Gaming Startups beat the Dream of Reality by Bagging the Investments of Years in 9 months

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Being a gaming freak is one thing and earning money out of it is another. I have heard many people saying think before you speak, it may come true. What todays’ word on the street is something, we all have wished at least once, “playing the game makes us earn money” … Haven’t you!?

Now is the era of the gaming industry. During this pandemic, mobile games have searched the popularity to an extent that India’s online gaming industry has recorded an investment that can break the records of years. 

Talking about startups is now in trend but when you talk about gaming startups it is beyond a phase of the trend. “Gaming sector in India has bagged around $1.6 billion in the first nine months of 2021 which is a crossing line for a total investment in the last five years”, as reported in one of the statements of boutique investment bank Maple Capital Advisors. 

To give more perspective they added, “the gaming sector in India has attracted $350 million in investments from VC firms between 2014 and first few months of 2020 which was a compound annual growth rate of 22% till August 2020.”

Being the second populist country, the user traction and global gaming players have started giving a keen interest in the ecosystem of Indian gaming. All this shows the positive image of the gaming companies in India further resulting in the deepening of the market. As for some experts, there are predictions of the investments to double in the next 12 to 18 months. 

Around $700 million was gathered in the first nine months of 2021 from just real money games and fantasy sports which term to be the majority investments of the sector. 

The astonishing part comes when the mammoth of the industry Dream Sports which has funding of $840 million as of announced on November 24th is not even included in the data set.

Top enterprise companies like Accel, Matrix Partners India, and extra have invested tens of millions of {dollars} in companies, together with PlayShifu, Zupee and Winzo. South Korean gaming agency Krafton Inc., which makes standard battle royale video games PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India, additionally invested $22 million in homegrown Nodwin Gaming in March this year.

Pankaj Karna, founder and managing director of Maple Capital Advisors said, “Consumer traction on the back of greater awareness and engagement is likely to accelerate,” 

On looking at the promising returns in the gaming industry, a huge chunk of money is being invested in this fun driven side of the digital era globally, and India is benefiting from the same. Many recreational improvement studios are being made to grasp newer, younger talent and provide recognition to them in terms of lotteries or charitable gaming just to enhance this new skill.

In previous times people use to make games to feel the reality by trying to meet it with the digital world. But now as we speak, one can see that reality is altered just to meet the virtual world. Be it the gaming rooms, leisure-oriented enterprises, or interactive structures all these platforms are being established to perform activities that can witness giant capital infusions from VC’s and PS in the near future.

Over the years interesting theories in regards to the attitudes and behaviour of the gamers online have been recorded. this may differ from person to person but an overall outcome has been a more favourable attitude online than in the real world. Studies of this kind have given the upper hand to conclude that gaming is a way to engage, collaborate and become a sector where people want to build their careers.

In view of the rapid growth of the country’s gaming market, several international eye-hawks are likely to explore the Indian market through partnerships with domestic companies in view to grasp the upcoming opportunities.

All in all, this is just a smaller picture on the large canvas. We all can expect Artificial Intelligence will not only help us in tunning our cognitive and analytical skills but also will be a better way to earn our living.