How these entrepreneurs built a Rs 250 Cr startup in just one year, serving thousands of students get into their dream universities abroad

Founded in 2022 and officially launched in 2023, Tootler AI is a Canadian startup that revolutionizes and simplifies the entire process for aspiring students to get into their dream universities abroad.

The venture was established by three dynamic individuals: Shallin Veer, Samridhi Agarwal Walia, and A Gupta.

While Shallin, a fifth-generation lawyer, specializes in immigration law and study permits, A Gupta is an accomplished AI and full-stack engineer. Samridhi, on the other hand, studied at UCL (University College London) and went to become a consultant in immigration-related matters for the Government of Canada.

An Apparent Gap

Shallin Veer’s experience in immigration and SOPs allowed him to observe a significant gap in the market. 

Although students seeking study permits often hired expensive content writers to draft their SOPs, they frequently encountered rejections. 

The main reason behind these setbacks was the inadequacy of the SOPs submitted. They lacked essential details and failed to effectively showcase to the authorities and immigration officers why the applicants deserved consideration. 

Many applicants relied on uniform, copy-pasted SOPs, leading to issues of plagiarism and a lack of personalization.

Primarily, this happened because the local study agents and content writers that students sought the help of simply weren’t equipped with the knowledge of what the legal officers specifically looked for while accepting or rejecting a study permit. 

Blending AI into SOP Writing

Driven by a passion to address this problem, Shallin Veer decided to leverage the potential of AI technology in the field of SOP writing. 

To achieve this vision, he was joined by Samridhi Agarwal Walia and A Gupta, who brought their expertise and complementary skills to the initiative. 

Together, they laid the foundation for Tootler AI, which was officially launched in 2023. is an innovative, AI-powered solution designed to simplify and enhance the process of writing an SOP for educational consultants, agents, content writers and students alike.

Tootler AI

What sets Tootler apart is the collective expertise and firsthand experience of its founders. 

Having dealt extensively with immigration departments and SOP evaluations, Shallin, Samridhi, and Anubhav possess unparalleled knowledge of what authorities seek in SOPs. 

This combined insight has become the backbone of Tootler’s AI algorithms, enabling the platform to deliver high-quality SOPs tailored to each individual applicant’s unique background and aspirations.

Tootler AI operates on a sophisticated data structure and coding, making it capable of considering each applicant’s personal history, portfolio, language proficiency, and future aspirations while generating their SOP. 

By analyzing a benchmark of both rejected and accepted SOPs, which amounts to thousands of examples, Tootler’s AI understands precisely what makes a successful SOP and what elements to avoid. 

Tootler’s backend engine has been extensively trained by feeding over 10000 plus SOPs on rejections and approvals, making it an expert providing insights into how immigration officers assess these documents for visa decisions.

The result is a genuine, custom-made SOP that significantly reduces the chances of rejection by clearly communicating the purpose, intention, and goals of the student.

Remarkably, no SOP crafted by Tootler AI has been rejected to date.

Tootler’s core team comprises its three visionary founders, along with an efficient consultancy agency that facilitates industry tie-ups. The company also benefits from a talented group of engineers, graphics specialists, and freelance consultants, bringing the total team size to 15 to 20 professionals. 

Global Reach

Initially serving applicants in Canada, the USA, and the UK, Tootler has now expanded its services worldwide.

The platform has formed valuable B2B and B2C tie-ups, forging partnerships that strengthen its global presence in countries like Singapore, Nepal, and Nigeria.

With a B2B monthly subscription fee of $100 and other affordable student plans, Tootler processes over 1500 SOPs daily, establishing itself as a preferred choice for students seeking study permits and visas.

While Tootler’s journey has been bootstrapped, the company is actively seeking funding to fuel its ambitious growth plans.

With its innovative approach and exceptional performance, Tootler AI has garnered widespread interest from potential investors, resulting in an impressive current valuation of 250+ crores. 

What lies ahead

Already in the making, over the next two quarters, Tootler’s end game has just started. 

While continuously expanding its geographic reach, Tootler has a much bigger ed-tech & fin-tech domain coming up.

It is well on its way to becoming the first hybrid in its segment to offer end-to-end solutions to students – from the initial thought of studying abroad to obtaining their study permit and securing citizenship in the country.

By revolutionizing the SOP writing process through AI-powered personalization, Tootler has emerged as a game-changer in the education and immigration sectors worldwide.