This 26YO Consultant Helped Major Brands Generate ₹20 Cr in 11 Months through Ad-Free Product Marketing!

Kunal Jain

Product management plays a crucial role in connecting market demands with innovative solutions. Kunal Jain, a boy from a tier 3 town, took this simple idea and has become the epitome of a natural product manager and entrepreneur.

While working as an employee in Bangalore, Jain’s quick thinking helped him identify a market void. He now offers ad-free, organic and cost-effective product marketing to brands struggling with user engagement in the digital space.

Startup Pedia had the privilege of hearing his inspiring life story as he gracefully came forward to discuss it.

Humble Beginning

Hailing from Udaipur, Kunal Jain comes from a humble background. After graduating as an engineer, he gradually shifted to the field of marketing and branding after discovering his true calling. He hasn’t looked back since. 

“I’m from Udaipur…it’s a tier 3 city you know…and I did a job there for 5 years” Jain said. Jain revealed.

Kunal distinguished himself by working in different industries to learn the craft holistically.

He first worked as a Senior SEO Executive for Woodenstreet, a furniture brand. A year later, he started working as the search lead for Beyoung, a fashion brand.

Eureka moment

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, The 26YO started working as a Product consultant. After a couple of years, he decided to switch industries and took an opportunity to work in real estate, completing a unique feat of gaining experience in three different industries. He got hired by as their Organic Product Manager and relocated to the sprawling metropolis of Bangalore.

“I went to Bangalore and worked for 2-3 years at Nobroker, and then I realized my potential in the D2C industry” Jain revealed.

Product consulting

As a Product consultant, he now provides expert advice to e-commerce brands in the ethnic, FMCG, cosmetics, eyewear, and lifestyle industries. Astonishingly enough, he started with Rs 5000 earnings in 3 long months. 

“I started this venture in 2020, and Rs 5000 was the first revenue I charged for 3 months” Jain disclosed to Startup Pedia.

A natural entrepreneur, Jain was aware of the monetary loss caused by the usual ineffective advertising practices. He quickly realised the need for affordable and effective marketing through ad-free campaigns over SERP. 

Jain now advises 10+ small, medium, and large enterprises on improving social media presence, engagement, and revenue in the most organic possible way. Precisely, he’s helping brands sort themselves internally, improving their infrastructure, and providing organic marketing for optimal growth and scaling.

“Just 11 months ago I started consulting brands. Till now, I’ve consulted 10-15 e-commerce brands across categories like ethnic wear, furniture, baby products, FMCG, real estate, cosmetics, eyewear, and lifestyle…and they have been able to generate a revenue of ₹20 Cr of the organic kind” Jain added.

Mission & Vision

Talking about his mission, he revealed that he wants to on-board at least 100 companies operating in the D2C field, thereby, achieving the dream of building an e-commerce consultancy legacy. 

“I’m building a D2C legacy…I’m building something for the commerce industry basically” Jain said.

Unlike other businesses, Jain admits that he doesn’t have competitors. However, he recognises himself as his adversary.  

Kunal Jain’s inspiring story of passion, perseverance, and resilience reminds us of Elon Musk’s famous quote, “If you need inspiration, don’t become an entrepreneur.”