Four DU grads launched a startup to empower healthcare professionals, made ₹4 Cr revenue in two years

Lanstitut Founders

Lanstitut, founded in 2022 by four young entrepreneurs from Kerala specialises in delivering vernacular foreign language training and assisting healthcare professionals in their pursuit of job opportunities overseas. The venture was launched by Khubaib Abdul Salam, Murshid Ibinu Rahman, Yasin Bin Saleem, and Abdul Vajid Ka.

Murshid Ibinu Rahman, co-founder of Lanstitut, shared the startup’s journey exclusively with Startup Pedia, detailing their ambitious venture.

Early Life of Co-Founders

While all four co-founders originated from modest families in Kerala, Murshid before Lanstitut, spearheaded Robigotech, a travel startup that unfortunately folded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Khubaib Abdul Salam, another co-founder, holds a degree in French and previously worked at Ernst & Young before co-founding Lanstitut.

Abdul Vajid K, a French graduate from Delhi University, gained corporate experience at Concentrix in Gurgaon before venturing into the language ed-tech startup with Lanstitut.

Yasin Bin Saleem, a former colleague of Murshid and co-founder of Robigotech joined hands with other co-founders in establishing the language startup.

We all come from middle-class backgrounds, yet share a passion for both personal success and making a meaningful impact on others’ lives,” expressed one of the co-founders in an interview with Startup Pedia.

All co-founders of Lanstitut are currently 26 years old.

Khubaib Abdul Salam, Murshid Ibinu Rahman, Yasin Bin Saleem, and Abdul Vajid Ka - Co-founders at Lanstitut
Khubaib Abdul Salam, Murshid Ibinu Rahman, Yasin Bin Saleem, and Abdul Vajid Ka – Co-founders at Lanstitut

Inception of Lanstitut

Upon returning to Kerala post-graduation, the co-founders recognized a prevalent aspiration among young individuals to seek employment opportunities abroad. They also acknowledged the indispensable requirement of fluency in the respective foreign languages for non-English-speaking countries.

The concept for Lanstitut arose when the co-founders came to know of a friend securing a nursing position in Delhi for a meagre salary despite substantial investments in education. This revelation prompted him to delve deeper, revealing lucrative nursing prospects abroad, contingent upon language proficiency.

Additionally, amidst India’s soaring unemployment rates, the co-founders identified a burgeoning demand for skilled labour in foreign nations.

Recognizing an opportunity to equip aspiring expatriates with essential language skills, we conceived a solution to provide language training and facilitate overseas employment,” explained a co-founder of Lanstitut.

With a few lakh savings from their corporate earnings, the four friends launched Lanstitut in 2022. Commencing operations from their homes before securing office space in Calicut. The co-founders focused on fostering a robust business foundation first before they could have fancy offices. 

After six months of immersion in language training, the founders realized the mutual relationship between language acquisition and job placement in foreign markets. Rather than splurging on traditional marketing channels, Lanstitut leveraged webinars, job expos, and direct outreach to medical institutions to attract candidates.

Lanstitut Overview

Specializing in language training for medical professionals seeking overseas employment, Lanstitut mandates language certification for foreign job applications.

Operating at the intersection of HR tech and ed-tech, Lanstitut boasts partnerships with hospitals, nursing homes, and medical institutions worldwide, tailoring language courses to meet standardized testing requirements such as PTE, MOH, OET, and IELTS.

Candidates undergo an eight-month language training regimen comprising four proficiency levels before Lanstitut facilitates job interviews and visa processing for foreign employment opportunities.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, Lanstitut charges candidates solely for language training, generating revenue through employer commissions.

Despite its virtual operations, Lanstitut maintains physical offices in Kerala and Bangalore, employing nearly 100 individuals.

The startup had only fifty candidates in the first quarter of the launch. The number rose to 800 after a year and 1,200 after two years. It now attracts around 400 candidates every month. It has partnered with over 150 medical institutes all over the world.

Financial Journey

Within two years of its inception, Lanstitut recorded a revenue of Rs 4 crore, boasting an EBITDA of 30% and PAT of 20%. As a bootstrapped startup, Lanstitut achieved profitability early in its journey.

Initial quarterly sales of Rs 4 lakh surged to Rs 35 lakh within a year, with current monthly revenues nearing Rs 50 lakh. Anticipating a revenue projection of Rs 12 crore for the fiscal year 2024, Lanstitut reflects sustained growth.

Future Endeavors

With plans to establish an office in Delhi catering to Hindi-speaking candidates and expand operations across Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Lanstitut eyes global expansion, targeting markets in the Middle East and Germany within the next two to three years. 

To facilitate this growth trajectory, the startup aims to raise funds soon, totalling Rs 1.87 crore. 

Money is essential for us to run the business, but another important aspect is that we are tackling unemployment through our startup,” signed off the co-founder of Lanstitut. 


Who are the founders of Lanstitut?

Lanstitut was founded in 2022 by four young entrepreneurs from Kerala: Khubaib Abdul Salam, Murshid Ibinu Rahman, Yasin Bin Saleem, and Abdul Vajid K.

What does Lanstitut specialize in?

Lanstitut specializes in vernacular foreign language training, particularly focusing on facilitating candidates seeking employment opportunities in the medical sector abroad.

What sets Lanstitut apart from other language-learning platforms?

Lanstitut operates at the intersection of HR tech and ed-tech, offering tailored language courses specifically designed for medical professionals. 

What is the revenue of Lanstitut?

Within two years of its establishment, Lanstitut generated a revenue of Rs 4 crore, achieving profitability early in its journey. The startup anticipates a revenue projection of Rs. 12 crore for the fiscal year 2024.