Started teaching finance concepts using Snapchat, this CA aspirant is now launching a fun, engaging comic book that will teach financial literacy to students

Introduction to ZENi5 and Its Mission

In today’s age of digital transformation and financial uncertainties, it’s important for individuals, especially young students, to have a good and clear understanding of finance and the impact it has on their decisions and life. 

And that’s where ZENi5 comes in. 

Founded and conceptualised by experienced CA aspirant Shivaganesh Gaddam, ZENi5 is a neo-bank solution that provides end-to-end banking services to college students. It’s a centralized payment platform that integrates with the ERP of colleges to facilitate flexible payment options, student insurance, personal finance education, and student discounts.

“Our goal is to provide students with a one-stop solution for all their payment needs and enable them to develop financial literacy from an early age,” says Shivaganesh Gaddam in a conversation with Startup Pedia.We understand that students face several financial challenges and pressures, and our solution is designed to alleviate these burdens. We aim to help students bypass these challenges by providing them with student insurance.”

Innovative Solutions and Market Reception

ZENi5’s Student Recognition Card is a unique feature that provides students with a sense of identity and recognition. The card also offers exclusive student discounts, secure transactions – and life with access to insurance and scholarships. The platform is easy to use, with a responsive mobile app that can be accessed from anywhere.

ZENi5 has been focused on providing a user-friendly and secure payment platform for college students. The platform has been well received, and ZENi5 has already onboarded several colleges and universities across India. Its revenue streams include advertising, commissions on transactions, and lending fee-for-service – a concept that will be launching in June 2023 and has received an overwhelming response in its initial stage. 

ZENi5’s target market includes startups, small enterprises, medium enterprises, and large enterprise companies in the education and fintech sectors. The platform’s target geography is India Tier 1, with a user age group of less than 18 and 18 to 25 and user income groups of lower, lower-middle, upper-middle, and high-income.

While ZENi5’s platform is designed to address the financial needs of college students, the company’s focus on promoting financial literacy extends beyond its services. ZENi5 is committed to educating young students about financial literacy through its upcoming comic book series.

The comic book series aims to educate students in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India about the impact and influence of money in their decisions and how to avoid getting into debt. The comic book is an engaging and interactive way to teach financial literacy to young students. It will be launched in mid-June, just in time for the start of the new academic year.

According to Shivaganesh Gaddam, “The comic book series is an innovative approach to promoting financial literacy among young students. We believe that by providing them with engaging content, we can help them develop financial literacy from an early age and build a strong foundation for their future.”

Commitment to Financial Education Beyond Services

ZENi5 believes that financial literacy is the key to success and prosperity for young people. The team behind ZENi5 is dedicated to making financial education accessible and fun for students through their comic books. Their goal is to equip young people with the knowledge and skills they need to make smart financial decisions and secure their future.

The upcoming launch of the comic book is eagerly awaited by ZENi5 as they anticipate the positive impact it will have on the financial literacy of young students. By presenting financial concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner, ZENi5 hopes to create a generation of financially savvy individuals who are well-equipped to manage their money and make sound financial decisions.

ZENi5’s comic book series is expected to be a game-changer in the education sector, providing students with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed financial decisions. By empowering young students with financial literacy, ZENi5 is contributing to building a financially secure and responsible future for India.

In conclusion, ZENi5 is not just a neo bank solution for college students. It’s a brand that’s committed to promoting financial literacy among young students and helping them develop strong financial habits. With its innovative platform and engaging comic book series, ZENi5 is setting a new standard in financial education for the next generation. 

As Shivaganesh Gaddam puts it, We believe that by educating young students about financial literacy, we can create a financially secure future for India.”


1. What is ZENi5 and what services does it offer to college students?.

ZENi5 is a neo-bank solution specifically tailored for college students, offering a centralized payment platform integrated with college ERPs. It provides banking services, flexible payment options, student insurance, personal finance education, and exclusive student discounts.

2. Who is the founder of ZENi5 and what is the company’s mission?

ZENi5 was founded by Shivaganesh Gaddam, with a mission to provide college students with a comprehensive solution for their financial needs while promoting financial literacy from an early age.

3. What are the unique features of ZENi5’s Student Recognition Card?

ZENi5’s Student Recognition Card offers exclusive student discounts, secure transactions, access to insurance, scholarships, and provides students with a sense of identity and recognition.

4. How has ZENi5 been received in the market, and what are its revenue streams?

ZENi5 has been well received in the market, with several colleges and universities already onboarded. Its revenue streams include advertising, commissions on transactions, and the upcoming lending fee-for-service, which has garnered significant interest.

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