Haryana man builds an electric conversion kit that turns cycle into electric bike – range 40 kms, top speed of 25kph, pay load capacity of 170 kgs and is fire/water proof.

Dhruv Vidyut Founder - Gursaurabh Singh

Dhruv Vidyut, founded in 2017 by Gursaurabh Singh is a Haryana-based tech and manufacturing  startup that invented DVECK, or Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit, allowing any bicycle to transform into an electric bike, offering enhanced mobility India.

In a conversation with Startup Pedia, Gursaurabh Singh shared the story behind Dhruv Vidyut’s inception. 

Who is Gursaurabh Singh?

Born and raised in Delhi, Gursaurabh, a literature graduate, lacks formal degrees in engineering or management. His family originates from Hisar, Haryana, where his father served in the police force, and his mother worked as a journalist. 

The Haryana-based startup founder has achieved national-level gold medals in sports like discus and hammer throw, representing India internationally. He also owns 26 motorcycles and founded motorcycle clubs in Delhi. 

While speaking to Startup Pedia, he shared, “I completed the longest ride on a Harley Davidson in India and have travelled across almost every state in India on a motorcycle.” 

As a tech and manufacturing entrepreneur, Gursaurabh also won a national award for the best non-feature film produced with Discovery Channel. He hails from a family that respected and encouraged his passions.

The Birth of Dhruv Vidyut

Growing up, the Haryana entrepreneur was captivated by his father’s love for motorcycles, fostering his own passion for bikes and machinery. 

It never occurred to me that I needed an engineering degree; my love for machinery made me a quick learner,” recalled the founder of Dhruv Vidyut. 

He began trading motorcycles and parts, eventually transitioning to manufacturing spare parts for motorcycles. With over sixteen years of experience in mould and die manufacturing, The tech entrepreneur added, “I realised that making moulds and dies was my calling. My expertise lies primarily in sheet metal, like aluminium.” 

Six years ago, Singh grabbed an opportunity to work on an electric motorcycle (EV), delving deeper into electronics and machinery. He recognized that the high cost of electric vehicles (EVs) hindered widespread adoption amongst India’s ordinary people. He believed that innovation and research could revolutionise the EV sector in India.

At the age of 32, the Haryana startup founder transformed his passion into a profession by founding Dhruv Vidyut in 2017. 

The EV startup aimed to create a product that could upgrade existing vehicles without requiring people to replace them entirely. He developed a bolt on electric drivetrain that could be retrofitted into old scooters. 

It took me two years to develop the e drivetrain, and by the beginning of 2020, it was ready. As I was prepared with my pilot product, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, shaking the markets. However, it became a turning point for me,” said the founder of Dhruv Vidyut. 

He returned to his village in Hisar, Haryana, where he observed bicycles as a standard mode of transportation. Over six months, he identified the commuting challenges faced by villagers. 

If you cycle for 10 km, you’ll run out of breath, and some villages lack schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, and banks within a 10 km radius. I felt compelled to address this issue and assist those who couldn’t afford scooters or motorcycles and relied solely on bicycles,” explained Gursaurabh. 

His goal was to enhance mobility for bicycle riders who lacked access to metro rail, buses, and cabs. Over the next two years, the revolutionary entrepreneur developed an mid drive bolt on kit for bicycles, exploring 13 different designs before finalising the product. He invested nearly Rs 70 lakh to create the bicycle DVECK kit. 

Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit

Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit
Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit

DVECK converts a standard bicycle into a motor and battery-powered electric cycle in just 20 minutes. It is the only kit globally that works with gears. It features a weather-proof aluminium body, a water-proof and fire-proof design, a USB outlet for phone charging, and compatibility with multi-speed gears. 

The kit charges by pedalling and can travel up to 40 km on a single charge. Priced at Rs. 13,000, it offers an affordable and eco-friendly transportation solution. 

Upon completing the product, Singh released a video demonstrating the DVECK kit on the internet. As the video went viral among government and industry leaders, Dhruv Vidyut received numerous inquiries and positive feedback. 

I realised that my product was well-received by the public. We have received significant demand from places like Andhra Pradesh, Jammu, and Coimbatore,” said Singh. 

The Sales Journey

Dhruv Vidyut Cycle
Dhruv Vidyut Cycle

Dhruv Vidyut has sold over 400 conversion kits to date, offering customers the option to purchase on EMI through collaborations with several banks. 

With 6,500 bookings received through Instagram alone, DVECK caters to both government entities and private players, operating on the B2B side. The company has appointed 60 dealers and also operates through D2C and B2C networks and a dealership model. 

We pursued the Indian Army to allow us to conduct a pilot project with them. They agreed, and we completed multiple projects with the army on various platforms. We have multiple contracts with the Indian Army across several fleets,” shared the Haryana entrepreneur.  

Hawker associations, ice cream associations, and numerous NGOs in India have partnered with Dhruv Vidyut to enhance the mobility of their members. 

Founded single-handedly by Gursaurabh Singh, Dhruv Vidyut now employs 12 people. With offices in Hisar, Haryana, and Rajgarh, the company’s manufacturing plant has a monthly capacity of 400 units. As a pioneer in this segment, Dhruv Vidyut holds a patent. 

Shark Tank India Experience

Dhruv Vidyut Shark Tank India Experience
Dhruv Vidyut Shark Tank India Experience

The entrepreneur presented a unique pitch on Shark Tank India Season 2, requesting participation rather than funding from the sharks. 

Peyush Bansal, founder of Lenskart, offered Singh an empty floor in his Bhiwadi, Gurgaon, factory to work on the bicycle kit, while Anupam Mittal, founder of Shaadi.com promised 100 hours of his time if Gursaurabh managed to raise Rs. 1 crore.

The Vision

Looking ahead, Gursaurabh aims to focus on cycle enhancements and establish distribution for another year before introducing a product designed for scooters. 

The company plans to ramp up manufacturing to 1,500 units per month in the next quarter, expanding into the retail space starting from Haryana and Punjab. Dhruv Vidyut aims to improve the mobility of one million people in rural India over the next three years. 

In his closing statement, Gursaurabh remarked, “I don’t measure success solely by profitability. To me, success goes beyond money. It means changing lives with innovation.


What is Dhruv Vidyut? 

Dhruv Vidyut is a Haryana-based tech startup. The startup introduced DVECK, or Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit, allowing any bicycle to transform into an electric bike, offering enhanced mobility to rural India.

How to make my cycle an electric vehicle (EV)? 

Haryana-based tech startup Dhruv Vidyut has a kit that can convert a bicycle into an electric vehicle (EV) in 20 minutes. 

Who is the founder of Dhruv Vidyut? 

Gursaurabh Singh is the founder of Dhruv Vidyut. 

How to buy or order a Dhruv Vidyut kit? 

Dhruv Vidyut kit can be ordered from the official website. People can also contact the number mentioned on the Dhruv Vidyut website.