Launched by Flipkart ex-delivery boys, LoadRunnr – a Bengaluru-based venture safely delivers every need, from banana to couch. Has successfully made numerous deliveries in the past 1 month of launch.

The delivery industry has made life fairly easier for consumers and has given them ease and comfort, but the industry as a whole still faces some hindrances and loopholes. 

Among other things, one huge loop is the ability of a company to move huge and small goods collectively. It is a niche not undertaken by any firm in the market, thus making it a constant loop in the delivery market. 

But recently conceptualised LoadRunnr, a Bengaluru-based delivery app, aims to close this gap. 

LoadRunnr was ideated and founded by Vinay Kumar and Raghunandhan. Both started out as truck delivery boys for Flipkart Large for almost 2 years and thus hold on-ground expertise in the delivery and logistics space.  

Raghunandhan is a diploma holder. On the other hand, an engineering dropout, Vinay found an opportunity as an Operations Associate at Lalamove, an on-demand truck booking platform that had to shut down owing to the government ban on Chinese apps. 

Meanwhile, Raghunanadhan had also left his job and was seeking an opportunity that Vinay provided. He proposed the idea of amending the gaps in the delivery system and launching their own app. 

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Founder of LoadRunnr, Vinay Kumar says, “We both started with the delivery background, and we saw so many loopholes that were simply overlooked and never worked upon. The ability of a company to move large goods was simply missing from the market. It was a niche within a niche. And we found it to be a perfect idea to start with based on our own expertise and experience. The delivery industry has indeed made consumer life easy, and with our niche in place, we wanted o bring all forms of delivery under one umbrella for the consumer.”

LoadRunnr was then bootstrapped with a fund of Rs 5 lakhs from family and friends. The app development was outsourced but did not work out well. Simultaneously, LoadRunnr also applied for a flagship program called Idea2POC to raise substantial funds. 

It took four months of development, and the LoadRunnr website and app were live on PlayStore to be downloaded by the public. 

Explaining the hurdles that they faced, Vinay Kumar tells Startup Pedia, “So we did not have a bey heavy technical background, and thus it was difficult for us to hire a team that would be tech-savvy, which was also the reason why our app went live after a lot of trial and errors. We had to take the help of some friends to hire the right people that would make our app the way we visualised it. It was months long hassle, but finally, we got to it. We also learned that hiring the right people is very important for a startup and it makes or breaks your functioning.”

LoadRunnr is the only app in the market that helps in the delivery of each and every item – from bananas to couches. They have a vehicle for each demand of the consumer at different rates. 

Bengaluru-based LoadRunnr is –

  • Safe 
  • Fast & Reliant 
  • Cost-effective 

As of today, LoadRunnr is a team of dedicated 9 members and has done more than 100 deliveries in the past 1 month.

One can download their app on Play Store & Apple Store. As of today, LoadRunnr is functioning in Namma Bengaluru & Namma Mysuru. To know more about the venture, one can visit their website.