BlusteakMedia – How a simple digital marketing idea turned into a raging success

Jaison Thomas, Telson Thomas and Alex Mathew, co-founders at Blusteak Media.

The tale of 3 vibrant, energetic and self-made youths from Central Kerala who with sheer hard work made it to the top of their business world is inspirational for the young generation. Meet two brothers, Jaison Thomas and Telson Thomas along with Dixon Alex Mathew, the co-founders of a digital marketing agency, Blusteak Media.

The true purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer base. Braving the initial hiccups, the trio marched relentlessly together to eventually accomplish their goal. In their teenage years, their quest started by discovering the broad possibilities set out by the internet. The reward for their hard work came when they posted a Youtube video of a football match played by themselves.

They soon realized the great potential of the internet platform. They launched a “Homemade Humour” website and got their first reward. This initial award inspired them to build on Facebook a national cult meme page named “Dude” that had 4.4 million followers. They were able to receive over 1.5 lakhs from the website.

The followers catapulted to 13 lakhs over the years giving them much-needed motivation to create an app called the “Dude App,” a website for UGC segregation. They received nearly 50,000 downloads from the users themselves in the initial first month. Their software was featured in the leading media and Facebook sponsored it. Although it was initially popular, the app quickly had to shut down due to technical disabilities. Despite the challenges, they were unwilling to give up.

The Turning point of career – “Swipe Up” Workshop

While they were planning how to start a company, one of their friends, Dimple MeeraJom shared an idea with them to conduct a one-day workshop on social media marketing called “Swipe Up” for both students and professionals. With no first-hand experience in the business world, they got a huge opportunity for getting the needed exposure in the marketing field.

This workshop turned out to be a huge success.  Just as they thought, one of the main sponsors of the workshop, Oxygen digital shop, showed great interest which gave them an opportunity at right time to lay a hand on digital marketing. After several discussions and meetings, they finally landed their first client and their budget was more than enough to hire more employees for their newly founded digital marketing agency, Blusteak Media.

It turned out that this workshop was a big success. As they thought, the Oxygen digital store, one of the key backers of the workshop, showed tremendous interest, giving them the chance to put a hand on digital marketing at the right time. They eventually secured their first customer after many talks and meetings and their budget was more than enough to recruit more workers for their newly formed digital marketing firm, Blusteak Media.

Today, Blusteak media is India’s fastest growing creative digital marketing organization with more than 6 million in revenue. The company is on the march towards revolutionizing the digital world.

They are in the process of developing a separate wing for technology integrated marketing activities such as Augmented Reality based interactions and chatbot communication. This will enable data collection and Machine learning-based data processing methodologies for clients.

The key requirement for wealth-building and business success is for you to add value in some way. They are constantly in search to add value to their business and to be a part of the technological revolution.