Chennai-based startup educates children about Indian culture through interactive board games and kits – hits Rs 10 lakh revenue in the first 4 months.

Founded in January 2023, Chittam is a Chennai-based children’s edutainment company with a vision to take Indian culture and history to children in fun and relatable ways.

Chittam was founded by Charanya Kumar. She is a highly qualified individual with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from SRM University and a Master’s degree in Game Design from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte (USA). She further pursued an MBA from INSEAD (France / Singapore).

Charanya Kumar’s personal journey over the past decade has been marked by numerous challenges. From relationship struggles and three miscarriages to career hurdles, she faced pressing times. 

However, she gathered the courage to overcome these challenges and embodied resilience. She attributes her strength to the cultural wisdom she gained through her exposure to Indian stories and folklore. This wisdom became the guiding force behind her desire to make a positive impact in the educational sector.

Having spent 11 years abroad, Charanya Kumar returned to India with a strong determination to make a difference in education. 

Reflecting on what had inspired her to move forward, she found herself working at a school where she heard 13-year-old students discussing depression. This revelation fueled her resolve not to accept depression as the norm among young children.

Drawing upon the power of stories and folklore, Chittam was born. 

Officially launched in January 2023, Chittam embarked on its mission to make Indian culture relatable for the new generation. The startup was launched by Rangaraj Pandey, a distinguished journalist and Founder-CEO of Chanakyaa TV.

Chittam: Enabling Children To Stay Rooted

The company creates highly interactive and educational board games, card games, puppetry kits, activity books, and more. 

Through its products around Indian culture, regional languages, traditions, philosophies, and spirituality, Chittam presents these concepts in meaningful and engaging ways, making learning fun for the new generation.

The company’s range of products, including board games, card games, puppetry kits, and activity books, are carefully designed to center around Indian culture while incorporating themes of regional languages, traditions, philosophies, and spirituality.

This approach ensures that children can engage with and understand these concepts in a way that is both meaningful and fun.

These captivating games have been thoughtfully designed and produced by local artisans, using eco-friendly materials to ensure a sustainable and responsible approach.

A Strong Team and Growing Success

Chittam is supported by a talented team of mentors who provide guidance and expertise in the Indic, business and education sectors. The company has seen significant success, receiving orders from exhibitions, online digital marketing platforms, and through word of mouth. 

The quality of their products has led to repeat orders, while their commitment to nationwide accessibility has made them available through platforms like Amazon, Snoopplay, Boardgamecompany, and their own website.

According to Charanya, the startup has achieved a revenue of Rupees 10 lakhs in just four months.

Moreover, Chittam has also received sponsorship from high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) who have contributed their games to underprivileged communities. This gesture demonstrates the company’s commitment to making education and cultural enrichment accessible to all.

Looking to the Future

Currently bootstrapped, Chittam eagerly anticipates securing funding to expand its operations and reach an even wider audience. 

With a revenue surpassing Rupees 10 lakhs, Chittam has already made remarkable strides. The company’s future goals include building a diverse range of products, with plans to launch five more exciting products by the end of July.

Chittam, under the visionary leadership of Charanya Kumar, is revolutionizing children’s education by creating interactive games inspired by Indian culture. By making learning fun, relatable, and engaging, Chittam ensures that children develop a deep appreciation for their roots, remain in touch with them and draw inspiration and strength from them.