This woman entrepreneur built a D2C skincare brand for women and offers affordable, effective products – raised Rs 30 Cr in funding till now.

Foxtale is a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) skincare brand that aims to provide affordable and effective skincare solutions to women in India. 

Founded in 2021 by Romita Mazumdar, the company was born out of a desire to solve two major problems with existing skincare products – consistency and affordability. After interviewing 1,000 women, Mazumdar identified these issues and set out to create a brand that could address them. 

This indicates that there are still unmet needs in the market that new brands can tap into. It’s important to note that every consumer has unique skin concerns and preferences, and there is always room for improvement and innovation in the skincare industry.

The Journey

Foxtale started with four products and later expanded its range to include five more, all of which are designed to be both efficacious and affordable. 

The company places a strong emphasis on customer-centricity and uses feedback from its users at every stage of product development. This approach has resulted in over 90% repeat rates for its launches.

Foxtale’s wide product range includes serums, cleansers, retinol creams, masks, and night creams.

Foxtale’s vision and passion for the skincare industry have impressed investors, including Matrix Partners India, who have provided the company with $4 million in funding. 

Mazumdar believes that Foxtale’s team of 80 people is the backbone of the company’s success. She aims to create products that her users are proud of and a company that her employees are happy to be a part of. 

She wants to grow Foxtale in a way that investors take pride in investing in the company. Mazumdar’s journey to create Foxtale is a testament to the power of curiosity and passion. Her company is an inspiration for entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Despite the seemingly saturated Indian skincare market, there are still many unresolved issues that brands like Foxtale are aiming to solve. 

Learnings for skincare brands

Mazumdar’s interview with 1,000 women highlights the importance of understanding customers’ needs and desires. By focusing on affordability and efficacy, Foxtale has identified a gap in the market and created a brand that resonates with its target audience. Its emphasis on customer feedback and repeat rates shows that the company is not just focused on short-term gains but on building a loyal customer base that will sustain its growth in the long run.

Foxtale’s success is also a reflection of the growing importance of D2C brands in the Indian market. With the rise of e-commerce and social media, consumers are increasingly looking for brands that offer convenience, transparency, and personalized experiences. 

Future plans

D2C brands like Foxtale are well-positioned to provide these benefits and disrupt traditional retail channels. By cutting out intermediaries and focusing on building strong relationships with customers, D2C brands can offer high-quality products at lower prices while maintaining healthy profit margins.

The company aims to become a profitable ₹100 crore brand by the end of this year. According to Rajat Agarwal, Managing Director at Matrix Partners India, Mazumdar’s single-minded dedication to building a sustainable personal care business is inspiring, and he is thrilled to see the exceptional customer love, growth, and unit economics that Foxtale has achieved in just a year.

In conclusion, Foxtale is a D2C skincare brand that is making waves in the Indian market by offering affordable and effective products that solve common skincare issues. Its focus on customer-centricity and repeat rates has earned the company the trust of investors and customers alike. 

As the Indian market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how brands like Foxtale continue to disrupt traditional retail channels and provide innovative solutions to customers’ needs.


1. When was Foxtale founded, and by whom?

Foxtale was founded in 2021 by Romita Mazumdar with the goal of addressing consistency and affordability issues in existing skincare products.

2. How does Foxtale develop its products?

Foxtale places a strong emphasis on customer-centricity and utilizes feedback from users at every stage of product development.

3. What products does Foxtale offer?

Foxtale offers a wide range of products including serums, cleansers, retinol creams, masks, and night creams.

4. How has Foxtale impressed investors?

Foxtale has impressed investors like Matrix Partners India, securing $4 million in funding due to its vision, passion, and customer-centric approach.

5. What are Foxtale’s growth plans?

Foxtale aims to become a profitable ₹100 crore brand by the end of this year, focusing on sustainable growth and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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