Bombay Shaving Company: Because we don’t just want to look good, we want to feel it!

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In recognizing the inner potential of an individual, proper discernment plays a broad role. An individual is judged on different qualities including character, communication skills, attitude, and much more. Yet reality dominates over the physical force of presence. The first impression, as the proverb suggests, is the last impression. So, having a well-groomed physical outlook has become very important. A bad or amazing mien will surely create an inconsequential impression, particularly in interviews. There is a large list of grooming items for females, such as skin oils, essential fragrant perfumes, bleach, and facial kits, etc.

However, it is a common stereotype of culture when it comes to males that males do not need much adorning or embellishing items. Whereas even men require good treatment for their eyes, beard hair, etc., and protection. BEARD is an enhancement to the personality of a guy, so taking his proper charge and paying head towards his growth and style is very significant. The beard grooming industry is targeting over 25 million consumers and has a Rs 2,000 crore market presence.

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Founders and initial inspiration

Shantanu Deshpande, a graduate of NIT Nagpur, with a degree in engineering and not much to look forward to on the career path at McKinsey, left his job to cater to urban Indian citizens. His change was led by meticulous analysis and detailed consultations with business experts, although it seems like a whimsical choice to several. Shantanu roped in his friends and colleagues Deepu, Ronak, and Rohit, realizing the promise of the underserved men’s grooming niche, each adding their skills and experience to the table. Bombay shaving business is a private company headquartered in New Delhi.

Shantanu claimed that in a country like India, this organization has a wide scale. The explanation is that India has a massive population, which has been undercut and also under the burden of big monopoly businesses. He came to realize after chatting with his relatives and family that people were not that involved in the daily shaving routine and going to the barbershops for shaves. Thus, along with his schoolmates, Shantanu began to form this start-up project.

Team – Bombay shaving company

Grooming partner for men’s

Today, on both online and offline market routes, Bombay Shaving Company operates, and its products are distributed across four categories, including shaving, wash, beard, and skin. Bombay Shaving Company is striving to build a product portfolio with a team of 60 young professionals that stands out for its credible product consistency. 

The Bombay Shaving Corporation opted not to have a celebrity spokesperson in the early years, unlike many major companies, opting instead to share their advertising and campaigns with a smaller but dedicated community of consumers who enjoy their goods.

With this in mind, they wanted to introduce single blade razors with a truly heart-warming tale about pre-shave, during-shave, and post-shave routine, showcasing the caution that should be taken when shaving, a virtually obsolete shaving strategy. This resulted from the conviction of the founders that shaving is not only about using a high-quality razor or brush but rather about sensitivity to the skin.

Bombay shaving company:  “Mardo ka Maseeha” 

A startup firm, Bombay shaving company, has established its excellent facial hair grooming products for men. By launching its premium quality products such as beard cream, beard butter, stubble oil, beard growth oil, beard shampoo and conditioner, mustache wax, etc., this business has revolutionized beard grooming. By introducing the lead actor Kartik Aryaan as the brand ambassador of his company showcasing the glamorous logo # MARDO KA MASEEHA, Bombay shaving company has reached the zenith of advertising. What started in 2016 as 500 annual shipments, has now grown to 10,000 shipments a month.

What’s even better news for Bombay shaving is that the official website sees 300,000 average visitors every month!

Today, the Bombay Shaving Company claims to have over 12,000 customers, has expanded to 18 different channels, and been has chosen by Amazon for a global launch.

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Funding and revenue

The business raised an amount of $9.5 million during the 4 funding rounds. The company raised Rs.450 million in the round for the B series; incorporated by 2 partners, Sixth sense ventures and Colgate Palmolive, held on December 26, 2019, and August 23, 2018, respectively. With the inclusion of lead investors Fireside Ventures, the company raised capital to $2.5million in the transaction round, i.e. the seed round conducted on August 23, 2017. Similarly, Subramanian Ramadorai took its capital up to $650k on August 17, 2016, again with the seed funding round involving 9 investors with the inclusion of lead investors Noshir Kaka, Subramanian Ramadorai.

With 12,000 customers and recent funding of $2.5 million, Shantanu Deshpande’s The Bombay Shaving Company aims to hit a revenue target of Rs 30 crore in the next fiscal. The team claims that currently 95 percent of sales take place online, and a part of the current funding will be used to expand the brand’s offline presence in salons and stores.

Exponential growth over the years

So far, via e-commerce and social media, the business has been selling its products; but otherwise, retaining a low public profile. They had 500 brick and mortar stores targeted until 2018. They plan on targeting another three to ten thousand stores in the future. The business has spread across 18 different platforms and has now been selected for worldwide launch by Amazon. The business has steadily evolved from 6 employees to 20 person teams, recruiting more clients with exemplary work and management.

BSC currently has more than 2.5 lakhs customers and plans to become an Rs.100 crore company in the next 12-15 months. India’s BPC beauty and personal care industry, which stood at $16 billion in 2018, is projected to rise to $22.5 billion by 2022. BSC is ranked sixth among its top 10 competitors, including Beardo, Happily unmarried, Marico, The man firm, Rituels, Beard brand, Harry’s, let’s shave, Together the company has eared up to 494.2 Million with an estimated 2.5k employees.