How this LLB Graduate used his setback and an initial investment of 25k INR to generate revenue of 72k US dollars by helping people follow their passion

Born in a middle-class family, Prajyot Poll always was looking for the stars. Though lack of financial literacy and poor family background did not help much in complimenting his vision for a better future, he eventually got an LLB degree.

Little did he know that in order to get work, he needed real world experience and that is when, he realised that he needed a job. One fine day of his job searching days, he discovered a freelancing job on some freelancing website which he was really interested in, but the requirement said that the job was only for agencies.

Prajyot, after seeing that opportunity could not resist, as he was confident that he would be the right fit for the job and he immediately created an agency profile, with some photo-shopped logo, and a creative tagline. However, as fate decides; despite all his efforts, he was not shortlisted for the job.

“I was left with a huge disappointment, an agency profile with a logo and my passion to help people! It was the time I decided to take things in my control and to start over, and that is how Absolute Outsourcing was born.”Prajyot Poll, in an interview with Startup Pedia.

Logo – Absolute Outsourcing

Absolute Outsourcing, as the name suggests is a company created with the mission to help people find and connect with the best freelancers across the world.

“With an experience of 8+ years in the field with a team which includes expert freelancers, Absolute Outsourcing delivers both efficient and effective quality service.” Says their Upwork profile.

The idea for Absolute Outsourcing was born in 2012 when Prajyot found himself struggling to find assistance on some of his projects, later he realized that hiring a professional for a single project would not be a feasible solution. And also, it was a one-time gig; so investing a hefty amount of money paying the fulltime salary did not sound like a deal to him.

Prajyot Poll – Founder of Absolute Outsourcing

It was the time, he felt the growing need for quality freelancersand discovered that he need not to always hire experts for his projects and lose money and time on hiring, training and retaining those professionals; eventually he started Absolute Outsourcing where he can help businesses reach out to professional freelancers and get quality work done.

“Since, we follow the ideology to add value to the projects. We have come up with an innovative cost approach, wherein we do Budget Search for our clients; so we are able to provide them with unique pricing options. As we do not wish to be in the position to quote higher prices for our services, and hence we work with the client’s budget only to provide them with the ideal work.” Explains Prajyot Poll.

Apart from being a visionary, Prajyot is also an inspiring motivational speaker. In an interview with Startup Pedia, Prajyot shared that whenever he got a chance to interact with youngsters who had dreams and hopes but they lacked clarity and purpose, he would always want to help them, Prajyot would counsel them into following their true calling for life and show them the ways they could monetize their passion. And that was how he started with his journey of changing lives by his thought provoking philosophies.

With a presence over more than 5+ countries like the USA, UK, Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan; Prajyot Poll’s start-up Absolute Outsourcing is all set to expand by creating enormous opportunities for both businesses and freelancers to fill the gap of necessary skills and experience.

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