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Chennai startup is helping hundreds of individuals take their business online, creating customized online store, with integration for marketing, payment and shipping for just Rs 999/month

Zupain offers a range of features tailored to social sellers, allowing them to create their next-generation online stores effortlessly.

By Neha Yadav
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Chennai startup is helping hundreds of individuals take their business online, creating customized online store,  with integration for marketing, payment and shipping for just Rs 999/month

In the ever-evolving world of digital commerce and social media, staying ahead of the game can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there is a simple yet powerful solution that promises to streamline your operations and take your business to new heights. 

Meet Zupain, a cutting-edge CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that combines the functionalities of managing your digital business and social media in one place. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Zupain is set to revolutionise the way businesses operate in the digital landscape.

Zupain is a SIP (Simple Internet Product) that enables users to achieve the 3D's of success: Digital, Discovery, and Distribution. With its digital capabilities, Zupain empowers businesses to create and manage their online stores effortlessly. Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms and struggling with disjointed systems. Zupain brings all the necessary tools under one roof, allowing businesses to seamlessly handle their commerce and content in a single unified platform.

One of the standout features of Zupain is its focus on discovery. The platform connects businesses with a pool of talented freelancers who can promote their products and services at a remarkable 20% lower than market standards. This not only helps businesses save costs but also ensures that they have a dedicated team of professionals working towards increasing their visibility and driving sales.

Furthermore, Zupain offers a suite of distribution tools that are specifically designed to boost traffic and attract potential customers to your products and services. By harnessing the power of these tools, businesses can reach a wider audience and expand their customer base with ease. Zupain's comprehensive approach to digital business management covers every aspect, from building your online store to driving discovery and enhancing distribution, all with the aim of fostering growth for your business.

Founded in Dec 2022, Zupain is a growing pioneer in the field of software development, specialising in SAAS (Software as a Service), digital marketing, and e-commerce. The company's headquarters are located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and it currently employs a dedicated team of 11-50 professionals who are passionate about revolutionising the digital business landscape.

Krishnan Naranapatty, the CEO of Kaay Innovation, is the mastermind behind Zupain

As the head of a venture-building company, Krishnan Naranapatty started Kaay Innovation with a mission to create businesses that make a difference while adhering to the principles of profitability. He believes that execution is the key to success and is committed to ensuring that Zupain not only has a groundbreaking idea and product but also excels in its implementation.

Zupain's co-founder, Raghav Ramachandran Raja, emphasises the platform's unique approach to online store building. He states, "Zupain isn't just another online store builder. It is designed with you in mind, and all of our features are based on seller habits, needs, and desires." Zupain understands its users and strives to provide them with an intuitive, sophisticated, yet simple platform that caters to their specific requirements.”

Zupain offers a range of features tailored to social sellers, allowing them to create their next-generation online stores effortlessly. From adding products and sharing catalogues on social media to creating and scheduling content, Zupain caters to every aspect of a seller's digital journey. 

The platform offers multiple layouts, enabling sellers to customise their online stores for different occasions and festivals with just a single click. This flexibility empowers businesses to create unique shopping experiences that resonate with their target audience.

It has over 450 stores and is looking to open 1000 stores by September.

Zupain Select, another remarkable initiative, provides businesses with instant access to a wide network of digital agencies, influencers, and freelancers. With a single click, businesses can connect with top-notch digital consultants who can propel their stores to new heights. By leveraging Zupain Select, businesses can tap into the expertise of industry professionals who specialise in digital marketing, advertising, and brand promotion. This strategic partnership opens doors to endless opportunities for growth and success.

One of Zupain's key strengths lies in its robust analytics capabilities. Zupain Analytics employs cutting-edge techniques to provide businesses with valuable insights into their customer base, order patterns, and shipment details. This wealth of information allows businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimise their operations, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Recognizing the importance of social media in today's digital landscape, Zupain goes above and beyond by integrating social sharing features directly into its platform. Sellers no longer need to switch between multiple applications to manage their social media presence. 

To cater to the diverse needs and preferences of businesses, Zupain offers multiple layouts for online stores. Recognizing the importance of collaboration and teamwork, Zupain provides access for multiple users within an organisation.

In a constant pursuit to empower businesses, Zupain is set to launch Zupain Discover, an upcoming feature known as Zuper. Zuper will connect businesses with a vast community of over 500,000 daily active users who actively seek new products and experiences. 

By positioning their products on this discovery-driven platform, businesses can gain valuable insights into market trends, understand their competition, and refine their positioning strategies. Zupain Discover aims to create a fertile ground for businesses to flourish, providing a platform that drives discovery and helps them make meaningful connections with their target audience.

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Co-founder, Raghav Ramachandran Raja says, "Zupain isn't just another online store builder. It is a transformative platform designed to empower businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age. We believe in the power of simplicity and sophistication, and our aim is to coalesce these qualities into a seamless experience for our users. With Zupain, businesses can go beyond the traditional boundaries of commerce and tap into the immense potential of social media, all while focusing on what they do best – building their business."