Ex-Founder Turned Community Builder: How One Entrepreneur’s Failures Led to the Creation of ExEntrepreneurs.com

Starting a startup is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication to grow a startup. However, sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and entrepreneurs have to close their startups due to various reasons. This can be a challenging situation for entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to finding a job in their field of expertise. They are experienced and skilled, but they may not fit the traditional job-seeking mould. 

This is where ExEntrepreneurs, a platform founded by Harshith Vuppala, comes in to help.

Harshith Vuppala, an ex-entrepreneur himself, knows the struggles that come with finding a job after closing a startup. In 2017, he launched his first startup, GoNeedy and HelloDukaan, which clocked an ARR of Rs 1 crore but ultimately collapsed due to a lack of funds, and he had to start looking for a job to sustain himself. He soon realised that the conventional platforms for finding jobs did not suit ex-entrepreneurs like him, who come with a host of expertise.

Harshith Vuppala went to Y Combinator, a US-based incubator that funds and trains early-stage startups, to look for a job role that suited his skills and experience. He found one Indian startup and applied for it. He got the job and started working there. However, he also realised that there was a need for a platform that could connect ex-entrepreneurs to jobs or their field of expertise.

In 2023, Harshith Vuppala founded ExEntrepreneurs, a unique ex-entrepreneurs community platform designed to cater to the needs of ex-entrepreneurs. The platform aims to connect ex-entrepreneurs with top companies that value their experience and also to facilitate collaboration between ex-founders and ex-co-founders to foster new startup ventures. ExEntrepreneurs is not just for entrepreneurs who failed; it’s for all experienced entrepreneurs who have exited from their previous startups and are looking for a re-startup and also who want to continue their journey in their field of expertise.

Ex-Entrepreneurs offers three primary services –

  • Collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Finding the right job
  • Hiring experienced ex-entrepreneurs 

The collaborative service connects like-minded ex-founders and like-minded ex-co-founders to collaborate on new startup ventures. This service helps ex-entrepreneurs to work with and create new startups.

The “finding the right job” service connects ex-entrepreneurs to job openings that match their experience and expertise. The platform also allows ex-entrepreneurs to create a profile and share their experience, skills, and expertise. This profile helps companies find suitable candidates quickly.

The “hiring experienced ex-entrepreneurs” service is for startups, mid-sized, and for MNCs looking to boost their company’s productivity. The platform allows these companies to list their job openings for ex-entrepreneurs, which helps them find experienced and skilled entrepreneurs quickly. This service is beneficial for companies looking to hire top talent that has hands-on experience in entrepreneurship.

The platform also offers startup advisor and startup mentor services from successful entrepreneurs in the coming years, where entrepreneurs can share their startup experience and knowledge with others in the ex-entrepreneurial community. This service helps ex-entrepreneurs gain valuable insights into the challenges of running a startup and how to overcome them.

ExEntrepreneurs is a young startup with 2-10 employees, headquartered in Bengaluru South, Karnataka. The platform has been gaining traction among experienced entrepreneurs who are looking to continue their journey in their field of expertise. The platform’s user-friendly interface and the ability to connect with like-minded individuals make it a go-to platform for ex-entrepreneurs.

By providing a specialised platform that caters to the unique needs of ex-entrepreneurs, the company hopes to empower this talented pool of individuals and facilitate collaborations that foster new startup ventures.

The company’s goal is to provide a more effective way for ex-entrepreneurs to find employment opportunities that value their experience and to provide a space where ex-entrepreneurs can share their knowledge and ideas with others in the entrepreneurial community for a re-startup.

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Harshith Vuppala, the company’s founder, explained the need for such a platform. He said,ExEntrepreneurs are an untapped talent pool with a wealth of experience. However, traditional job search platforms do not cater to their unique needs. ExEntrepreneurs aim to bridge this gap and empower these talented individuals by connecting them with opportunities that value their expertise.”

ExEntrepreneurs has already gained traction in the startup community and is rapidly growing its user base. The company has been featured in various startup publications and has received positive feedback from both ex-entrepreneurs and companies looking to hire them.

The platform is designed to be easy to use and accessible to all. Interested individuals can register for free by filling out a form on the website and start connecting with potential employers or peers right away.

Companies looking to hire ex-entrepreneurs can also list their job openings on the platform and gain access to a pool of experienced talent.