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Dunzo: A Modernizer In the world of Product Delivery

By Siddhart Agarwal
New Update
Founder of Dunzo Kabeer Biswas

An ordinary day in our lives has been revolutionized with the arrival of online delivery services.  We yearn to measure hassle-free lives. And smartphones have a serious role to play in achieving this dream. Mobile apps have given us the type of freedom that was impossible to imagine a decade back. Product delivery is one domain that has been streamlined with unconventional innovations in mobile apps.

The fatigue and inconvenience of leaving our homes to get items for our daily uses are steadily paving its thanks to becoming a thing of the past with the technologies adopted by the net delivery services ready to bring more relaxation and freedom in our everyday lives.

And Dunzo has been such a blessing for several out there when it involves delivery-related tasks. this can be a web firm that delivers groceries, food, and various forms of commodities

Logo - Dunzo

The meaning behind the word dunzo

The term Dunzo means a slang abbreviation that denotes done, finished. This name was selected to put their focus towards finishing or delegating the work which is assigned to them by their customers. The name denotes that any task which the customer wishes to finish or wants to deliver from one location to a different one will be executed by Dunzo. the thought behind the brand and also the brand is to be quick, reliable, and bold. Dunzo is about being constantly on the move. the first idea behind the company’s brand focuses on being swift, dependable, and valiant. 

Dunzo Founders

Founded in 2015, Dunzo started operations in Bengaluru. The founding father of Dunzo further because the one who initiated the concept behind the platform is Kabeer Biswas. Kabeer is additionally the founding father of Hoppr, a platform that was soon sold to Hike Messenger. Ankur Agarwal, an engineering graduate from IIT Roorkee, is that the co-founder of Dunzo. 

Dunzo is useful for people that don't want to travel out or cannot venture out for a few reasons and wish to shop for or send over some product/item. The key problems for Dunzo were an inefficient delivery system and the time taken by the runners to complete the deliveries. 

Founder - Kabeer Biswas

Idea behind dunzo

Dunzo addressed the matter that almost all time-strapped people face today: the necessity to induce things done. Users would type out what they needed to be done, and Dunzo would get to figure. the thought was to boost efficiency. This involved matching demand and provide, that specialize in different geographies, ensuring partner positioning in those geographies, and dealing with real-world flows. 

You do not have the difficulty of leaving your home to shop for something or taste your favorite food. due to technology, it all comes straight to you.  the difficulty is you would like to travel searching from app to app for the particular requirements.

Need for dunzo

Although India has no dearth of platforms providing delivery of things like food and grocery, the first issue lies within the inconvenience of getting to explore and appearance out for the apps that completely fit our requirements. Often with the varying requirements of the shoppers being scattered across different stores, accommodating it beat one trip becomes a struggle, particularly within the present COVID19 pandemic era where venturing outside has become a risk that must be avoided unless necessary. 

Imagine how favorable it'd be if these requirements might be accommodated within one platform? It currently worked in Bengaluru, Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. Dunzo connects you with delivery partners who are nearest to you, thus saving it slow and energy. It permits you to deliver or obtain items within the shortest time at just the swipe of a finger. Dunzo is sort of a personal assistant who runs errands for you. Their team is often on the move to free you of your daily worries.

The success story of dunzo

Forgot something reception and wish it at the office? evoke a pickup-and-drop. Need your dry-cleaning fetched for a vital meeting the following morning? Just hand the receipt and have them deliver it to wherever you're within the city. Have a document to be xeroxed and delivered to your bank manager? Dunzo will love you.

The platform has also been experimenting with dark stores to help local retailers in executing consumer orders swiftly. Presently 10 such stores are operated in Bengaluru, Chennai, moreover as Pune. The company has made the lives of individuals easy and convenient.

Dunzo catering society

The delivery firm delivers all commodities required by the user on their demand having a minimum delivery charge. as an example, if the user wishes to buy a t-shirt they glimpsed at the mall and are unable to induce it themselves Dunzo are often approached to assist in doing the identical. Dunzo provides all commodities on one platform be its grocery items, pet supplies, health and wellness, bike rides, laundry delivery, pick and drop services and a spread of other services.

To form the operations smoother for its merchants, the platform also impedes commissions for its frequently used products. Dunzo has a built-in merchant and product tie-ups and has focussed on cataloging. There are around 1 lakh app downloads and it's executing around 1.2 lakh tasks monthly. 

Funding in dunzo

Dunzo raised its first round of funding of US$650k in March 2016 from Blume Ventures, Aspada Ventures, among other investors including, Rajan Anandan, MD of Google India, and Sandipan Chattopadhyay. Dunzo’s funding total up to now throughout all its rounds is $116.4M, as per The Spoon report. The platform’s most up-to-date funding round transpire on 1st September of this year, where it raised $28 million as a part of its ongoing Series E funding round headed by Google and Lightstone Fund.

As per an Entrackr report, the hyperlocal logistics startup has been valued at around $245 million. This year, Dunzo completed over 1 million transactions and completes a median of 30,000 transactions daily from across four cities. The latest funding for Dunzo was in August 2019 once they received an investment of 34.56 crore rupees from Alteria Capital.

Future growth and development

The past 6 months of the COVID19 pandemic are crucial for Dunzo, with the platform attempting to use them to its advantage. The nationwide lockdown imposed as a result of the pandemic has been chaotic for the delivery firm, further as everyone who includes a stake in it. The firm’s half-moon had been one amongst its best performing quarters. 

The platform has also unleashed various access points to help the users in accessing the platform. Dunzo contains a total of around 75,000 stores on its platform with its delivery number has grown. the firm plans to boost the merchandise searches on its app by collaborating with various vendors and merchants. The platform wishes to increase its physical place of business presence on its mobile app to reinforce its product search. it's also attempting to increase its presence in varying tier two cities.

As of yet, Dunzo has been a prominent success within the cities where it's functioning. within the present technology-driven world, Dunzo has the scope of expanding and becoming a number one online delivery service platform.