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With a very unique business model, This Jaipur duo started an agri-tech that generated Rs 55 Cr revenue in FY23 and have leased 9,000 acres of land.

Founded in 2016 and formally registered in 2020, Zetta Farms is a cutting-edge agri-tech startup based in Jaipur, India. 

By Naina Yadav
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With a very unique business model, This Jaipur duo started an agri-tech that generated Rs 55 Cr revenue in FY23 and have leased 9,000 acres of land.

Founded in 2016 and formally registered in 2020, Zetta Farms is a cutting-edge agri-tech startup based in Jaipur, India. 

The brainchild of cousins Rituraj Sharma and Krishnna Joshi, this visionary venture has made remarkable strides in the agricultural sector, even though both founders had no prior experience in farming.

The Founders' Journey

Before starting Zetta Farms, Rituraj Sharma worked at a solar business and then a hyperlocal startup. There were numerous challenges associated with both of them.

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Despite these hurdles, his dedication and perseverance led him to mentor the Rajasthan government through the iStart Rajasthan initiative.

While Krishnna Joshi has completed his B.Com and MBA, Rituraj too has an MBA in Finance from IMT, Nagpur.


A National Award-Winning Start

Rituraj and Krishnna's initial success came in the form of a national-level award for growing strawberries in Rajasthan. 

Recognizing the promising prospects of strawberry cultivation, the duo embarked on their third startup, Zetta Farms. 

Realizing the profitable potential, they shifted their focus towards scaling and diversifying their agriculture business.

The Zetta Farms Model

Zetta Farms stands out for its process-oriented and tech-driven approach to agriculture. 

Operating across multiple states in India, the company currently manages 9,000 acres of land, aiming to expand its footprints to an impressive 25,000 acres by the end of the year. 

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At Zetta Farms, fruits and vegetables are cultivated using a meticulous and sustainable approach, setting a new benchmark for agricultural excellence. 

Throughout the entire farming journey, every step is carefully monitored and guided by a team of seasoned agriculture experts and skilled farmers. 

This hands-on expertise, combined with the latest technological advancements, elevates the quality of the produce to unparalleled levels, guaranteeing a bountiful yield that surpasses what can be achieved under the care of amateur farmers without access to specialized knowledge and guidance.

Right from the inception of a crop's growth cycle, Zetta Farms employs cutting-edge agricultural practices that prioritize environmental conservation and resource efficiency.

Additionally, crop plantation diversification ensures that adverse weather conditions affecting one crop in a particular region are compensated by other crops in different areas.

The farm produce is sold via a B2B network and channel.

A Beneficial Ecosystem

The success of Zetta Farms can be attributed to their unique business model. 

The startup acquires lands on rent, offering opportunities for employment and a steady income to farmers. 

Through a well-structured profit-sharing system, landowners receive their fair share, while farmers receive a fixed monthly income and additional earnings when the venture turns a profit. 

This mutually beneficial ecosystem allows landowners who live in cities to lease their lands, contributing to the massive land area cultivated by Zetta Farms.

Zetta Rozgaar Yojna

Under the latest initiative by Zetta Farms; “ZETTA ROZGAAR YOJNA” will be offering employment opportunities where each farmer will be deployed on a 2 acres land.

This makes Zetta Farms the only private company to provide pension funds to its farmer employees. 

Besides this, education to the farmers’ children and pilgrimage (Tirath Yatra) to their elderly parents will also be offered.

Revenue Growth and Success

With its eyes set on a sustainable future, Zetta Farms has been bootstrapped since its inception. 

Its revenue growth has been impressive. It recorded Rupees 22 crore in FY22 and reached Rupees 55 crore in FY23.

This year, they project a staggering Rupees 400 crore in revenue, leveraging 25,000 acres of farmland by the end of December.

Looking ahead

Having achieved substantial growth and success in the Indian market, Zetta Farms has set its sights on exploring international opportunities. 

The founders are contemplating projects in Nigeria, aiming to replicate their sustainable and profitable agri-tech model on foreign soil. This visionary move aligns with their ambition to expand their agricultural footprint to cover 25,000 acres by the end of the year.

Zetta Farms' inspiring journey from a national award-winning strawberry grower to a process-oriented and tech-driven agri-tech startup serves as a testament to the power of innovation and determination. 


1. What is Zetta Farms?

Zetta Farms is a cutting-edge agri-tech startup based in Jaipur, India, founded in 2016 and officially registered in 2020. It specializes in innovative agricultural practices and technologies aimed at enhancing crop yields and sustainability.

2. Who are the founders of Zetta Farms?

Zetta Farms was founded by cousins Rituraj Sharma and Krishnna Joshi. Despite having no prior farming experience, their vision and determination drove the success of this agricultural venture.

3. What is Zetta Farms' business model?

Zetta Farms acquires land on rent, offering employment opportunities and a steady income to farmers. Through a structured profit-sharing system, both landowners and farmers receive fair compensation, contributing to a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

4. Does Zetta Farms provide unique benefits to its employees?

Zetta Farms' "ZETTA ROZGAAR YOJNA" initiative offers employment to farmers, providing each farmer with 2 acres of land. Moreover, it's the only private company offering pension funds to its farmer employees and supports education for their children and pilgrimage for their elderly parents.

5. What has been the revenue growth of Zetta Farms over the years?

Zetta Farms' revenue has seen impressive growth, recording Rupees 22 crore in FY22 and reaching Rupees 55 crore in FY23. The projected revenue for the upcoming year is a staggering Rupees 400 crore.