Health Financing startup Kenko Health partners with Tata 1 mg to make healthcare more accessible & affordable

Kenko Health and Tata 1mg Join Forces for Accessible Healthcare

Kenko Health, a health financing startup, announced a strategic partnership with Tata 1mg to make healthcare accessible and affordable for people across India, ensuring faster and seamless healthcare delivery services.

Through this partnership, Kenko Health will extend its reach and cater to its customers by offering a range of essential medical products, wellness items, and cutting-edge healthcare devices from Shoho – The Kenko Store, the company added.

Nikhil Behera, Head of Business Operations at Kenko Health, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our partnership with Tata 1mg marks a significant step towards our vision of making healthcare more accessible to all. Both Kenko and Tata 1mg are not just shaping the future of healthcare financing but also fostering a healthier and happier society where essential healthcare products are readily available to everyone.

Benefits and Objectives of the Partnership

Kenko plans to leverage Tata 1mg’s vast supply chain that covers more than 20,000 postal codes. Through this, Kenko will ensure efficient and timely delivery to provide a highly satisfying experience for its customers.

About the collaboration, Ambareesh Mandelia, SVP and Head of Corporate Health & Wellness, Tata 1mg, added, “By leveraging the strengths and USPs of both companies, we aim to enhance healthcare accessibility, affordability, and overall well-being for millions of individuals and families alike. We believe this partnership holds great potential in bringing positive changes in the healthcare space and promoting the idea of a healthier and happier nation, where quality healthcare is a right for all.”

Kenko Health’s Role and Mission in Healthcare Financing

Kenko Health is a health financing startup that provides comprehensive health plans. It is working with industry players to create sustainable financing models for the $250-bn + OPD market, which is untapped, virgin, and completely overlooked by traditional insurance companies. Kenko Health, in February 2023, raised $12 million as a part of its Series A round led by Peak XV Partners (then Sequoia Capital India).

Together, they’re shaping a future where health is for all and wellness is within everyone’s reach.



1.What does Kenko Health do?

Kenko Health revolutionizes healthcare financing by offering low-cost monthly plans covering medical expenses like medicines, doctor fees, tests, mental health, dental care, and more. Their focus on a seamless user experience and processing prepaid benefits daily reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. Guided by the principles of trust and wisdom, Kenko aims to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare financing solutions.

2. Is Kenko Health IRDA approved?

Yes, Kenko Health’s license to conduct business as an insurance company has been approved by the IRDA.

3. Who are the founders of Kenko Health?

Kenko Health was founded by Aniruddha Sen, an ISB alumnus with 12 years of expertise in health insurance distribution and IT, and Dhiraj Goel, an actuarial expert with over 20 years of experience in both life and health.