR Groups Stays is a Chennai-based startup operating in the hotel and hospitality industry. 

With an impressive array of properties strategically scattered all over Tamil Nadu, SR Groups Stays has quickly risen to prominence, leaving an indelible mark on the state’s tourism landscape. 

From Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship

Ramprakash’s journey began like that of many others – pursuing higher education and seeking a stable career in a renowned organization. 

After completing his B.Tech at SRM, he found himself working at Amazon, a leading global e-commerce giant. 

However, life took an unexpected turn when he faced a setback and was let go from his job. 

Instead of viewing this as a failure, Ramprakash saw it as a serendipitous moment to explore his true passions.

The Entrepreneurial Beginning 

Entrepreneurship had always interested  Ramprakash Sendilnathan. He realized that he yearned for something beyond the confines of a regular nine-to-five job. 

The allure of creating something of his own, something unique and impactful, fueled his desire to venture into the world of startups. 

It was at this juncture that the idea of SR Groups Stays began to take shape in his mind.

SR Groups Stays

In 2020, Ramprakash Sendilnathan brought his vision to life and founded SR Groups Stays. The startup made its debut in the hotel and hospitality industry, focusing primarily on homestays. 

The premise was simple yet innovative – Ramprakash started by renting out his own property as a vacation home. As the concept gained traction, he expanded his horizons by collaborating with other property owners.

Today, Ramprakash has six of his own properties that function as home and vacation stays. In addition to that, there are other properties that are booked for commercial purposes.

All property owners listed with SR Groups Stays enjoy a steady rental income on a daily basis. Since the startup’s inception, Ramprakash and his team have laid laser focus on delivering a great customer experience.

From the moment customers inquire about properties for homestays or commercial purposes, they are met with a team of dedicated professionals who prioritize their needs and preferences. 

The staff at SR Groups Stays goes above and beyond to understand each customer’s unique requirements, offering personalized guidance throughout the entire process. 

Whether it’s finding the perfect property, assisting with legal and documentation matters, or providing other support, they are committed to ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for every client. 

With their proactive communication, transparent dealings, and prompt responsiveness, SR Groups Stays has built lasting relationships with its customers, making them one of the first choices for anyone seeking a trustworthy and customer-centric property provider.

Cleanliness, aesthetics, housekeeping, and other relevant aspects of a vacation house are also prioritized from the beginning to the end.

Impeccable Growth

Driven by Ramprakash’s unwavering dedication, SR Groups Stays has witnessed rapid growth within a short span. The startup, completely bootstrapped, now boasts a team of 30 skilled and committed employees. 

With 14 properties spread across six different locations in Tamil Nadu, SR Groups Stays has firmly established its presence in the region. In FY22, the startup achieved remarkable revenue of 1.7 Crores, with a monthly income ranging between Rupees 13 to 14 lakhs. Since its inception in 2020, SR Groups Stays has achieved a combined revenue of Rupees 4 crore.

What lies ahead

Looking ahead, Ramprakash’s vision for SR Groups Stays is nothing short of ambitious.

He aspires to create a recognizable brand that attracts not only domestic travellers but also foreign tourists to India. In the next few years, the self-made entrepreneur wants to geographically expand SR Groups Stays. 

Drawing inspiration from global tourist hotspots like Dubai and the Maldives, Ramprakash envisions India becoming an equally alluring destination for travellers. Central to this vision is the emphasis on aesthetic properties and personalized experiences, ensuring that each guest enjoys a memorable stay.