Indian origin setting the trend, launched Veganologie, which creates Bags and accessories From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Angana Maheshwari, a Kolkata born, launched Veganologie, a fashion accessories brand which produces crossbody bags, wallets, and cardholders with vegan and sustainable materials.

She completed most of her academics outside India; she did a bachelor’s course from New York University,  followed by a master’s degree in media and communication from the London School of Economics.

Despite the severe, harsh effects of COVID-19, there have also been some positive side effects. It gave many of us the much-needed time for introspection, reevaluating priorities, and following passions. 

The pandemic allowed the 27-year-old to pursue her entrepreneurial goals in sustainable fashion practices.

Angana moved to Dubai in 2019 in pursuit of a carrier in media communications, where she felt the need for an everyday carry bag whose product material should be recyclable and not adversely impact the earth. 

Either the market has products with sky-high prices, or the cheaper ones do not comply with the quality. In 2021, she launched her venture to match the needs and requirements to fill this gap.

According to various news and media reports, the global fashion business generates nearly 10% of the world’s waste and carbon emissions. 

And fast fashion comprising the latest designs, accessories, bags and clothing, is causing significant harm to the planet earth.

The $3 trillion fashion sector, which accounts for 2% of the global GDP, is the second-most polluting industry after oil. However, the industry is growing and prospering, especially in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) region.

A McKinsey analysis claims that the region earns an astounding $50 billion in annual apparel sales.

 She started her business by distributing Veganologie items via the company’s direct-to-consumer website using only recycled, vegan materials.

Veganologie has certifications from PETA and the Global Recycled Standards (GRS), reaffirming its goal of developing into a genuinely cruelty-free and sustainable brand.

Whether vegan leather or faux suede linings, the bags are made entirely of recycled materials. 

The startup notes that cardholders are created from two plastic bottles, while wallets are from four. Crossbody bags uses 11 plastic bottles. Each of its dust bags, constructed from ten recycled plastic bottles, is environmentally friendly. Additionally, the entire brand’s packaging is 100 per cent recyclable.

Sara Basar joined Angana as the executive director and designer at Veganologie. Before joining Angana, Sara Basar worked for the expensive Dubai fashion business Rami Al Ali. To create and design the product, website, marketing, and everything else, Sara and Angana collaborated.

Veganologie competes with companies like Stella McCartney, Yooxygen, Reformation, etc., in the Gulf, which is its primary market.

Veganologie works with a local business for delivery within Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For international courier services in nations including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman, Veganologie has partnered with DHL.

The company Veganologie intends to introduce new goods produced from many other types of vegan leather, including cactus, apple, and mushroom leather. Soon, it also aims to launch products for both genders.