This couple launched a baby care brand with just Rs 4 lakh investment, and generated a revenue of Rs 4 Cr in one year

Founding Journey of The Butt Baby Seat

In the fast-paced world of modern parenting, finding the perfect baby carrier can be a daunting task. Parents often find themselves juggling multiple items while trying to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their little ones. But fret no more, as Ruchi and Akash Jain, the proud parents of two beautiful baby girls, Meera and Shloka, have come to the rescue with their innovative solution – The Butt Baby Seat.

Raising children is undoubtedly a joyous experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. The Jains, like many parents, encountered difficulties when it came to carrying their children and ensuring their comfort while on the move. They longed for a solution that would simplify their lives and allow them to enjoy quality time with their little ones in the great outdoors.

However, despite their extensive search, they couldn’t find a suitable and easiest baby carrier that met their needs. Frustration and a determination for simplicity prompted them to take matters into their own hands, leading to the birth of The Butt Baby Seat.

Embarking on their entrepreneurial journey with a modest investment of 4 lakhs rupees, the Jains faced both formidable obstacles and remarkable rewards. Building a business from scratch while raising two children demanded unwavering dedication and perseverance. However, their hard work paid off, as they achieved an astounding revenue of Rs 4.25 crore in a little over a year’s time. This extraordinary success stands as a testament to their tenacity and unwavering commitment.

The Unique Features and Success of The Butt Baby Seat

What sets The Butt BabySeat apart from other baby carriers on the market is its unique combination of functionality and style. The seat boasts an inbuilt diaper bag cum sling bag, making it the only carrier that seamlessly transforms into a fashionable accessory when not in use. This unparalleled versatility offers parents a convenient solution, eliminating the need for multiple items while maintaining a chic and sophisticated look. 

The Jains understood the power of effective marketing and utilized their Instagram profile as the primary platform to reach their target audience. By sharing relatable comic illustrations depicting the trials and triumphs of new parents’ lives, they built a community of 70,000 individuals who eagerly awaited the launch of The Butt BabySeat. This strategic approach allowed them to establish a personal connection with their audience even before their product hit the market.

Education played a pivotal role in the success of The Butt Baby Seat. Through exceptional content, the Jains effectively communicated the unique benefits and features of their product. Their monthly reach on Instagram surpassed an impressive 2 million, a testament to the resonance and impact of their efforts.

Kolkata residents Ruchi and Akash Jain faced numerous setbacks in their entrepreneurial journey, including the failure of previous ventures and financial challenges. However, their unwavering passion for business, combined with their dedication to simplifying the lives of parents, drove them to overcome adversity. Akash’s personal experience with a slipped disc condition further motivated them to create a carrier that would provide both comfort and safety for parents and for growing children.

The couple poured their hearts and souls into designing The Butt Baby Seat, aiming to provide parents with a hassle-free carrying experience. With their product, parents no longer have to deal with complicated straps or carry additional bags. The Butt BabySeat features excellent lumbar support and a double lock feature, ensuring the utmost safety for the child. Its ergonomic design caters to a wide age bracket, accommodating children from 5 months to 3 years or up to 20 kilograms in weight. 

In conversation with Startup Pedia, Ruchi and Akash Jain, Founders of The Butt BabySeat, expressed their thoughts and said, We put our heart and soul into designing The Butt BabySeat, and we are overjoyed to see the positive impact they have had on families everywhere. We hope to continue to provide parents with the EASIEST way to carry their children and expand our brand to other countries and markets.”

Within just one year, The Butt BabySeat has garnered over 10,000 happy customers, each raving about the product’s convenience and functionality. With an outstanding rating of 4.9 stars based on 550+ Google reviews, it’s clear that parents trust and appreciate the value that The Butt Baby Seat brings to their lives.

Future Goals and Impact of The Butt Baby Seat

Thrilled by the positive reception, the Jains have set their sights on expanding their brand’s reach nationally and internationally. Their ambitious goal for the year 2023-2024 is to achieve a turnover of over Rs. 6 crores with just 1 single product within the Indian market. They plan to launch several new products in the near future, leveraging their impressive annual growth rate of 75 to 100 percent.

Ruchi and Akash Jain have demonstrated that with innovation, simplicity, and dedication, even the most challenging obstacles can be overcome. By merging their love for business with their commitment to making parenting easier, they have not only built a thriving brand but also created a product that brings joy and convenience to families everywhere.

So, why settle for complicated and impractical baby carriers? Discover the ease and elegance of The Butt Baby Seat, and embark on a journey of effortless parenting, one stylish step at a time. Join the growing community of parents who have embraced this revolutionary product and experience the joy of carrying your child in the most comfortable and fashionable way possible. 


1. What is the story behind The Butt Baby Seat?

Ruchi and Akash Jain, parents of two, faced challenges in finding a convenient baby carrier. Frustration and a determination for simplicity led them to create The Butt Baby Seat, an innovative solution that simplifies parenting.

2. How did the Jains start their entrepreneurial journey with The Butt Baby Seat?

The Jains began their entrepreneurial journey with a modest investment of 4 lakhs rupees. Despite obstacles, their dedication paid off, achieving a remarkable revenue of Rs 4.25 crore in just over a year.

3. What sets The Butt Baby Seat apart from other baby carriers on the market?

The Butt Baby Seat stands out with its unique combination of functionality and style. It features an inbuilt diaper bag cum sling bag, making it the only carrier that transforms into a fashionable accessory. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple items while maintaining a chic look.

4. Who are the founders of The Butt Baby Seat?

The founders of The Butt Baby Seat are Ruchi and Akash Jain. They are proud parents of two beautiful baby girls, Meera and Shloka. The Jains, based in Kolkata, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey to address the challenges of parenting and simplify the lives of parents with their innovative baby carrier solution.

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