Kyt – vision, and innovation

founder-of-kyt- Bhavik Rathod and Tripti Ahuja

For decades, the Indian education system has largely remained unchanged—teachers have kept the wheels turning using the identical age-old tools until the dawn of education-technology-based start-ups. With an array of innovations happening in every sector, education has not remained untouched; rather, it’s evolving holistically. Today learning has expanded beyond the four walls of a classroom or the standard teacher lecturing and students taking notes method. Globally, the interest in edtech-based apps and websites, particularly e-learning, is on an increase. Nowadays, both students and teachers know the necessity for advanced learning solutions.

But while parents are busy selecting the simplest substitute to classroom teaching and edtech platforms compete to hit maximum valuation, we tend to forget a very important aspect of education: extracurricular activities.

Presence of Kyt

This is where Bengaluru and Singapore-based Kyt comes in. Founded by former Uber chief Bhavik Rathod, Kyt could be a global academy for extracurricular activities. Kyt, a worldwide online platform for extracurriculars was founded on October 5, 2020. Consistent with an official statement, it announced that it’s raised $2.5 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge. The capital is going to be employed in the expansion of the variability of courses made available by including chess, musical instruments, address skills, etc. The learning platform is one in all the 17 start-ups which are a component of the fourth cohort of Surge which may be a bi-annual rapid scale-up program go past Sequoia Capital India for start-ups across Indian and South Asian regions.

Founders – Bhavik Rathod and Tripti Ahuja

Expanding learning

Presently, the platform claims to possess quite 20 teachers on board with courses spanning up to 12 weeks which are designed to fulfill requirements in specific areas of information, outside the standard curriculums like yoga, language, reading, and dance. The investment is going to be employed in the expansion of its staff to 500 over the following 12 months and for exploring its first online global academy for extracurricular learning. EdTech has extended its plans to feature more variety to the available courses by including chess, musical instruments, address, creative writing, content creating skills, and so on.

Kyt – Mission

The idea of Kyt came to Bhavik’s mind as he wanted to try to do something for his toddler daughter. So he together with his wife decided to figure for this startup.

After chatting with several parents and doing quite a research, he realized that there’s a way larger must provide high-quality courses that specialize in the holistic and all-round development of the kid, beyond just academics. With a powerful team of curriculum designers, pedagogy experts, and education consultants, Bhavik launched into this vision to make an online-first, global academy for extracurricular learning for teenagers. Bengaluru and Singapore-based ed-tech startup Kyt aims to switch traditional offline extracurricular schools by offering private and group classes for youngsters

Logo – Kyt

Differential way of learning

Bhavik was an alumnus of Gies College of Business and joined Uber as a Founding Leader and top dog for India in 2013. On the opposite hand, Tripti is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. Founded by husband-wife duo Bhavik Rathod and Tripti Ahuja in June 2020, the platform has its head offices in India and Singapore. Kyt efficiently uses technology as a medium to produce live online sessions for children aged between 5-15years. It mainly offers two learning approaches namely, Kyt Academy, which provides specific courses for skill expansion, and Kyt Workshops, which are one-time sessions focussing on exploration instead of education. All courses are available to both private parties and little groups. Currently around one thousand students have taken a course or attended the workshops with the platform.

Extra curriculum – at the doorstep

Until now, options for music or dance training were limited to neighborhood classes. Kyt breaks these geographical barriers. The edtech startup allows students from every corner of the planet to attend sessions from teachers and instructors sitting in another part of the world. Strangely, courses in yoga, Indian old-style vocals, and western vocals appear to be mainstream among Indian kids. Kyt features a group of expert instructors and academic program architects who work with these VIP educational plan accomplices to form the course. To ensure the standard of content posted on its platform, Kyt has partnered with educators and artists from across the world. this enables parents the choice to pick the most effective possible teachers and invest in their children, by supporting and nurturing their budding interests.

The COVID-19 crisis has given all the favorable conditions for this kind of startup because everybody wants his or her children’s uninterrupted study with no COVID-19 infection and this could only be possible with the assistance of edtech startups. It’s not yet been one month since the launching of Kyt but it’s earning well. Kyt earns its revenue through the sales of courses minus instructors’ fees and other payments. The startup soon plans to introduce monthly subscriptions for courses available on its platform. As COVID-19 pandemic has given a bounce to online education.