How these three cousin brothers from manufacturing stainless steel sheets background built a Rs 17 Crore D2C startup

The importance of leading a healthy lifestyle cannot be emphasized enough. People are becoming more aware of the negative impact that chemicals and toxins can have on their well-being and are looking for alternatives that are natural, organic and sustainable. This is where The Nature’s Palette (TNP) comes in.

What is ‘The Nature’s Palette’?

The Nature’s Palette is a platform that aims to bring natural, organic and sustainable everyday products to the doorstep of its customers. Founded in August 2020, it has already served more than 7,500 customers in Gujarat, processed 24,000 orders and has a retention rate of 45%.

The mission of The Nature’s Palette is to make quality organic, natural and sustainable products accessible to all and to promote a healthy lifestyle. The platform aims to be a top retail and wholesale business for quality organic, natural and sustainable consumer products.

The Inception

The platform was conceived by three second-generation entrepreneurs, the Jinnoni brothers, who were originally involved in manufacturing stainless steel sheets for more than 30 years. Growing up in a Jain family, the brothers were taught the ways of life in Jainism, which emphasizes non-violence as the highest moral virtue. This philosophy, known as Ahimsa Paramo Dharma, is ingrained in the traditional upbringing of Jain families, and the Jinnoni brothers were no exception. They were pulled towards organic, natural and sustainable products as a reflection of their values, and The Nature’s Palette was born.

The Founders

Nirmeet, Arpit & Kanishk are the three Jinnoni brothers who laid the early foundations of The Nature’s Palette.

Nirmeet, the oldest of the three brothers, brings more than 15 years of business expertise to the TNP team. He holds an MBA from Nirma University with a specialization in the family business. The operations, sales, and supply chain are handled by Nirmeet.

Arpit is a CA by education and holds an MBA from SP Jain Global Management with a specialization in investment banking. He looks after finance, accounting and marketing.

Kanishk is the youngest of all three founders. He holds a B.Tech in IT from NMIMS and MBA from SP Jain Global Management with a specialization in the family business. Kanish handles IT, marketing and innovation.

The Value Proposition

What sets The Nature’s Palette apart from other platforms is its aspect of being a one-stop solution for all organic, natural and sustainable alternatives. Customers don’t need to look any further, as they can find everything they need under one roof. The products are handpicked by The Nature’s Palette team and merchants and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The Nature’s Palette also offers assisted Call/Whatsapp ordering.

The platform promises same-day or next-day delivery in Ahmedabad for all orders, with delivery guaranteed on the same day if the order is placed before the evening. Customers can also subscribe to The Nature’s Palette, which lets them take care of their shopping needs. In terms of variety, The Nature’s Palette offers an extensive range of over 200 products, giving customers the benefit of choice.

The founders hired a full-time nutritionist that ensures the right set of products is curated for the customers. In the next year, they plan to expand their store footprint in Gujarat.

The Now & Future

The projected revenue for FY 23 is Rs 6 Crore. This is an impressive figure that demonstrates the success and growth of the company. The company has ambitious plans to expand its presence by opening three new stores in the near future. This is a strategic move that will enable the company to reach new customers and increase its market share. Additionally, the company’s current valuation of Rs 17 Cr is a testament to its strong performance and potential for future growth. With a solid foundation and a clear vision for the future, this company is poised for continued success.

Overall, The Nature’s Palette is a platform that is committed to providing customers with access to natural, organic and sustainable products that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Its commitment to quality, variety and customer service makes it a top choice for anyone who is looking to live a more natural and sustainable lifestyle.