Dynamics: India’s own Tesla for electric vehicles Pravaig

Pravaig Dynamics

In different parts of the world, the electronic revolution has taken over the car industry. With a host of start-ups, China and the United States have also experienced a lot of electrification. Electric cars have already begun to be embraced by European countries, and the building of charging stations is ongoing. There is still a bit of opposition to this transition in India, however. There is no significant charging network, and there is no surplus of home charging facilities either. Today, there are very few hybrid cars on the market because of this. The only electric cars being offered today are the Hyundai Kona, Tata Nexon, Mercedes EQC, and MG ZS.

Given this situation, Pravaig Dynamics, based in Bengaluru, has what it claims is a very fascinating business strategy for its forthcoming electric car, the Extinction, which it hopes will make a mark in this evolving space. Pravaig Dynamic is the best hope that when it comes to the electric vehicle market, India will have to go head to head with Elon Musk’s Tesla. Narendra Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat clarion call shone a light on indigenous technologies developed by creative minds in India to provide regular solutions without relying on international manufacturers.

What is Pravaig Dynamics? 

Many companies in the automotive sector in India have started up in recent years. Many of these businesses have concentrated their focus on the electric car market. Even, one of these start-ups is Pravaig Dynamics. It is funded by the French energy corporation Eren Groupe, a clean energy company primarily involved in wind and photovoltaic power supplies. Formed in Jaipur in 2011, Pravaig Dynamics started producing specialist off-road buggies. They have an office in Delhi as well. The business has a workforce of 72. Pravaig Dynamics is based in Bangalore and plans to take on heavyweights in the electric vehicle industry. In the last few months, though the name of the brand has been making the rounds, the launch of their first production car has set the ball rolling for them. A late 2021 release has been confirmed by the agency. And what they are looking for is pretty amazing for a young organisation.

Highlight – Pravaig Dynamics

Business model and the current plan

Pravaig Dynamics has set its sights on the fleet and hotel industry, unlike current competitors, where it sees its EV playing the role of a luxury transport alternative. Pravaig will not participate in a traditional distribution and support network (there will be no dealerships) because the intended buyers are businesses, and the business itself will reach out to prospective buyers. Buyers will not purchase the car directly, but will simply lease the vehicle and pay according to use. The prices would cover the leasing of the vehicle as well as the electricity used and, if opted for, a chauffeur’s services as well. It is not yet known what this price will work for. The future of mobility will not be private car-owning, according to Pravaig. They believe people are not allowed to buy cars at all. The business says that no showroom will be available to sell its vehicles, and the same will only be available on a subscription basis. Prevail wishes to “sell kilometers, not cars”

What makes it special

There may not be a lot of electric cars operating on Indian streets right now, but there is no lack of start-ups for electric mobility. Many companies, especially based in Bangalore, are trying to put creativity into the country’s current e-mobility scene. What makes Pravaig Dynamics unique is that it is going to develop in India the production vehicle they are launching. Nearly 90 percent of the parts of the car would be locally made. There will be in-house battery production, while other parts will be the responsibility of local manufacturers.

Those that are not present in the country at all are the only parts that would be transported. And the Pravaig team is urging small entrepreneurs to take it as an advantage, making this vehicle genuinely indigenous. Due to local manufacturing and assembly, export costs of the Extinction MK1 would be very modest. Pravaig, though, is hoping to roll this car out in a different manner. For now, full possession of a vehicle is not on the table. Instead, with the use of their cars, they would give out leases and subscriptions. This vehicle would also have to be used for Chauffer-based providers.

Indian Tesla- Pravaig dynamics

In 2021, Pravaig Dynamics launched the first electric vehicle with a range of more than 500 KM. This year, the first Pravaig Dynamics electric car was introduced. With its specs, this indigenous electric car amazed many people. The corporation has confirmed a range for the Extinction MK1 of 500+ km (310 miles). It will be fitted with a 96-kWh battery pack that can produce approximately 200 horsepower. The firm has also disclosed that it would be able to accelerate in just 5.4 seconds from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph), with a maximum speed of 196 kph (122 mph). This is a really good start for a business that hasn’t been on the market for a long time. Another important feature is the fast charging capability installed in the car. This will ensure that the car gets charged from 0 to 80% in under 30 minutes.

Establishing a milestone 

In the EV culture, it is impressive to see a local start-up make such strides. A 500 km range is not a joke, and it has not been reached by any of the electric cars driving on Indian streets right now. Connect to that a respectable timing of acceleration and a solid drivetrain, and this car is looking fine already. The fast-charging role is also relevant, but the organization has not yet spoken about any charging network. The company has said that only in Delhi and Bengaluru will the car be released first. Other towns such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad will soon also be part of the growth of the business. The ownership options seem interesting at the moment, but it is not that significant. Yes, it may not sell like hotcakes, but it is important to get electric vehicles running on the streets as soon as possible.